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8 Tips to Make New Students Feel Safe in Your Yoga Class. The question how to guarantee that your students feel safe in yoga class is a hot and happening topic in the yoga scene – and with good reason.

8 Tips to Make New Students Feel Safe in Your Yoga Class

Firstly, because of a number of incidents of sexual abuse among yoga teachers reported in recent years. Secondly, there is increasing awareness of the potential healing effects of yoga for trauma-related health issues. Therefore, people coming to your class might be more trauma-sensitive than the general population. And last but not least, there is a prevailing myth that yoga is free from the risk of injuries. This is simply not true. The Bandhas: The 4 Energy Locks. In your yoga classes or training, you have probably heard about the bandhas.

The Bandhas: The 4 Energy Locks

Many yoga teachers regularly use the phrase ‘activate your bandhas in their instructions. But often bandhas are not explained properly and there is a lot of confusion about them. Read on to understand what the bandhas are, what it actually means to activate the bandhas, and what the purpose of the bandhas is. What are the Bandhas? There are six sphincters in our digestive system. Anal Sphincter to create Mula BandhaSphincter of Oddi to create Uddiyana BandhaUpper Esophageal Sphincter to create Jalandhara Bandha When all three sphincters are closed, we create Maha bandha Closing these sphincters creates physical and energetic locks in the body. Breathing is the most important function of prana.

What is often called ‘pranayama’ is actually preparatory pranayama or breathing exercises. What is Hatha Yoga? Yin Yoga versus Restorative Yoga - What Are the Differences and Similarities? “Between stimulus and response, there is a space and, in that space, lies our power and our freedom” – Victor Frankl In this age of so much stress, we desperately need to find our center and reconnect with our power and our freedom.

Yin Yoga versus Restorative Yoga - What Are the Differences and Similarities?

The freedom to respond to life with awareness, rather than react impulsively to what it throws our way. Styles of yoga such as Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga are beneficial to help balance busy lives. Did you know they are not the same? How do you know which one is better for you? Yin and Restorative Yoga practices both stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation. Yoga for Lower Back Pain: How Yoga Can Help to Relieve Chronic Back Pain. When teaching yoga, you will have many students who are suffering from chronic lower back pain.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain: How Yoga Can Help to Relieve Chronic Back Pain

Lower-back pain is also often the reason that a person starts a yoga practice. They are looking for a way to deal with, or even heal, their back pain. 6 Scientifically Proven Life-Changing Health Benefits of Meditation. Meditation and science, even a decade ago this combination would have raised some eyebrows.

6 Scientifically Proven Life-Changing Health Benefits of Meditation

The concept of a body- mind connection is relatively new in the modern, scientific approach. In recent decades the question what the long-term health benefits of meditation are, has become a subject of increased research. Scientists and medical professionals have started to realize that merely treating the physical symptoms is not enough. They have started to understand that the human being is so much more complex and interrelated than what was believed. The practice of concentration and meditation has been shown to have profound effect on our health and well-being. Balance our nervous system settings and help us deal with stressInfluence and alter our brainwave dominanceRegulate our emotionsRe-vitalize our body and brain though effective oxygenationPrevent and potentially cure various cardiovascular diseasesIncrease our life span and life quality 1.

Triggers of the autonomic nervous system 2. 3. 12 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Yoga Teacher Training in India. Are you thinking about following a yoga teacher training?

12 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Yoga Teacher Training in India

You will discover that there is a myriad of possibilities to choose from. One of the most important question is where would you like to do your teacher training: back home or abroad? If you want to do your yoga teacher training abroad, the most popular destination is India, the birthplace of yoga. But that’s not the only reason why you should definitely consider going to India for your yoga teacher certification. Tips for Busy Yoga Teachers: How to Keep-Up With Your Personal Yoga Practice. Many yoga teachers struggle to keep up their personal yoga practice.

Tips for Busy Yoga Teachers: How to Keep-Up With Your Personal Yoga Practice

10 Ways How a Yoga Teacher Training can Change Your Life. One Of The Best 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Company Arhanta Yoga Ashram. Follow the 500 hour yoga teacher training and become an advanced yoga teacher after completing this intensive and complete course.

One Of The Best 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Company Arhanta Yoga Ashram

The 500 hour training combines the 200 hour yoga TTC (level 1) and the 300 hour advanced yoga TTC (level 2) in a total of 8 weeks. During the course you will gain in-depth knowledge of teaching methodology and techniques, instructions and modifications of yoga asanas, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, pranayama and bandhas. Book your 500 hour yoga teacher training at Arhanta and receive a discount of 10% on the 300 hour ATTC fees.* *The discount applies only in case of simultaneous registration for the 200 and 300 hours course. The Arhanta Yoga 500 hour teacher training is divided in 2 levels: the 200 hour training and the 300 hour training. During the first level (200 hour training), you will learn 170 classical Hatha Yoga asanas out of which 20 asanas in great detail.

Find Hatha Yoga Teacher Training India at Reasonable Price. What will you get?

Find Hatha Yoga Teacher Training India at Reasonable Price

Looking for Online Ayurveda Certification at Reasonable Price. Choose Yoga Teacher Training from Arhanta Yoga Ashram. You finally decided what you want to become: a yoga teacher!

Choose Yoga Teacher Training from Arhanta Yoga Ashram

Or maybe you are actually not quite sure yet, but a yoga teacher training seems the right step on your path. In both cases this article can be helpful for you. Visit Today at Arhanta Yoga Ashram and Understand the Three Doshas. Whenever you interest yourself in Ayurveda you will learn about the Tridosha, the therm Tridosha is can be split in ‘Tri’ which means three, and ‘dosha’ which means “fault”. In this article you will find a video to understand the three doshas: In a healthy body all elements must renew on regular basis.

However, when an element starts to accumulate and rot in the body it is called a dosha. Now, everybody depending on its constitution has a tendency to accumulate a certain element. Whenever there is accumulation of an element in the body tissues, the body wastes, organs and channels are getting disturbed and this results in physical and mental disease. A dosha therefore affects the bodily functions and body properties. Let's Learn the Art of Five Best Pranayama Breathing Exercises. When referring to breathing exercises, the term ‘Pranayama’ is often used. However, not all breathing exercises are Pranayama. In fact, most aren’t. The term Pranayama literally means “expansion of life force (prana) and its purpose is to improve the body’s capacity to retain and increase prana in the body.

In order to increase the body’s ability to retain prana, Pranayama exercises purify our energy channels (Nadis). With regular practice of Pranayama, the channels become pure, the body retains more prana and the the mind becomes for concentration and meditation. In order to retain and increase the life force in our body, Pranayama utilizes all five tools: Three tools of Pranayama Poorak (Inhalation)Rechaka (Exhalation)Antar Kumbhaka (Internal Retention)Bahayia Kumbhaka (External Retention)Bandhas (Locks) Only when an exercise includes retention with locks, can we speak about Pranayama. Anulom Vilom is a very popular breathing exercise which is often called a Pranayama. Get Best and Experience Yoga Teacher at Arhanta Yoga. You have decided to follow a yoga teacher training, but how much experience should you have to take this step?

This sounds like a very obvious question to ask and yet it’s quite a new question. The first yoga teacher trainings were given in the 80s by seasoned teachers to loyal students. These students would share their practice with their teacher for a long time, before being initiated into teaching. Become Yoga Teacher in 4 Weeks Contact Arhanta Yoga. One of the most disputed questions surrounding yoga teacher training courses is not particularly the amount of hours. Even thought there are critical voices about the concept of becoming a yoga teacher in 200 hours, there is more discussion about doing these 200 hours within a short span of one month.

Get 100 & 200 Hour Yoga Certification from Certified Yoga Teachers. If you want to become a yoga teacher, there are countless different options.