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Pinterest. Pinterest. Fashion illustrations, Art paintings and Dancers. Ned Mueller Fine Art. Artist Portfolios & Creative Contact Database. Kelly Bott on Pinterest. Artiste peintre aquarelliste. Figure Drawing, Gesture Drawing and Mark Demsteader. Cute Popsicles art print, kids wall art, cute kitchen decoration, food poster, kitchen poster, kids food poster. Gorgeous Body Painting Art - Joanne Gair (12 pics) Though I'm sure you've seen body painting before, perhaps you've never seen it so beautifully done like this.

Gorgeous Body Painting Art - Joanne Gair (12 pics)

Joanne Gair is a premiere make-up artist/body painter who's worked with the world's top supermodels and celebrities. The way she uses the body as a canvas is remarkable. Artwork: Buy Original Art Online, Paintings & More. Swiss cheese concrete. Life + Art + Music + Fashion + Film + Technology + Inspiration - Part 5. If you’re as old as me you will remember how at one point in time Nike Air Max ruled the sneaker world.

Life + Art + Music + Fashion + Film + Technology + Inspiration - Part 5

My favorite one’s were Nike Air Max 95′s, they cost around $140 and they were well worth it. But we are not here to talk about me, I would like to introduce you to Gabriel Dishaw, the man behind “Junk Art Nike Air Max+ 2011″ project. [ Continue Reading ] It was innocent enough, taking a jog on the nice spring evening — the air crisp and the skies fading into night. Suddenly, you feel like you have the chills — but it really isn’t that cold outside… As you stop to turn the music down on your ipod, a creepy feeling comes over you — your heart beats louder, your eyes open wider — your feet frozen… slowly you turn… [ Continue Reading ] Interesting concept for a painting. It starts out as a pasture filled with wild flowers and horses… [ Continue Reading ] Lotus Flower is the first single and video of Radiohead’s eight studio album “The King of Limbs”.

Moleskine and Hyperrealist Art. German concept artist Jana Schirmer is recognized mainly for her portraiture of friends, realistic looking still lifes, and fantasy worlds with seductive women.

Moleskine and Hyperrealist Art

She opts to use a digital pen in Photoshop to create these visuals, however, on her free time she still grabs a pencil and pen to draw in sketchbooks. Artwork © Jana Schirmer. Realistic Illustrations of People/Things. Художник -маринист Montague Dawson (84 работ)


Photos of a Monastery in Argentina that is Devoted to the Creation of Sacred Art — The Way of Beauty The Way of Beauty. Photorealist Painter. Pedro Campos‘ photorealistic paintings seriously had me look twice!

Photorealist Painter

I’m utterly amazed that this is NOT real photos. All the shown paintings are oil on canvas. Via Recave. Wildlife Art,wildlife artist,original Paintings of animals and birds by UK Wildlife Artist David Stribbling.Paintings of big cats, Wildlife Painter, Wildlife Paintings, Tiger Paintings, Elephant Paintings, Big Cat Paintings.Buy wildlife prints and origina. Article Archives - Wildlife Art Journal. Linda Fennimore - Workbook Illustration Portfolio. Graphic Design & Tech.

Update: New Works By Contemporary Oil Painter, Steven DaLuz, San Antonio, Texas » Combustus. The essentials of digital painting - Digital Visionary Art. Movie HD Wallpapers. November 2013. Thursday, November 14, 2013 This is a heavily textured surface prepared on gatorboard with pumice, matte medium and a little Art Spectrum's Pastelprimer.

November 2013

I really like the way it grabs the pastel! "House Sparrow" Pastel on gator board 6"x 8" Detail: Raymar Art Painting Competition Finalists. Horror ‹ David Bollt Art. See, tracing is not a crime [Robert McGinnis process vid] Cool Stuff Directory: Art and Creativity. Free 3D software and content. ART LINKS at MIKE SIBLEY FINE ART. Links Amazing Trompe L'Oeil, Western, Portraiture, Still Lifes...


All executed with great skill by a master artist. Do not miss this opportunity to visit J.D. Hillberry! The new Old Master — Alexei Antonov produces stunning oil paintings using the traditional Flemish Masters techniques. Diane Wright creates beautifully evocative and atmospheric scenes of old American barns - capturing their dilapidated beauty before they disappear forever. American artist Vincent Whitehead specialises in superbly accomplished ballpoint artwork. ART LINKS at MIKE SIBLEY FINE ART. » Hyper-Realistic Paintings. Hyper-Realistic Paintings | Jason de Graaf “My paintings are about staging an alternate reality, the illusion of verisimilitude on the painted surface, filtered so that it expresses my unique vision.

» Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Though my paintings may appear photoreal my goal is not to reproduce or document faithfully what I see one hundred percent, but also to create the illusion of depth and sense of presence not found in photographs. Many of my paintings are about the relationship of light with reflective and transparent surfaces and my journey to understand those qualities and convey my sense of wonder and intrigue over them. In all of my paintings the subject matter is a springboard and a means to explore my ability to communicate something unique to the viewer. I use colours and composition intuitively with the intent of imbuing my paintings with emotion, mood and mystery. Jacob Alexander Figueroa (aka the artist Zander) Jacob Alexander Figueroa is a multimedia artist, an avid painter, photographer, and a renowned body painter.

Jacob Alexander Figueroa (aka the artist Zander)

Zander’s body painting was featured at NY Fashion Week 2011, Summer Set Music and Camping Festival 2012, to high caliber shows ranging from Benny Benassi and Paul Van Dyk, to Black Kat Shows (Portland/Minneapolis), and most recently, MN Gay Pride 2013 and 2014. He is also a contributing member in The Band Famous, adding violin to synthesizers to their EDM sound, and unveiled a new body art installment for their debut performance, body painting at the Love Monster Famous App Release Party on Friday the 13th, this June. He is also a developer, enrolled in Full Sail University and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development. Дневник Michurin_Leon. Chapter z / ramon bruin / picture on VisualizeUs.

30 Amazing Illustrations to Inspire. We love illustrators here at Design Instruct!

30 Amazing Illustrations to Inspire

We love seeing their ideas come to life on paper and it inspires us to no end. It’s like witnessing the artist’s imagination at work. For this showcase, we’ve collected some really interesting pieces for you to feast your eyes on. Enjoy. The following illustrations are some of the most interesting, mind-bending illustrations we’ve found recently. Remember to support your fellow artists by visiting their portfolios and showing them some love! ALEXANDER AVERIN (Russian Painter. ALEXANDER AVERIN (Russian Painter Born in 1952 in Noginsk, near Moscow, he learned his technique from the painter Dmitri Yorontnov at the School of Fine Arts "Souvenir de I'An 1905" in Moscow.


He is a member of the Moscow Painters Association, with whom he has exhibited on many occasions. For many years he specialised in portraits. His style is purely realistic, with a strong influence of the late 19th Century Russian painters, usually depicting domestic scenes in a soft twilight. His realistic painting is typical for the ones of the end of the 19th Century. Artwork by Gabrielle. » Stunning paintings that look like photographs by Richard Estes. Richard Estes (born May 14, 1932 in Kewanee, Illinois) is an American painter who is best known for his photorealistic paintings. The paintings generally consist of reflective, clean, and inanimate city and geometric landscapes.

He is regarded as one of the founders of the international photo-realist movement of the late 1960s, with painters such as Ralph Goings, Chuck Close, and Duane Hanson. (wikipedia) Портрет на заказ. Портрет с фотографии. Художник Игорь Казарин. Learn how to draw and digital paint from video tutorial by professional concept artists. Retro Clip Art. Create & Discover Inspirational Photo Collections - Pelfind. San Francisco Art Galleries - First Thursday Art Openings: June 7, 2012, Part I. << Back to San Francisco Gallery Openings Caldwell Snyder Gallery Gallery: River of Change - New Paintings by Nicholas Wilton.

Comment by AB: Choice of shapes and use of glazes give the paintings of Nicholas Wilton a distinct vintage feel.


Aldo Bahamonde. ArtZone 461 Gallery - James Edmonds - Real, Relevant - 14. Pins from on Pinterest. ArtZone 461 Gallery - James Edmonds - Real, Relevant - 14. The personal things Renoir left behind. I am only allowed in this generous blogspot to post in one image per each blog. I did find a treasure trove of personal things Renoir left behind listed in Hantmann's Auctioneers and appraisers. I chose the wedding certificate to his beloved Aline and then found so many other things on the site that you can go look for yourself and perhaps put a nice bid on Aline's beautiful fringed kimono.

I coveted Renoir's spectacles. I wonder what strength they were? I have a strong affinity as a historical novelist to touch objects worn by those figures I so love. Here is the Hantmann's link if you wish to go shopping among the misc. things left by the impressionists. Pierre Auguste Renoir - The complete works. Patterns. Your social art network. Pictify Find E-mail Address Password New user? Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design - Daily Art And Design Blog. A Repository of Paintings.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Graphics Fairy - Vintage Images, DIY Tutorials & Craft Projects. Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies. Toperfect Art - Paintings for Sale, Portrait - Oil Painting. Fresh ideas, raw inspiration, and honest talent. Buy Contemporary Art - Art For Sale - Buy Art Online - Fine Art For Sale - Artist Websites - Home - Richard s. johnson paintings.

Posters, Art Prints, Vintage Posters & Canvas Art at Fine Art Connoisseur - Homepage. Wooster Collective. Jerry Schurr Paintings and Prints - Art Gallery at Beautiful illustrations drawn by color pencil. Don’t know the name of the artist, who has great skill in drawing, awesome works of art. Next Pages Pages: 1 2. Online Portfolios on Behance. Lost At E Minor: For creative people » Create & Discover Inspirational Photo Collections - Pelfind. WORKBOOK Photography & Illustration Portfolios, Creative Contact Database. Art, Design and Beyond - Page 2. Registration Successful. Buy credits or subscriptions To download high-resolution non-watermarked images you can select either credit packages (pay per download) or subscription plans (monthly-based).

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