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Celtic Music

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Celtic Music is a loose grouping of music that comes from the Scottish, and Irish lands that is believed to be descended from the original Celts though this could be debated, and much of the older music is not much longer in use.

The more traditional forms of music have been gaining popularity in recent years, but a wide variety of hybrids have gained popular. It is known for having a melodic line that goes up and down usually in a fairly predictive way... It is also a favorite of mine. The Dubliners are a very known practitioners of the folk music of the area. - A Celebration of The Dubliners. What is Celtic music?

Traditional Irish Music by "The Ghillie's" danse Kesh jig , Eddy kelly (jig) et Drowsy Maggie . Celtic Music Instruments. From the thump of the Bodhrán to the airy rasp of the wooden flute, celtic music is known by its instruments.

Celtic Music Instruments

Here's an introduction to the main players, with links to more information, for players and afficionados. Fiddle. The Irish Rovers, Whiskey in the Jar.