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I am Pas Ku the owner of Auscufflinks, an online shopping store. AusCufflinks offers the stylish and exclusive men wear Cufflinks, Ties and Pocket Squares.See more at here:

Communion Supplies – Finding The Right Online Store. First Holy Communion is the first big public event in the little person’s life and every parent wants to make it a day they will remember.

Communion Supplies – Finding The Right Online Store

There are options for all elements of the event depending on your budget, from an hotel occasion to a party / barbeque at home. It’s a busy time for parents and anything that saves time and effort is appreciated. Most party supply outlets will advise on the best options and many will provide a decorating service so all you have to do it turn up and enjoy the day. Things to consider to personalise the party are banners with the child’s photograph, Balloons with their name, themed cake toppers and cake decorations. If you’ve been busy and left it to the last minute – never fear, there are themed decorations for every occasion including First Holy Communion. Few enjoy clearing up after the party so consider disposable themed Party Cups, Plates, Napkins, Table Covers with colour co-ordinated disposable cutlery.

Types of Wedding Bow Ties. How to Choose Groomsmen Ties for Wedding? A tie is often the focal point of any suit.

How to Choose Groomsmen Ties for Wedding?

Because it is the largest accessory when compared to lapel pins, tie pins and pocket squares, wedding ties should have extra emphasis put on them to ensure that not only does the groomsmen’s apparel coordinate with one another but to inject some diversity into the shared colour of their suits. The Wonder of Skinny Knit Ties. Skinny ties are in.

The Wonder of Skinny Knit Ties

There is no doubting that. What was once popular in the 1960s before being overcome by another trend–the thick, wide tie–is now coming back into fashion as most styles do. Get all of that vintage appeal of a skinny tie, but add in a bit of modern flair at the same time. Mens Fashion - Make a Style Statement with the Right Accessories. Accessorising can be a difficult task no matter who you are.

Mens Fashion - Make a Style Statement with the Right Accessories

Whether you are looking for a way to play up a casual weekend outfit or are a suit man that needs something to give a new life to his business attire, finding the right accessories to complement your unique look can be trying. There are so many options out there that finding the right one for you seems overwhelming, but this style guide will help clear the path for you to dress up your look at work and at play. How to Make a Style Statement with the Right Accessories – Cufflinks. Classy Lapel Pins For Your Jacket. What Makes Cufflinks for Groomsmen So Special? Solid Coloured Ties Australia. Classic Orange Skinny Tie Make a colourful statement the next time you find yourself wearing a nice black suit with the Classic Orange Tie.

Solid Coloured Ties Australia

This orange accessory is perfect for the autumn months and looks dashing when contrasted against a stark black suit. The Classic Orange Tie is a great groomsmen gift idea, especially for a fall wedding with similar colours, and can be worn both during the ceremony and out in their daily lives. Best Bow Tie Matching Sets in Australia. Light Blue Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set Are you in the market for a new, stunning blue bow tie and pocket square set?

Best Bow Tie Matching Sets in Australia

Perhaps you have a baby shower to attend, or you wish to congratulate a colleague, family member or close friend for the birth of their newborn son. White Stripe Navy Skinny Tie. Navy Polka Dot Grey Skinny Tie The Grey Navy Polka Dot Tie is a sophisticated choice for a tie that can be worn with practically any suit or button-up shirt.

White Stripe Navy Skinny Tie

The subtle light grey that makes up most of the tie provides a space for the navy polka dots to sit seamlessly atop, creating an understated look that still possesses incredible depth and style. Get these ties online as gifts for groomsmen and have them shipped to your home in Australia in time for the ceremony, where they can be worn and matched up with virtually any colour palette that the wedding itself calls for. Premium Stitching & Lining The fabric is made from a 1200 needle count which is higher grade than the usual 960 needle count most ties are made from.

This tie also inlcudes premium branded tie lining usually only seen in upscale brands. Tie Measurements Length of Tie - 148cm (58.27 inches) Width of Tie at Widest end - 6cm (2.36 inches) Warranty 5 Year Warranty Made From 100% Microfibre. How To Choose The Right Bow Tie - Mystery Solved! Men fashion has given much importance to ties and its prints and designs.

How To Choose The Right Bow Tie - Mystery Solved!

Nowadays, the vogue is ruled by different tie styles and not just by the plain ones. The most attractive tie that is enjoying a surge of popularity amongst the men is the bow tie. This tie design and styling add a pinch of verve in the attire. Before picking the right bow tie for yourself, check out the following points that you should know- Right Fabric For You Before choosing the bow tie for yourself, you must be clear with which fabric shall complement your attire.

Wool CottonSilkLinen. Mens Accessories Buying Guide - Everything You Need To Know. Dressing up your look is important.

Mens Accessories Buying Guide - Everything You Need To Know

You want to keep your attire looking unique and fashionable, but that can seem difficult when you only own certain styles of suits. Fear not. Even if your suit collection consists of three suits in three colours, there are simple ways to accessorise your ensemble and make it look like a fresh outfit every day. Should Your Pocket Square Match Your Tie? When putting together a suit-and-tie ensemble, one of the most important fashion rules is that you must wear a pocket square with your tie.

Should Your Pocket Square Match Your Tie?

That said, many people do not know where to begin with this. Look Formal And Dapper With Business Ties. A tie is worn as a piece of sophistication to gain a dapper look, mainly, in formal occasions. A perfect tie can accentuate your wardrobe to make you stand out of the crowd of accessorised men. Formal ties often require intricate care and attention to succeed in the corporate world where it is an indication of professionalism.

These ties add a pinch of interest and excitement and provides an affluent dimension to a perfect business attire. The combination of professional clothing with rightly matched business tie makes power dressing that leaves a better impression. What Cufflinks To Wear With A Tuxedo? How to Fold a Pocket Square – The Guide? Why Should You Learn How to Fold a Pocket Square? A pocket square is an essential accessory that ties together any dashing suit. It is the finishing touch for those who want a well-rounded, gorgeous ensemble that looks well thought out. It gives a suit texture and colour and coordinates expertly with your tie, instantly adding an air of sophistication to your look.

Dress up or dress down-either is achievable when you opt to wear a pocket square. Now, the question remains: Want to Buy An Inexpensive Gift for Your Boyfriend? Finding presents for your boyfriend, no matter how long you two have been together, may feel like quite the chore. It seems that the things he enjoys are ever-changing, or they often cost a lot of money, such as wanting the newest video game system. Get The Stunning Look With Striped Pocket Squares. Are you looking for pocket squares that complement your entire dressing? Or something that would instantly add a splash of flair or panache with minimal effort? As pocket squares are gaining recent surge of popularity, it would certainly be a great idea to play with their different designs and color patterns to get an impressive look.

Pockets square is a famous gents accessory that matches with the dressing to grab attention and adoration. Wise mixing and matching of ties with striped pocket squares will be in your best interest to underline style and creativity. Well, striping is not just a sequence of colored stripes but much more than that, owing to creativity and different color palettes. How to Look Stylish in Knitted Bow Ties Melbourne? Where to Buy Groomsmen Ties in Australia? When it comes to dressing up for a wedding, everyone thinks that it is chaotic and time taking task for ladies, whereas, if we step in the shoes of groomsmen, it’s not just suiting up but much more than that. Groomsmen’s Black Book For Perfect Neckties! From top to toe, choosing the perfect groomsmen’s attire is a complex job, piece by piece, and require expert tips to rock the wedding.

Suits and shoes are some very obvious parts of dressing but a tinge of verve is added to the personality if they pick the right tie that complements them and matches with the wedding theme. Mens Floral Ties For Sale. How to Take Polka Dot Pocket Square To Perfection? The pocket square is designed for purely practical purpose of little style, that has garnered a vestiary, staple for the modern man. These pocket squares have the potential to push a so-so look to those of the admirable ones, irrespective of the cloth material used, like linen, silk and cotton.

Amongst the numerous designs, the polka dots in all the fabrics have come out as the best-loved. Navy Blue Edge White Pocket Square.

Pearl Silver Cufflinks

How to Find the Perfect Gifts for Groomsmen. Wedding is the most important occasion in a person’s life. Everyone wants their wedding day to be celebrated and shared with the most important and cherished people in their life. For a guy, apart from his close family, this would also mean his best friends. They would be his groomsmen for his special day. How to Find the Perfect Gifts for Groomsmen. Cherry Wood Cufflink Box. The Ultimate Guide On The Wedding Pocket Square Folds. Pocket squares have become the most indispensable accessory for defining a man of style these days. Luxury Wooden Cufflinks Boxes. Bow Ties For Instant Fashion Appeal. Sapphire Yellow Cufflinks - Online Cufflinks Australia. Polka Dot Bow Ties - Everlasting Men's Favorite Accessories Of All Time.

Bow Ties, Ties Posted on September 3, 2016 at 7:51 pm by admin / 0 Polka dots got their name from polish dance that gained popularity at the time when the Polish word, “Pulka,” meaning half-step in dance was all the rage. From that period polka dots retained their presence as an evergreen pattern which is adorned till today. In men’s fashion the polka dot ties came into existence in the 18th century with its roots found in Great Britain. Navy Blue Square Cufflinks. How to Fold a Pocket Square for a Wedding? How to Fold a Pocket Square for a Wedding? Tiled Pink Purple Cufflinks. BGP Wool Bow Tie. Exclusive Collection of Cufflinks, Ties and Pocket Squares are Available at AusCufflinks.

Happiness is shopping till you drop, and here's a reason to shop. Head to AusCufflinks,Melbourne, Australia to enjoy unmatchable offers on men's accessories at unbelievably low prices. Where to Buy Skinny Ties in Australia? Look Your Most Sophisticated with A Stunning Skinny Tie Or Bow Tie. High Quality Cufflinks, Ties and Pocket Squares for Sale. Australian Cufflinks - AusCufflinks. Mother of Pearl Silver Cufflinks. Get Classy Cuff-links...range starting from 4.48 Auscufflinks, Melbourne,Victoria. Where To Buy Mens Pocket Squares Online in Melbourne? Men's Ties- Excellent Gift Option for a Suave and Stylish Man! Highly Branded Cufflinks, Ties and Pocket Squares.

Decoding Men’s Black Dress Code for An Event/Party. Designer Cufflinks Australia: Which Ones Do You Prefer? Job Interview: Don’t forget your Cufflinks and Ties. Pocket Squares Australia. Six Great Gift Ideas For Groomsmen. Modern Cufflinks Australia. Stylish Skinny Ties Add Style To Mundane Attire and gives a Smart Look - AusCufflinks. Skinny Ties: Wearing them the Right Way. What Kind of Men's Accessories Are A 'Must for Have' for Today's Classy and Sophisticated Men? Polka Dot Skinny Ties for Men. Men Ties and Pocket Squares Combo. Wedding Pocket Square. AusCufflinks Now offers Over 50% off on its Exclusive Range of Cufflinks, Ties & Pocket Squares!