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Founded in 2005, AuroSys Solutions LLC is a New York based leader in end-to-end Product Engineering, Internet of Things, Enterprise Mobility & Web Content Management Solutions, For more than 10 years AuroSys has delivered excellence to StartUps, SMEs and Fortune Enterprise.

IoT Botnet Attacks, Impact on Consumers and How to Prevent It. Back in 2008, when Rambo went in for one last round, the protagonist, Sylvester Stallone jumped in to liquify dozens of bad guys with his mounted Gatling gun, literally disembolwing members while tasked on saving a group of missionaries held captive in a remote area.

IoT Botnet Attacks, Impact on Consumers and How to Prevent It

Well, if that was horrific, welcome to the cyber era, where guns have been replaced by botnet atatcks, conjuring up somewhat similar images, only this time the ninja is a bot. What is a bot? It is an application that performs automated tasks over the internet, a task that could be repetative and time consuming and hence the bot (short for ‘Robot’) comes in handy. Key Factors Accelerating Adoption of IoT. The digital revolution of IoT is here to stay.

Key Factors Accelerating Adoption of IoT

As it spreads in a humongous way, a report from IDC states that the number of connected ‘things’ will potentially increase up to 25.6 billion by the end of 2019 and 30 billion in 2020. The market spend on this technology is anticipated to reach $ 1.3 trillion in 2019. What IoT Entails? IoT of the Internet of Things is a technology revolution that has affected every industry vertical. From smart communities and cities to healthcare and transportation it is gaining momentum in every industry, and companies are leveraging IoT for boosting the bottom lines.

Bluetooth 5: New Standard for Home IoT Is Ready. Bluetooth 5 has just been released and as per the latest figures regarding this new release by the SIG (Special Interest Group) it is going to be an impressive and standout release so far.

Bluetooth 5: New Standard for Home IoT Is Ready

There is promise of twofold speed and the range of the Bluetooth is also four times wider making it perfect for connected gadgets and home IOT environment. The specs have been revealed for the larger audience for the first time in June this year. Now that the company has finalised the specs we can expect a rollout anytime soon. The Challenge Faced By WiFi And New Bluetooth In respect to the new launch one interesting point to notice is the difficulties faced by WiFi connectivity to be accessible from any part of the home. 5 Most Credible Predictions about the Future of IoT. Internet of Things became the most promising technology of our time.

5 Most Credible Predictions about the Future of IoT

Do you want a proof of this? Just search for Internet of Things in Google and you will have a whopping 280,000,000 results. How Blockchain Can Revolutionize Fashion Industry. Businesses these days are aware of the huge needs of getting accustomed with the digital reality and gadgets.

How Blockchain Can Revolutionize Fashion Industry

Every sector has typical affinity with one or two technologies. This is why 3D printing proved invaluable for manufacturing sector prototypes. For fashion industry Blockchain holds the same kind of promise. Fog Computing For A Successful Implementation of Internet of Things. The world is now turning around Internet of Things (IoT).

Fog Computing For A Successful Implementation of Internet of Things

The connected devices and apps are mushrooming in an unprecedented and never before way. 5 UX Design Mistakes and Their Remedies. While the popularity of mobile apps are continuing, it is the user experience which remains crucial for the success of apps.

5 UX Design Mistakes and Their Remedies

Ease of use, accessibility, loading speed, elements to push business conversion are some of the unmistakable elements of a successful app. There are multitude of apps that lack many of these elements just because of non-optimised UX. Let us introduce here 5 lethal UX design mistakes and their remedies. Developing With Wireframing.

5 Must Need IoT Products Every Smart City Will Need. IoT devices make smart homes and most recently they are being used to make smart cities as well.

5 Must Need IoT Products Every Smart City Will Need

Many of these connected devices are making public services better and more well equipped. Let us introduce here s few of the IOT products that are actively being used in several smart cities across the globe. Bigbelly Bigbelly, a smart alternative to waste bins and recycling systems has already been present across the US states and more than 50 countries all over the world. Besides accommodating 5 times more waste than any traditional waste bins these solar powered waste bins can send alerts to the local disposal units when Bigbelly really needs to be emptied. ShotSpotter. Cloud and Fog Computing In the Emergence of IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already playing a role to transform the way lead our day to day life and also the way we communicate with our surroundings.

Cloud and Fog Computing In the Emergence of IoT

But such an efficient way of living life does not come without a cost. The IoT is contributing to an unprecedented volume of data and this is being resulted in a tremendous pressure on the overall Internet infrastructure. This is resulting in a hyperactive situation where companies are trying hard to address the problem concerning data. Obviously Cloud computing allowing non-location and non-device specific storage will play a major role in making these connected devices work. Is The End of Passwords Near? You can harbour the notion that password has become part and parcel of digital life and so, one should give it a big importance.

Is The End of Passwords Near?

You just think it’s so regular that it hardly takes any serious consideration. Well, just like the passwords continuously becoming common in our everyday digital interactions, breaches of digital security are also becoming commonplace. Cyber or digital security time and again has failed due to unlocking passwords from malicious sources. Enjoy Hyper Real Experience with 5G Technology. We live in a connected world now. The connectivity across devices has literally transformed our life. From home gadgets to smartphones to cars to smart wearable to smart tea kettle, it is a connected world we are living in. Gartner says that by the time we reach 2020, we will have more than 21 billion connected ‘things’.

Advanced BYOD Alternatives in 2017. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a policy that helps enterprises deal with security threats emerging out of devices used by employees in workplace environments. Introduced years ago BYOD is now present in majority of enterprise mobility programs. Thanks to BYOD policy employers can ensure huge boost in productivity and considerable savings on IT cost. Though BYOD as of now has been most popular and has been widely adopted by enterprises across the niches, there has been considerable security threats with this policy. According to a recent report published by 35 percent of companies are not confident as far as the performance of BYOD is concerned. The Promise Of Big Data In Healthcare Sector. If you are already aware of the potential of Big Data you obviously will agree on its promise for the healthcare sector.

Actually, healthcare as an industry consists of several disparate systems that produce a wide variety of voluminous data. Top 5 Strategic Technology Trends For 2017. Gardner recently published the 10 strategic technology trends that are going to rule 2017 and beyond. As technology is increasingly becoming the driving force behind the objective world with its mesh of gadgets, people and various services, the upcoming trends are likely to take this transformation further ahead. Let us have a look at the 10 tech trends predicted by Gartner. #1. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning A vast majority of the devices are now coming with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities.

How SaaS is Transforming Enterprise IT? These 4 Aspects Will Explain. Evaluating The Role Of Cloud-Based Network For Your Business. Do you know most successful and high-tech companies these days insist on having their own network that can work as a robust platform for business interaction between staff and customers? Well, thanks to the ease of customizing network behavior, consistent connectivity performance, and greater scope to derive customer insights, most sophisticated businesses today prefer cloud-based network. Except a few and almost negligible downsides, the advantages of the cloud-based network are huge. To evaluate the role of cloud network in workplace atmosphere we must know a few basic things first. How cloud-based network actually work? A cloud network basically depends upon software as a service (SaaS) model to ensure optimum ease of accessibility, the simplicity of behavior control and for leveraging device level analytics for devices used across several locations.

How the latest wireless LANs helped the emergence of cloud network? The Benefits Of Cloud-Based Network. Brutalist Design: The Trend that Turned Web Design Upside Down. 4 Innovative High-Tech Gadgets Introduced. There is no dearth of innovations when it comes to gadgets, especially the ones enrich our individual life and adds value to our life at home. Anyone would like to lay their hands on some cool tech that makes life easier, isn’t it? 6 Capabilities Of Smartphones That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End. Knocki, a New Way To Bestow Remote Control Ability to Any Surface. With so many gadgets and devices around us, we often feel overwhelmed. How many times you struggled to find the phone within your very room until someone called made a call to spot the ringtone? How Will Technology Equip Us With More Abilities Than a Human? A lot of new technologies and innovations keep coming with promises to make human beings more equipped with larger than life abilities.

Do not get puzzled. Technology is not going to change the way we walk or talk, but it can certainly let us do more with our so called god-gifted sensory organs and perceptions. Well, in some years from now direct brain to brain communication can be a reality much in the way computers communicate among themselves without pronouncing a word. Sounds futuristic, crazy? 5 Insane But True Things About Big Data. Will Machine be able to talk like Humans? Well, that Reality is not Very Far. Enough science fiction materials have come true in reality in recent years. From AI enabled devices to driverless cars to robotic surgery to smart home automation, we have too many of them. Well, another big surprise is awaiting us. It is nothing but the capability to mimic human speech by a computer. Unveiled by the researchers at Google the new super-intelligent computer Deep Mind will offer unprecedented AI capability to mimic human speech.

The new computer Deep Mind which is supposed to be packed with an array of never before features have grabbed the news because of this unique capability to mimic the way human beings talk. Sitecore – Every Modern Marketer’s Favorite Missile. 4 Latest Technologies and Gadgets Waiting To Be Unveiled. The Timeline of Wearable Technology. Wearable technology is no longer the next big leap, but it is already the present.

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