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Predictive Analysis and IOT – A Match Made in (Seventh) Heaven. From Neanderthal days to Nissan’s latest promise of driverless cars, technology has elevated human life to a position that was never ever imagined or dreamt off!!

Predictive Analysis and IOT – A Match Made in (Seventh) Heaven

One such wave of technology that is bound to create a complete overhaul of businesses and indeed revolutionize the life of an average individual is the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to all those embedded sensors, mobile devices and smart interconnected systems! Does the potential of IoT however cease with aggressive automation of systems and the efficiency brought in through real time monitoring of businesses? What happens to the volumes of data generated through these devices? While Cinderella has found her Prince Charming, the pumpkin reincarnates into the magic chariot called Predictive Analysis – the chariot that will drive organizations to redefine their business models, reinvent new products and refine their service offerings! 5 Smart Technological Inventions That Help Improve Disabled Their Life. We are lucky that robots are not taking over us.

5 Smart Technological Inventions That Help Improve Disabled Their Life

Well, apart from such a terminal probability of robots taking over human technology is all good; they continue to make our life better. And when it comes to tech help for disabled or sick people, we are seeing groundbreaking innovations coming up. How many of our older people at home have been saved from a dreadful crisis thanks to the distress call sent from a sensor-enabled device? For god’s sake, not many of us have experienced such situation but we always find such gadgets and apps helpful.

If you are visually impaired and living in the US, chances are very less that you have not heard of brail-computer or brail-enabled phone. What Mom Never Told You about IoT Data Security. Most people just refused to give enough attention when Cisco CEO John Chambers back in January 2014 talked of a whopping $17 trillion market for IoT (he referred this quite befittingly as “Internet of Everything”) which is going to have several times more impact compared to what the internet has done to the society.

What Mom Never Told You about IoT Data Security

Down the line in just two years his predictions seem to be more than true. Yes, IoT is pushing the boundary of innovation, widening the horizon of digital experiences and bringing more value to the efficiency and speed in data-driven applications. From automotive to heavy machinery to aviation to telecommunication to energy to healthcare, the impact of IoT is felt across the industry niches now. Now considering this huge and increasingly widening impact of connected devices and IoT platforms, security concerns no longer can be an afterthought. The Impact Of IoT And The Security Gap. The Major Impediments to the Growth of IoT in Enterprises. Internet of Things (IoT), the yet-to-encounter celebrity trend that every industry sector is talking about!

The Major Impediments to the Growth of IoT in Enterprises

IoT is hyped too much! But why not? Everyone obviously wants a slice of the $11 billion cake! But the voyage of a traditional enterprise through the complex maze of changes to turn itself into the optimized avatar for the Internet of Things is everything but easy. People, processes and pain points related to the technology must be weathered for the big change and the first step towards this mammoth revolution is the understanding of the barriers. 5 Major Trends That Are Shaping Enterprise Mobility. Enterprise mobility is the next big battleground for enterprise software developers, mobile companies, and app developers.

5 Major Trends That Are Shaping Enterprise Mobility

With the news of SAP partnering with Apple hitting our desk just less than a week before, there are still more to come. While there have been enough talks on security vulnerabilities with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, mobile cloud platforms, consolidation of features and vendors, etc. we can still wait for a lot of trends to unfold in the time to come. Well, no weird and insane tech is going to baffle our sense of reality but mobility can take over the workplaces with deeper and almost scorching penetration. Know How Your Business Mobile App Can Shine In Dark Business World. Do you know more than 60% of apps do not make enough to sustain a business?

Know How Your Business Mobile App Can Shine In Dark Business World

And do you know a vast majority of mobile apps are used for once before getting dumped? Yes, these statistics and insights show the huge role an engaging user experience plays to make an app popular. Your app needs to be extremely easy to use besides grabbing attention with an impressive design. Moreover, it needs to integrate robust monetization to push business conversion from the so-called number of app users. To make your app stand out in the crowd you need to stay focused on all these aspects. Mobileapplications are the backbone of every smartphone today. The Interest Of Your Target Audience Mobile users have different interests’ depending on their age. Feedback From Your Target Audience App developers must always accept the criticism they get from their target audience. The Next 4 Things You Should Do For Mobile Security Success. Mobile banking has become real important among consumers.

The Next 4 Things You Should Do For Mobile Security Success

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile banking serves the best to do all the financial transactions without actually going to the bank. Other than that, mobile security is also a big concern. And with that, the financial security tools also face the threat. To keep consumers away from any such financial frauds, banks are pressurised to maintain the security. This requires effective mobile security strategy and an efficient preventative front featuring multi-faceted approach. Technology, Web & Mobile Application Development Blog. Internet of things is revolutionizing how we live, interact and work.

Technology, Web & Mobile Application Development Blog

In simplest of terms, internet of things is connecting devices, vehicles and other everyday objects with the internet using electronic sensors. Many leading tech companies have openly embraced internet of things or IOT and have started to offer numerous innovative solutions to consumers and businesses. Internet of things can do wonders for you. It has transformed our homes, companies and grid along with many other things into smart, connected, data exchanging units.

Believe it or not, IOT can actually help you in keeping out of trouble. . · Smart Homes Homes are now changing with new ideas and solutions. 5 Awesome Tips For Landing Page Design to Help Conversion. Can anyone anymore harbor any doubt over the role web traffic plays in creating business opportunity?

5 Awesome Tips For Landing Page Design to Help Conversion

Irrevocably, everyone would understand how in our digital age web presence translates into business reach. Naturally, everyone is gunning for traffic volume, from a newborn blogging site to million-dollar ecommerce websites. The story begins for almost everybody from here but ironically enough, ends with a wide variety of outcomes. Yes, the real challenge is about making people purchase your products and services rather than garnering the vanity fair of traffic volume. Do You Think Digital Disruption Is Daunting? Here Are Four Things To Fight It. Digital disruption is what many businesses across the globe fear.

Do You Think Digital Disruption Is Daunting? Here Are Four Things To Fight It

Do you remember Orkut or for that matter Encyclopedia Britannica? These and many others have seen themselves crumbling to a page entry in history books from millions of dollars of investments. The reason is that they never look forward to digital disruption. The term was coined by Clayton M. Christensen, Professor at Harvard Business School. For chief information officer, it is imperative that they make sure that their own company doesn’t fail. 1) Disrupt Your Company Yourself Digital disruption kills your company because you failed to transform your company. 2) Consider Yourself A Tech Company One thing many companies ignore is that they have essentially become a tech company.

THE RISING COLORS OF TECHNOLOGY RAINBOW. Emerging technologies more than ever, reminds us of the inventions straight out of science fictions. Well, we no longer get stunned with the futuristic technologies and the near-fictive space of virtual and augmented reality brought to us by gadgets, sophisticated networking technology and immersive simulations. Sshh!!! Let’s Reveal The Hidden Powers of Sitecore Commerce Server 8.1. According to a recent Gartner study, by the end of this year, 89% of marketing leaders will consider customer experience more important for staying competitive. Four years ago only 36% of marketers considered customer experience so crucial to stay competitive.

This clearly shows that in a span of four years customer experience has gained more importance than ever before. We have begun with the Gartner study while talking about the Sitecore’s latest release because customer experience played the central role in it. The all new Sitecore Commerce 8.1 offers tools that seasoned marketers like us will always find impressive. The tools it comes loaded with can make a big difference in customer experience and us, marketers can find them handy to stay ahead of the competition. Oops! Wait..Don’t Let Your Business Fall Off The Digital Disruption Cliff.

Did you know why MySpace failed miserably when there are so many other social media networks? With Facebook phenomenally rising, the company could never understand what it was doing wrong and how to fix it. It was facing what we now call ‘Digital Disruption’. Many industries across the world are now facing what has been called Digital Disruption. Digital Disruption was coined by Harvard Business School’s professor Clayton M. Christensen, who used it to describe how any new technology pushes a current technology out of the way. Take newspapers for instance. 5 Ways IOTs Are Cooler Than Michael Jordan.

Technology is rapidly changing how we live, work and interact. Who would have thought that the image we all saw in Star Wars of Princess Leia, hologram talking to Luke from R2D2 will actually be possibility today with HoloLens. Technology is now coming to what many futurist shows and novels predicted. One such development is internet of Things or IOTs. Internet of things is the term that is used to describe any network where your devices, vehicles, buildings and other items are connected together through a series of electronics, sensors, software and internet connectivity. These all are then connected to a single or multiple apps for user to control them remotely. Internet of things basically converts your everyday appliances and objects into smart ones.

Lock Your Home Smartly. Three Ways by Which CIOs Can Steer Through the Digital Transformation Engine. It is well known that strong leadership (and not big budgets) drives digital transformation. And the CIOs play a critical role in the digital whirlwind of change and innovation. The CRM Building Blocks - For That Quintessential Customer Love. Mobile Solutions For The Much-Needed Makeover Of Your Sales Team. Digital Business Spotlight: Importance Of Mobile Apps In Driving Transformations. To stay ahead of the digital curve, it has become essential for businesses to have an agile, dynamic, continuously evolving ecosystem that can boost its overall operating and financial performance.

Here are few reasons why mobile apps will continue to remain as the dominant interface of the future – Without apps, today’s businesses cannot create a strong foothold in the increasingly complex future that it poses namely, multi-device and cross-platform deployment technologies.Much of the benefits of being Digital and the Internet of Things (IoT) – such as gathering performance data from sensors, applying data and using analytics – will be lost deprived of apps.Companies that are going to remain profitable are the ones who are likely to use the most pervasive types of apps, i.e. addressing – productivity, operational, management and customer facing issues.Lastly, mobile apps will continue to grow in importance as customers increasingly demand to access business services via apps.

Predict Future? IoT Is Here To Help! According to a recent report published by Gartner, by 2020 more than 26 billion devices (excluding smartphones, tablets and PCs) will have some sort of IoT functionality built into them. 26 billion – more than thrice of world’s population! Just think about it.

Internet Of Things

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