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Aurora is a Cybersecurity solutions provider helping organizations with its best of breed portfolio consisting of security consulting, products and services that proactively prevent, secure and manage advanced threats and malware.

Penetration Testing Consulting Services – AuroraIT. Securing your organization as users access the web is critical.

Penetration Testing Consulting Services – AuroraIT

Depending on your organization’s security goals, a combination of web security solutions may be necessary to maintain a healthy security posture. Aurora is a Symantec web security solution reseller and can provide you with consultative services to determine which web security solution is right for your organization. Some solutions that we have recommended to customers in the past include security tools such as web isolation, email security, secure web gateway (SWG), and data loss prevention (DLP). Web Isolation Web isolation, also known as browser isolation, allows you to contain your web activity in one isolated environment. Email Security Email is a very common way for malware, ransomware, or phishing attacks to be spread by malicious actors. Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Penetration Testing Consulting Services by AuroraIT. Identifying weaknesses in your cyber environment has become a priority for many businesses.

Penetration Testing Consulting Services by AuroraIT

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Consulting Services - AuroraIT. Aurora Security Consulting Services offers a cyber security risk assessment.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Consulting Services - AuroraIT

The solution uses quantitative and qualitative methods to define an organization’s current and future state of its security environment by conducting an internal and external cyber security risk assessment. During a cyber security risk assessment, the Aurora team determines how your organization compares to industry best practices. We will determine the steps needed to get to the next level of security and maintain a robust security environment as change occurs. Symantec Endpoint Security Solution Reseller – AuroraIT. At Aurora, we can provide your business with Endpoint Security Solutions that are simple, affordable and an alternative to full-featured endpoint security platforms.

Symantec Endpoint Security Solution Reseller – AuroraIT

Aurora offers McAfee’s MVISION Endpoint Security Solution. The solution goes beyond a base level of protection. It applies advanced countermeasures such as machine learning to implement a complete defense against sophisticated zero day and fileless malware threats. When you purchase an endpoint security solution with Aurora, the security already built into Windows desktop and server environments will be leveraged and strengthened without introducing the complexity of multiple consoles.

McAfee MVISION Endpoint eliminates the dilemma of whether to choose security or complexity. This endpoint security solution allows you to solve the question of whether to invest in native or third-party technologies by aligning and giving you the best of both. AuroraIT Provides Symantec Web Security Solution for End-Users.

Organizations are utilizing the web now more than ever before.

AuroraIT Provides Symantec Web Security Solution for End-Users

The web has also become increasingly dynamic. Unfortunately, the web is becoming a more dangerous place to navigate. Cyber-attacks continue to be more sophisticated and are released every day. Web gateways are a way to defend yourself and your organization against malware threats and other types of attacks that come with using the web. Aurora can provide your team with Web Gateway Solutions from a number of vendors like McAfee, Symantec and ZScalar, to meet your specific needs. Web gateways can be used as a barrier that keeps unauthorized traffic from entering your organizations network. Some fake websites requesting malicious information look so professional that they convince people to put in credit card numbers and personal identification numbers such as social security numbers.

A web gateway checks website URL addresses against a list of websites that are known to be approved. Web Security Solution for End-Users. PCI DSS Gap Analysis Consulting Services. Aurora Security Consulting Services can provide a PCI DSS Gap Analysis and Compliance Audit.

PCI DSS Gap Analysis Consulting Services

Any organization that processes or accepts credit cards must be compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Our gap PCI DSS Gap Analysis and Compliance Audit will help a company determine the gaps in their existing security infrastructure. The Gap Analysis is a critical first step prior to a complete PCI DSS risk assessment. We can use our assessment services to help your organization identify and scope PCI compliance requirements as it pertains to the company, its agencies, service providers and merchants. The PCI DSS Gap Analysis and Compliance Audit provides scanning services that identify if your organization has any vulnerabilities that are preventing you from meeting the PCI security requirements. Aurora’s process will identify gaps in operational procedures, gaps in policy documentation, and identify technical vulnerabilities. Steps of a PCI DSS Gap Analysis.

HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit Assessment. Aurora offers a HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit Assessment.

HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit Assessment

A HIPAA information security audit serves as an appraisal of an organizations adherence to policies and best practices. Our team can help an organization identify areas of weaknesses that will need to be addressed in order to meet regulatory or compliance requirements. The three areas of weaknesses that we will measure is people, process and technology. We will provide clients with information and baselines against HIPAA Security Rule requirements and best practices. We follow the HIPAA risk assessment specifications, including interviews with personnel, policy and procedure review, system analysis, and remediation suggestions. Aurora’s approach is cost-effective without cutting corners.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Consulting Services. Cyber Security Risk Assessment Consulting Services. Why You Need to Implement Vulnerability Assessment Consulting Services Today. New vulnerabilities can arise in your organization’s environment every day.

Why You Need to Implement Vulnerability Assessment Consulting Services Today

In recent years, there has been an increase in bring your own device (BYOD) and employees working from anywhere. Organizations do not have the same control of the vulnerabilities that arise as they once did when everyone was working on the same network. Even if your entire organization logs into the same in-office network, cybersecurity threats continue to grow. Hackers have gotten more sophisticated and are constantly searching for vulnerabilities that they can exploit. For these reasons, your organization’s implementation of vulnerability assessment consulting services is critical today. Cyber Security Risk Assessment Consulting Services - Hot Lunch. Why Implement Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Consulting Services?

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Consulting Services - Hot Lunch

Cybersecurity risk assessments are often seen as the first step an organization should take to manage its cybersecurity posture. When an organization implements cybersecurity risk assessment consulting services, it can evaluate the security risks that it currently faces and begin to take steps to mitigate that risks. Instead of spending money on cybersecurity solutions, an organization can first conduct an assessment to understand what gaps need to be filled within their security portfolio. How Do Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Consulting Services Work? In a cybersecurity risk assessment, first, the tester will identify the assets that will be assessed. One crucial step in cybersecurity risk assessment consulting services is interviewing staff members about how the business functions are documented.

The security best practices of your organization will be compared to the best practices of the industry. Cyber Security Risk Assessment Consulting Services. Penetration Testing Consulting Services. Identifying weaknesses in your cyber environment has become a priority for many businesses.

Penetration Testing Consulting Services

A Penetration Testing Assessment can be a crucial first step to identify areas for improvement within your infrastructure. Aurora Security Consulting Services has a certified ethical hacker on staff who will go into your system and simulate a real cyber-attack to find areas in your computer system that are vulnerable to threats. We will use both automated and manual tests to evaluate your security controls and conduct tests against your internet perimeter.

Aurora currently offers three types of Penetration Testing Assessments. One is External Penetration Testing Assessment. In an Internal Penetration Testing Assessment, we will run a test to simulate an internal attacker from inside your organization. Penetration Testing Services. Aurora Expands Suite of Cybersecurity Assessments across the US - EIN Presswire. TORRANCE, CA, UNITED STATES, December 25, 2020 / -- Aurora Systems Consulting, a leading provider of cybersecurity consulting services, has announced an expansion of their security consulting portfolio to include a cybersecurity risk assessment. A cybersecurity risk assessment is a critical first step when evaluating the risks within an organization’s environment. Aurora’s portfolio of security consulting services includes HIPAA Compliance Audits, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, and many more.

When offering consulting services to customers, Aurora has frequently recommended a cyber security risk assessment to companies who are just beginning to implement security solutions. With the rise of cyber-attacks for companies of all sizes, in any industry, expanding the offering of cybersecurity risk assessments to customers across the US is essential. “Many of our customers are looking to be compliant with the security standards of their industry. Security Consultancy. Hipaa Security And Compliance Audit Assessment. By Author: Sumit GoyalTotal Articles: 16Comment this article Security protocols and compliance standards are essential for any company that interacts with important customer data online. The importance of protecting the data that we access online is especially relevant for the healthcare industry. Healthcare officials now use technology to access their customer’s most sensitive data.

Standards such as HIPAA have emerged to protect that data. The threat of a security breach can be especially harmful for organizations that have health sensitive data on file. HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit Assessment. Aurora IT Healthcare Compliance. Aurora IT Data Loss Prevention Solutions. Aurora IT Data Classification Solutions.

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