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Multitasking in iOS 7 - iOS 7 - issue #5. Prior to iOS 7, developers were pretty limited in what they could do when their apps left the foreground. Aside from VOIP and location-based features, the only way to execute code in the background was to use background tasks, restricted to running for a few minutes. If you wanted to download a large video for offline viewing, or backup a user’s photos to your server, you could only complete part of the work. iOS 7 adds two new APIs for updating your app’s UI and content in the background. The first, Background Fetch, allows you to fetch new content from the network at regular intervals.

The second, Remote Notifications, is a new feature leveraging Push Notifications to notify an app when an event has occurred. Background Fetch and Remote Notifications are simple application delegate hooks with 30 seconds of wall-clock time to perform work before your app is suspended. Background Fetch Alternatively, you can edit the key manually: Next, tell iOS how often you’d like to fetch: Summary. NSURLCredentialStorage logged screen. How we fixed the iOS7 forced logout bug that’s been plaguing so many apps | Loom. We have some innovative and hardworking engineers here at Loom, so we thought we should have them write a few technical posts now and then to show people what they’ve been working on. At the moment we’re particularly happy about a technical issue that we’ve finally resolved, and we think writing about it here might be helpful to other developers. According to an article written on The Verge, a particular bug has plagued multiple popular apps, including Mailbox and Snapchat, among others (according to reader comments in the article, PayPal has it too).

It’s a forced logout. The bug results in users returning to an app to find that they have to re-log in again. At Loom, we’ve been experiencing it too. Initially, we had a couple theories on the cause of the bug. We had another idea when a team member of ours offhandedly mentioned that he was trying to launch the Loom app at Safeway to see a photo he took of a grocery list, only to find that he had been automatically logged out. Happy Coding,

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