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Exemple scénario multibranche. Scénario multi-branches dans articulate. Creating Branching E-learning Scenarios Here's a basic introduction to using branching, hyperlinking, slide masters and customizing player templates to create multi-path learning paths within a Presenter course.

Scénario multi-branches dans articulate

The idea behind the project was to simulate loading unique content based on learner selection. Navigation icons are included for learners to return to start screen or jump over to another learning path at any time. This is a start-to-finish series. Construire des Scenarios E-Learning. Generally you have two types of courses.

Construire des Scenarios E-Learning

Some are all about pushing information out to the learners. And some focus on changing behavior and performance. Both have their roles in the world of elearning. Performance-based courses are easier to assess because you can measure performance before and after. 200 Free Rapid E-Learning Tutorials. A few weeks ago I offered some advice on how to become an elearning pro without spending a dime.

200 Free Rapid E-Learning Tutorials

The essence of that post is: You have access to a lot of free tips and tricks. So there are plenty of opportunities to learn and it doesn’t cost you anything more than your time. Practice doing what you learn. PDF Guide du rapid learning.