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Raising Rabbits for Profit - Animals. If you’ve been raising rabbits for a while as a hobby, the thought may have occurred to you that you could make a little money raising them.

Raising Rabbits for Profit - Animals

The thought may have even occurred to you that you can make a lot of money raising rabbits. After all, two rabbits will be 200 in a short amount of time, right? Maybe yes, maybe no. Rabbits have the potential to be one of the more profitable species to raise. They often give birth to large litters, and offspring grow fast and reach either market or breeding weight more quickly than any other species. RAISING RABBITS TO PLAN FOR A SHTF SCENARIO. Back in the 1930s during the middle of the Great Depression.


Families raised rabbits in hutches and pens in their backyards to provide a healthy protein source to supplement the victory gardens and help with the grocery budget. They would gather grass, weeds, and vegetable waste to feed their rabbits. So I feel we should learn from what our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents did a few generations ago. Rabbits can be a good source of protein for your family during tough times. They multiply quickly, don’t need much space, don’t eat much food, produce excellent manure, and are easy to handle and butcher. Pastured Rabbits: experiences, ideas? (rabbits forum at permies)

Pastured rabbits are very different from colony raised rabbits (this is the correct term).

Pastured Rabbits: experiences, ideas? (rabbits forum at permies)

Pastured rabbits are in cages on the ground that are moved around on pasture, these cages have bottoms of wire. While Colony raised rabbits are in an enclosed area of several square feet. A Better Way to Raise Rabbits - Sustainable Farming. Rabbits have always been a welcome part of our homestead.

A Better Way to Raise Rabbits - Sustainable Farming

Cottontails are economical to raise, provide us with a steady supply of meat for the table and manure for the garden (my strawberries were always puny until I began to bury rabbit pellets between the plants) ... plus come in handy as bartering material. We are, in short, mighty fond of our bunnies but I do hate to clean row after row of small cages, and place feed and water in dozens of individual pens. Colony Raising- Ongoing Series. What exactly is a rabbit colony?

Colony Raising- Ongoing Series

When people say they raise their rabbits in a colony, they mean that instead of cages, their animals are housed in groups and on the ground. There are various ways to do this: breeding groups (pairs, trios, quads, etc.), family or sibling groups, does only, etc. The subject of all the various ways to raise rabbits comes up from time to time in conversations amongst rabbit enthusiasts. Didn't you know that rabbits don't have to be kept in just cages or hutches? MAKING MONEY WITH RABBITS. A backyard meat rabbit breeder can make a little money if he or she is resourceful and hard-working.


You will not be able to quit your day job. But to supplement your income? Absolutely. MAKING MONEY WITH RABBITS. Raising rabbits for profit. Whether or not you are fond of rabbit stew, raising rabbits for meat can be a great experience and can even help swell your pocketbook a little.

Raising rabbits for profit

The same characteristics that make rabbits good backyard pets also make them good to raise for meat: They take up little space, are easy to care for, and are relatively inexpensive to house and feed. I’ve been raising rabbits since I was a kid, starting out with pets, then graduating to 4-H show rabbits, then finally to meat rabbits, which I sold to a butcher and auctioned off at local fairs. At its peak, the rabbitry my mom, sister, and I shared housed over seventy rabbits and was making us a couple thousand dollars a year, but it all started out with old Floppy Ears in a crumbling hutch.

Raising rabbits for profit. 1000+ ideas about Outdoor Rabbit Hutch on Pinterest. Warren plans - selecting the site : Rabbit Colonies. I'm not new to rabbits but I am new to naturally raising them so I need some help!

Warren plans - selecting the site : Rabbit Colonies

I want to start raising them again next spring and am starting to plan the warren site. I want to raise about 5-10 does with a couple bucks. Building a rabbit warren - Rabbits Online. Since LaFonda died, I've become much more attached to the rest of the rabbits for some reason.

Building a rabbit warren - Rabbits Online

I want to pamper them more, and I came up with this idea. We have this old metal shed that we we've been getting ready to move and reinforce and turn into a rabbit shed before winter. Exclusively Rabbits: Colony Raising- Ongoing Series. Northcentralsare. Raising Rabbits on Pasture. By Diane Schivera, M.A.T.

Raising Rabbits on Pasture

Raising rabbits on pasture allows the animals to exercise, engage more easily in natural behavior, and improve their overall quality of life, while giving the farmer a way to move or manage rabbit housing easily. Rabbits raised on pasture produce more meat and meat of nicer quality, with more omega-3 fatty acids in the limited amount of fat contained in the carcass. Nitrogen in rabbit manure goes directly on the soil, and less is lost as ammonia gas than during composting. Some loss does occur on the field, but this loss is minimized if the soil is absorbent, is not waterlogged or is not very dry, crusty and in direct sun. The End of Pastured Rabbit - Thoughtful Food  Pastured Rabbits: experiences, ideas? (rabbits forum at permies)

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