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Bento. The Next Generation of Responsive Web Design: RESS. Technology is never stagnant.

The Next Generation of Responsive Web Design: RESS

All great technologies continuously evolve, and at a seemingly faster and faster rate. 20 Exceptional CSS Boilerplates and Frameworks. CSS frameworks have been the foundations of web projects for many years.

20 Exceptional CSS Boilerplates and Frameworks

However, in the age of responsive design, a framework has even more benefits. A well-built CSS framework or boilerplate can streamline the design process, save huge chunks of development time and ensure your website scales properly on all devices. With so many choices available, though, it can be difficult to choose a framework to build on. It's important to consider the following when making a decision: whether you require a grid, and if so, will it be fluid or fixed? What level of customization do you require? This post details 20 CSS boilerplates, frameworks and systems to help you make that decision. 1. GoodUI. Web Development. Highlight.js. Highlight.js highlights syntax in code examples on blogs, forums and, in fact, on any web page.


Pure. Sidr - A jQuery plugin for creating side menus. UI Kits For Flat Web Design. A couple of weeks back I covered some lovely examples of the flat web design trend.

UI Kits For Flat Web Design

Flat web design is something that I particularly enjoy, it simply means that the UI will use little very limited bevels, gradients and overly textured elements and often the overall effect of flat design is a clean, usable and intuitive user experience. Flat UI Kits Today I wanted to build on the flat web design topic and bring you a collection of UI kits that are specifically focused on flat design.

User interface templates such as PSDs or coded GUI files simply allow you to save time on a project. Responsive Nav: A Simple JavaScript Plugin For Responsive Navigation. Advertisement There are several ways to make navigation responsive, and usually the solution we need is quite straightforward.

Responsive Nav: A Simple JavaScript Plugin For Responsive Navigation

But despite the apparent simplicity, there are many underlying factors which, when thought through and implemented properly, can make a simple solution even better without adding more complexity to the user interface. CSS Web Design Award Winners Gallery - CSSDA. Awwwards - Website Awards - Best Web Design Trends. 8 Website Design Tips for 2013. DevTools Extensions For Web App Developers. The past year has seen many leaps made to improve developer productivity through better tooling.

DevTools Extensions For Web App Developers

We're paying increasing attention to our workflow and many of us have spent time optimising our usage of tools like Grunt, Bower, Yeoman and the terminal. Another important area worth spending time on is your debugging workflow – if you're like me, this starts with the Chrome DevTools. When building an application with a specific framework or language abstraction, there's actually some additional tooling available to you in the form of recent DevTools extensions.

In this post, I'll share a quick summary of the latest developments in this area, ranging from the recent Ember extension Yehuda Katz presented at EmberCamp through to less well known extensions for Backbone and KnockoutJS developers. Note: Canary DevTools disables icons in the toolbar by default, but I've re-enabled them via the Settings cog to aid with visualisation.

Mobile design: Avoid these 4 common user experience fails. This is a guest post by mobile design consultant Mariya Yao People downloaded over 30 billion apps in 2012, yet the average smartphone owner only uses about 15 of them every week.

Mobile design: Avoid these 4 common user experience fails

Even worse, a study by Localytics estimated that 22 percent of apps are only opened once. With all the money and effort being poured into mobile right now, why is engagement so low? While the answer to that question is certainly complicated, a number of common mistakes companies are repeatedly made in the app on-boarding process. Webflow CSS Playground. Superhero.js. Basic Web Design Video Course - Wireframing, Photoshop Tools & Panels, and Designing [Part 1] Hello everyone, this is Mike and welcome to my Basic Web Design Video Course.

Basic Web Design Video Course - Wireframing, Photoshop Tools & Panels, and Designing [Part 1]

In this course I will walk you through the very basic steps on what to do and what to learn before, and during, building a website. You’ll learn all the steps I use including: How to lose weight (in the browser) A Showcase of 50 Amazing Personal Blog Web Designs. The importance of a unique, memorable and well designed blog, especially within the design community, should not be underestimated – First impressions will always count and your blog gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills and highlight how professional and serious you are as a designer.

A Showcase of 50 Amazing Personal Blog Web Designs

For most web designers, designing an original blog shouldn’t be a problem, the difficulty lies in trying encapsulate your blog writing style and character within the design – That is the tricky part. In this article that is exactly what we have done, showcased 50 amazing personal blog designs that successfully capture the character of the designer. Clean Blog Designs. CSS Reference, Properties and Values, CSS3. 50 Advanced HTML5 Demos to show It's Power. Flash vs HTML5 is one of the hottest topic today , but we are not getting in the argument of which is superior to other and which is not.

50 Advanced HTML5 Demos to show It's Power

Flash will always be an awesome choice for rich content web applications and games same as HTML5 in developing cool animations and simple gaming applications unless some major development to be made in future years. Today we have collected 50 awesome HTML5 demos to show its potential. 1. Photo editor online - edit image. HTML5 CSS3 Framework Choices: 10 Great Web Frameworks. YayQuery Podcast - A jQuery Podcast.

10 sites developers should have in their bookmarks. Mysql Format Date MySQL Format Date helps you to format your dates using the MySQL DATE_FORMAT function. Just select a common date format and then change it to your suit your needs. The MySQL DATE_FORMAT code will be generated at the bottom of the page which you can then copy into your query. Visit site: Script Src Are you tired of hunting the Internet in order to find the script tag for the latest version of the Javascript library of your choice? 8 useful sites for web developers. The easiest way to upload images Any developer, designer or webmaster have to share images online with clients and co-workers. is an all new service that allow you to upload images extremely easily: Just drag and drop them into and the image will be saved on their servers. A short url will be automatically created so you can share it across the web.» 30 Websites to follow if you’re into Web Development. I’ve made it a goal to learn at least one useful thing each day so that I can stay sharp and well-versed on the topic of web development and design. To that end, here’s some of the websites I keep track of to find new techniques, resources, and news about building websites. Most of these sites are updated frequently, so there’s never a lack of new content that fills up my Google Reader.

Because the role of the web developer is ever-expanding, I’ve also included a variety of sites that covers fields relating to web development – such information architecture, user interaction, and web/graphics design. NETTUTS is a recently launched blog/tutorial site that provides "spoonfed web skills". There are already plenty of useful and detailed tutorials that range from offloading static content to Amazon S3 to creating a beautiful tabbed content area using jQuery. Paul Rouget. 15 Tutorials To Help You Build WordPress Themes. WordPress is one of the most popular applications in the web design community not only for its ease of use as a blogging platform, but for its versatility in any kind of content managed website. Building custom themes for WordPress is pretty straight forward, making it one of the easiest templating systems to master. This post rounds up 15 of the best WordPress theme tutorials, each taking you through the process of building your own WP theme from scratch.

How To Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial This thorough 11 part tutorial series takes you through every detail of creating your own WordPress theme from scratch. The series begins with a look at the structure of a WordPress theme before taking a close look at each of the various template files. So you want to create WordPress themes huh? Even some of the oldest WordPress theme tutorials are still the best today. How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch Designing for WordPress: Complete Series. Css Gallery - Web Design Inspiration. Best of the Web. ZDNet-Asia-Web-Benchmark-Report-2012-v1.0. Technology News, Analysis, Comments and Product Reviews for IT Professionals.

Pens picked by the Editors of CodePen. Pure Pleasure Design. What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design? What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design? Responsive websites respond to their environment Adaptive (Multiple Fixed Width Layouts) or (Multiple Fluid Grid Layouts) Fluid Width Small Screens Fixed Width Medium & Large. Media Queries. Introduction To Bootstrap. Browser CSS hacks. I don’t use CSS hacks anymore. Instead I use IE’s conditional comments to apply classes to the body tag.

Nonetheless, I wanted to document every browser-specific css selector and style attribute hack I’ve seen. Plus there’s no way to provide stylesheets to only Safari, I believe. With these you’ll be able to better target IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera from within the css. Customer experience, user experience (UX) agency in London - Webcredible. Ajax loading gif generator. What 24 hours of creative awesomeness look like. Dino Pairs Game - Using CSS3 Animation. Today were talking about how I created my Dino Pairs Game using CSS3 animations. This tutorial only really works in Chrome because I’m using 3d transforms. The game is playable in Firefox but better in Chrome. Collective.

Web Development. CSS, Web Development, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc. Web Development. A List Apart. All Day Everyday Project. The true inspiration seekers will have noticed some illustrations in my Inspiration Stream from the All Day Everyday Project. We have 3 copies of the book HTML5 Mobil « WE LOVE WORDPRESS. Web Design Articles & Tutorials. CSS tips and tricks. 40 Most Creative Resume Design Ever Seen. Tweet to Download.