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iDownloadBlog • iPhone • iPad • iOS Blog

iDownloadBlog • iPhone • iPad • iOS Blog

By Lory Gil on Apr 5, 2014 Just in case you haven’t heard of the thought-provoking and innovative atmospheric puzzle survival game Year Walk, it was a hugely popular iOS title based on Swedish mythology that was impressive, to say the least. Its dark theme and bizarre characters stood out amongst the droves of Angry Bird clones that flooded the App Store. Simogo just launched a Mac OS X version of Year Walk that includes some big changes, including new puzzles, new areas to explore, and new graphics. It’s like getting to play the game for the first time, all over again… Read More So, last weekend, I took a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

Evidence presented by Samsung Apple SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller took the stand again today in the Samsung Patent Trial v2. Schiller was grilled on a number of emails Samsung came up with in discovery that painted Apple as paranoid about the rise of Android and Samsung’s Galaxy line in particular. 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
Saturngod | What's on my mind Saturngod | What's on my mind The previous post , I ordered the xiaomi redmi at Fri 21 Feb. It got a lot of problem and made at payment at 22:50:29. I wrote , it’s hard to trust them. They can’t did well on my order. Sat 21 Feb , they sell again.
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9to5Google | Beyond Good and Evil

9to5Google | Beyond Good and Evil

AT&T has just announced that it will update its variant of the LG G Flex to Android 4.4.2 tomorrow, April 17th. The update includes all the features we’ve come to expect in a KitKat update. After updating, you should see a new full-screen “immersive” mode, as well as restyled notification and navigation areas. Battery performance should also drastically improve with the update, as should general OS performance, or so says AT&T.