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Hello! I am Bayer Augustine. Now I'm a software developer by trade and a New York resident.

ASUS ROG PHONE 5 – REVIEW. Asus has finally launched its latest flagship, ROG Phone 5.


The device features a super responsive display, brilliant speakers, an impressive primary camera, Quad DAC, and a customizable software experience. ASUS ROG PHONE 5 – REVIEW – webroot Sign in. ANDROID EMULATORS FOR MAC AND PC YOU CAN USE IN 2021. There are various valid reasons for using an Android emulator on your PC or Mac.


For instance, you can use a mouse and keyboard for playing a game. 5 Best Cheap Keyboards You May Consider. Keyboards are essential for long working sessions, especially if you are working on a laptop.

5 Best Cheap Keyboards You May Consider

The original keyboard of a laptop may work great for smaller working sessions, but it could be uncomfortable at some point. 5 Best Budget Gaming Monitors You Can Buy This Year. Gaming monitors play a crucial role in making your gaming experience much better, enhanced, and remarkable.

5 Best Budget Gaming Monitors You Can Buy This Year

It is not necessary every time to invest in a top-notch gaming monitor for a better gaming experience. Sometimes, a budget-friendly gaming monitor can also provide an immersive gaming experience when you choose it wisely. Before going to purchase the best gaming monitor, there are some important factors that you must consider, such as your requirements, size of your room, specifications of the various gaming monitors available in the market, and last but not least, its budget.

There are several companies that manufacture various kinds of a gaming monitors. 5 BEST DOLBY ATMOS SOUNDBARS YOU CAN BUY TODAY. Soundbars with Dolby Atmos feature are the best musical devices for a passionate music lover.


They take less space and provides an immersive listening experience. This feature is an object-based surround sound, which has the capability to support height channels. It simply means that you will get to hear the sound from above your head. 5 BEST CHROMEBOOKS YOU CAN BUY IN 2021. Chromebooks are two-in-ones and laptops that run on Google’s Chrome operating system.


The web-browser-based Chrome operating system might look like an old laptop, but it offers you a completely different experience from the Windows and MacOS that you are using probably. Chromebooks are perfect for you if you work maximum on the web and do not need to install Mac or Windows software. They are even the least expensive as compared to MacBooks, iPads, and Windows PCs. As you know, Chrome OS has been designed in a way that it uses Android applications from the Google Play store so that you can find premium models with extra storage space, faster processors, and more such upgradeable features. 5 BEST FPS MICE YOU CAN BUY IN 2021. FPS mice play a vital role in enhancing the experience of FPS gaming.


5 Best FPS Mice You Can Buy In 2021 – Central Bitantivirus Login. FPS mice play a vital role in enhancing the experience of FPS gaming.

5 Best FPS Mice You Can Buy In 2021 – Central Bitantivirus Login

The best FPS gaming mice must be reliable, consistent, and precise. In order to experience quality gaming and working experience, you should choose the best mouse that suits your requirements. 5 BEST GAMING DESKTOPS THAT YOU CAN BUY IN 2021. Gaming is really fun, and if you are a pro-level gaming person, you must have a great gaming desktop in order to get a stunning gaming experience.


There are various companies that manufacture different kinds of gaming PCs or desktops. In order to get the best gaming desktop, you are required to check for various important factors such as its RAM, storage capacity, processor, graphics, and more. An excellent gaming PC must have stunning graphics for the ultimate gaming experience. However, if you can afford a system based on GPU, make sure that it has enough slot space and power supply in order to upgrade its GPU. In this article, we have listed some of the best gaming desktops that you can consider in 2021. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop is an excellent and compact gaming desktop from HP. HERE’S HOW YOU CAN UPDATE SAFARI ON YOUR MAC. Safari is one of the most popular and widely used web browsers among millions of Apple device users.


It is a browser that comes pre-installed on every iOS device. Safari web browser is well known for providing the best web surfing experience to all of its users. It offers multiple great features to its users and provides them with the best ever search results. However, Safari is not the only browser that one can use on their Apple device. But most of the time, Apple device users prefer to use the Safari browser only. Do you also own a Mac device? The Method for Updating Safari on Mac Any Mac user can easily update the Safari browser on their computer.

HERE’S HOW TO DOWNLOAD BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS DEFINITIONS UPDATE. Bitdefender is believed to be the most popular and trusted brand when it comes to dealing with internet security issues. It is the most commonly used antivirus software that can be easily set up and accessed on any computer system. If one really wants to keep their devices and their data secured and protected, they need to use any efficient antivirus software, like Bitdefender.

This antivirus software brand has been around for a very long time, and it provides us with many advanced security features. All You Need to Know About the History of the Modern Graphics Processor. Do you love to play a lot of games on your computer system? If you are a gaming person, then you possibly know the importance of the graphics processing unit. The Graphics processing unit plays a vital role in the computer’s hardware. It is simply a computer chip that renders graphics and images on your computer system by performing mathematical calculations. It consists of multiple stream multiprocessors (SMs), each consisting of a rich memory hierarchy that includes register files, shared memory, cache arrays, and stream processors.

GPU chips are used for both personal and professional purposes. All You Need to Know About Advanced Cloud Computing Technology. It is an undeniable fact that technology has made everything possible and much easier for every one of us. And we can clearly see that cloud technology has taken our digital world by storm over the last two decades.

Nowadays, everyone is moving towards cloud computing. And even the big firms also keep promoting cloud computing technology. But do you even know what exactly does cloud computing refers to? The Best 5 Antivirus Software That One Should Use in 2021. Now that many of us are still working from home due to the epidemic conditions of Covid-19 and are using our personal devices, maintaining our online privacy and security has become more important than ever. And in these crazy times, one should use the best antivirus software for all of their devices. We all can clearly see that the cases of cybercrimes are increasing every day. And to avoid being a victim of such cases, you should scan your devices from time to time.

Antivirus software programs have now become an essential part of our online activities. If one wants to guarantee the safety of their devices and their data, using antivirus software will be the best option. - Enter Product Key to Download & Install Norton Setup. Finally, Toyota Enters the EV Market. Toyota Motor Corp. takes the credit to be the best of the hybrid powertrain, by introducing new technology like emissions-reducing technology with its first-generation Prius which was released in 1997. But the Toyota is taking a much different approach when it comes to the next great evolution in the industry, the battery-electric vehicle. Toyota used to lead the world in electric-powered vehicles. In another word, it was the Japanese giant which led the way for hybrid vehicles. Toyota is continuing to builds and sell all types of hybrids, but, as other automakers moved from hybrids to pure battery-electric vehicles, Toyota didn’t put the right investments to take the next leap of hope.

As a result, the automaker finds itself a little outdated in the industry, trailing many other brands in the pure-electric segment. Jeffrey Wright Will Play the Role of Batman in the Comedy Audio-Based Series. XP-PEN Tablets for Better Online Learning. XP-PEN’s hottest offerings, laptops can help you get the best out of the virtual classroom. Here’s How One Can Turn Off a MacBook’s Keyboard Backlight.

The keyboard backlight is known to be one of the best features of a MacBook device. All of the iOS devices are much demanded as the company use to add a lot of features within them. And MacBook is also one of the best devices developed by Apple. Researchers Developed Open-Source Software for Atomic Resolution of Nanocrystals. Imagine if it is possible to gain easy access to understand any nanocrystal structure. How to Fix Applications that Are Not Opening Correctly on Windows.

Everyone who uses a computer is familiar with the message “ Error ”. It is a very common message indicating that the application was unable to start correctly on Windows. Why Doesthis “error” Message Show Up? An error message is the information displayed when an unforeseen problem occurs. 5 Retro Supernatural Shows To Watch If You Loved Fact Or Fiction. Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction is one of the most famous American TV anthology series, which was created by Lynn Lehmann.

It was aired and produced by the Fox network in the year 1997. Here’s How You Can Delete Pending Updates on Windows 10 Computer. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or a computer system, we all are always advised to keep the operating system on our devices up to date. This is important to improve the performance of our smart devices, and updates also provide us with many updated features.

Updating the system software on our devices also fixes the bugs sometimes. And like all other devices, one should update the operating system on their Windows 10 computer also. Well, manually checking the updates on a Windows 10 computer system is quite an easy task that can be quickly performed by any of the users. But, what if you want to delete any pending updates on your Windows 10 computer? - Enter McAfee 25 Digit code - McAfee Activate. Our devices, including Laptops, PCs, Smartphones, etc. contain crucial information, and they need installation of Antivirus software like McAfee. Search Bar Broken in Windows 10? Here’s How to Fix It. Are you facing issues while accessing the search feature on your Windows 10 computer? Even though the Windows 10 operating system is known for providing the best features to its users, but sometimes when some features stop working, we become helpless. For instance, some of the Windows 10 users have reported an issue with the search functionality.

According to them, when they try to access the search tool on their computer system, they get an error message stating, “This is taking too long to load.” Attack On Titan: The War Hammer Debut But Fails To Defeat Eren. Sign into my McAfee account - McAfee Sign in. Asus ROG Flow X13 will be Sold Without XG Mobile eGPU in the future. Want to Lock Apps on Your Android Device? Here’s How to Do So. Want to Watch Apple TV+ on Your Windows PC? Here’s How to Do So. Here’s How One Can Flip an Image on Android. Top Affordable Antivirus Software- 2021. Mcafee login. Webroot Login. Anime LasDan is the Latest Series in Power Fantasy Genre.