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Saucy's sprinkles (bloggedy blog blog): {simply} sweet. It's so simple, it's silly.

saucy's sprinkles (bloggedy blog blog): {simply} sweet

Everyone has probably seen it or done it already, but Saucy just felt like stuffing her raspberries with dark chocolate and white chocolate chips today. As if the raspberries weren't sweet enough. They're cute on their own or they'd be even cuter on ice cream. What about making a white chocolate raspberry ice cream and garnishing it with some of these little fellas? That would be nice. That would be very nice.

It's especially nice if you use the best quality chips you can find. Are we agreed? Papier-mache easter eggs. For Easter I made papier-mache polka dotted eggs.

papier-mache easter eggs

I created them using small water balloons and tissue paper then I filled them with candy and toys and sealed them shut. The egg can hold a surprising amount of candy and the tissue paper seems delicate making for a delightfully heavy and yet fragile object, much like real egg. Also like a real egg you have to break the shell to get at what’s inside. I like things you have to destroy to open. You’ll need: water balloons (they make the egg-iest shape)white tissue paper (one sheet will make about three eggs)colorful tissue paper (one sheet will make many eggs, so you don’t need much)a 3/4 inch hole puncha paint brush you don’t care much aboutliquid laundry starcha sturdy shot glass to hold your egg while you’re working with ita way to hang the balloons to dryenough time to let these dry overnight, and a few hours to let them dry after filling and sealing them (you’ve been warned) Note: I tried a few variations on the starch.

Why the loop? Train Crazy. I love this train ticket invitation and party done by Life Inspired.

Train Crazy

Isn't that ticket adorable??? My all time favorite is this train track using duct tape! How creative and an inexpensive decor idea! Complete with railroad sign on door! The conductor was at the front door to stamp the kiddos tickets. They each got a engineers hat and bandanna. Even made the cupcakes herself! My FAVORITE station is the shovel the coal station using a handmade cardboard train! I love all of the gorgeous dessert tables around in party land but when it comes down to asking a kid what was their favorite part of their least all of the parties I do~ the kids don't say the dessert table they say how much fun they had at the activities.

Train Birthday Party + Balloon Extravaganza! Inspired by her son’s love for trains, Jaime from YourBASH!

Train Birthday Party + Balloon Extravaganza!

Created one super fun RIDE for his birthday celebration this year… and for all of his pint-sized PARTY TRAIN passengers too! In addition to taking a ride on the adorable “Mini Express“, guests got to “stop” at fun Temporary Tattoo and “Make a Balloon” STATIONS. And speaking of balloons, there’s some seriously crazy-cool balloon art going on at this party… from the balloon artist’s creations to the fabulous giant balloon centerpieces, which really helped to fill the space and create a playful, kid-friendly vibe. Other favorite details include the train-shaped lollipop favors, napkin rolls embellished with “Chew Chew” printables, and water bottles labeled “Chugga Chugga“!

I also love how the carnival-inspired food stations were lined up in a manner to look like a train… very clever! Read on for lots more fun train party pics + creative details… PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jaime… – Event Styling & Coordination: YourBASH! Owen’s Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party. DIY Cookie Treats. We shared our cookie party post last week, and in case you missed it, here it is again along with some quick and easy cookie DIY treats!

DIY Cookie Treats

What’s a party without yummy treats? With the help of some fabulous refrigerated cookie dough, we made a bunch of delicious cookie creations! First up, mini cookie cups. We used a mini-muffin pan to create these perfect bite-sized sundaes. Scoop cookie dough into the greased mini-muffin pan and bake for 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees or until golden. Once they come out of the oven, take the end of a wooden spoon and press down the center of the cup while still warm. Next, top these mini treats with ice cream and all of the toppings—a melon baller works great for petite scoops of ice cream. The second treats we are sharing are chocolate chip and birthday sugar cookie whoopie pies. Ta-da! So what is a party without pizza? We opted for a cake pan in lieu of a pizza pan so that the finished product was small enough to fit on our cake stand. Recommended for you. Next to nicx. One of my all time favourite wardrobe items is a silk and cashmere cardigan by Alana Hill that I’ve owned for about 7 years (bought when Alana Hill still made luxurious garments and not the disappointing polyester items you find now).

next to nicx

I’ve worn it until it’s almost falling apart. My favourite part of it? It’s covered in crochet cherries! A few years ago I decided another of my cardigans needed cherries and so created a few crochet cherry brooches. I sold a few of them on Etsy and then started to teach myself letterpress, and so the brooches were put to the side. But today I decided that one of Munchkin’s onesie/ bodysuit needed a little decoration and pulled out one of my brooches.

Never crochet before? Crochet Cherry Pattern In the colour you have selected for the Cherry (I used DMC 351 Embroidery thread as I needed such a little bit of thread for this project, I love the colour and it’s beautifully soft) and using a 2.5mm crochet hook create a ‘Magic Ring’. Repeat to create two cherries. DIY Geometric Lanterns. Aug 15 by Jenny Batt Geometrics aren’t going anywhere soon, why not include them in your party decor?

DIY Geometric Lanterns

I saw a tissue paper lantern in a vintage party book and it looks so current in monochromatic hues. Change it into any shade you want by choosing from the array of tissue papers available. Materials Needed: tissue paper (a variety of shades can be found here), double stick tape, scissors, needle, fishing line Unfold your tissue paper and take two sheets. Cut a strip of fishing line about 12 inches long and use it to thread a medium sized needle. Repeat and make many, many more; these look great en masse. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. DIY Tutorial: Pretty Receipt Paper Streamers.

Remember this adorable Aqua & Lace Party from our Party of 5 Post a couple weeks back?

DIY Tutorial: Pretty Receipt Paper Streamers

Well Anastasia also created a DIY Tutorial on how to make her beautiful and super budget-friendly backdrop! Can you believe it was created from rolls of office supply receipt paper? Pretty clever, right! Here’s what she says: “For my 4 year old girls birthday party this year I wanted to do something girly and elegant. Keep reading to learn how to create your own… by Anastasia Turkov SUPPLIES: – At least 1 roll of receipt paper, 2 inches wide (I used 3 rolls because it made things go way faster.) – Dowel (or something similar) – 9×13 Sheet – Pattern Punch (mine was from Martha Stewart) – Long workspace (I used my kitchen counters.) STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: 1. 2. 3. Now get to decorating! Rockin' Valentine's Day Cards. Here at the Okui household it's all about the video game Rock Band 2.

Rockin' Valentine's Day Cards

My son particularly is obsessed with the game. I find him making microphones and singing E-Pro. He even has a new nighttime ritual of brushing his teeth to "Eye of The Tiger", never saw that coming. So when it was time to make his Valentine cards, I knew just where to look for inspiration. Supplies:Hear Shaped LollipopsWhite Card StockScissorsHole PunchDouble Stick Tape Click on image to make it larger, right click, copy and save the clip art onto a document such as word.

Cut out the cards and punch a hole in the center of them, refer to picture. Fold in the packaging of the lollipop and tape down. Place the card onto the lollipop stick. Fun Finger Foods. Popcorn. Wedding Decor - Style & Bride. Sweet Ideas for a Land o' Candy Birthday Party. Balloon Pops Turn basic balloons into freestanding lollipops.

Sweet Ideas for a Land o' Candy Birthday Party

Wrap them in cellophane and add a wrapping paper tube stick, then position them around the room. What you'll need Large foam brush, white acrylic paint, wrapping-paper tubes, balloons, ribbon, 2-oz. paint or glue bottles, tape, cellophane, scissors Make it 1. Use the brush to apply two coats of paint to a tube; let dry. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

DIY Bubble Gum Machines For A Kids Party. Bubble gum machines are perfect things to put on a table for a kids party. You can put a bunch of them with different gumballs and your kids and their friends would be happy. To make one such machine you’ll need a terra cotta pot, a wooden ball, a wooden doll pin stand, a tube of E600 glue or hot glue, a round bubble bowl and a can of bright spray paint. Instructions The first thing you need to do is to paint your pot, base, wooden ball and doll pin. When they are dry place the painted pot upside down and attach the round bubble bowl to it using glue. Make a garland from woven paper balls. I love paper Christmas decorations, so when I bumped into The Cheese Thief's woven paper ball tutorial, I had to give it a try.

They're curiously addicting. Maybe I should carry some supplies with me to pass the time in long check-out lines, boring holiday parties, or during that weird Choreography number in White Christmas. These are made out of paper and one piece of tape. You can cut your own strips (mine are 1/2" wide and 11" long, which yields a ball that's about 1 1/4" in diameter) or use shiny paper ribbon. Hang them individually or glue them onto a wreath form. FIESTA mini flags.

Create Valentine dishes with edible paint. For a party or special dinner, try decorating plain dishes with icing. Designs will be perfectly edible, and if you make a mistake while painting, just lick it off and start over. (Don't tell anyone your tongue made contact with their plate.) To make this "paint," I mixed 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon of water, and 2 drops of liquid food coloring.

Apply with a paintbrush. If needed, run your fingernail around any wiggly edges to smooth them out before they dry. FIESTA mini bonbon boxes. Why Not Do It Yourself - Great Drink Idea For Kids! - Great Drink Idea For Kids! Why Not Do It Yourself - Glowing Balloons! What A Great Night Party Idea! - Glowing Balloons! What A Great Night Party Idea! Patriotic Party Jello Snacks. The 4th of July, the national day of the United States, is a little more then two weeks away. It commemerates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. We are officially in patriotic mode.

Blogs are popping up with red, white and blue ideas everywhere. What a fun and wonderful day to celebrate. I am on a jello kick lately and my son and I made these little patriotic treasures today. Supplies: Baby food jars Red, blue, and white spray paint Red and blue jello Strawberries and blueberries Twine Miniature flags Whipped topping Two boxes of jello will make 12 jars. After, the blue jello set, we added sliced strawberries in each jar. In the meantime, we spray painted the baby food jar lids with red, white, and blue. Top each jar with whipped topping (Cool Whip).

We tied a piece of twine around each lid and slid a decorative flag through the twine. These little desserts would be perfect for kids or even adults at a 4th of July party. Parties I linked to: Layered nonalcoholic drinks. The Layered House. Features low budgeted lifestyle projects that are fun, QUICK, and easy: Fun For Kids. Yesterday was my son's 2nd birthday and I wanted to do something very special for him. We celebrated his 1st birthday with a huge party but this year was pretty low key.

We baked a cake and called it a day. I went to PartyCity with a dear friend searching for the perfect baking pan in the shape of a car-his favorite type of toy. While most young kids will hug a teddy bear to sleep, he'll hug this 6" metal toy car to sleep and you DARE not take it away until he is in deep sleep mode. Cute. Anyway, whilst in PartyCity, I spotted a box of balloons (30 balloons with a disposable helium tank & string) for $29.99. Things you will need: Balloon kit with helium & strings Clear wide packaging tapeScissorBirthday kid While he was sleeping in another room, we blew up about 15 or 18 of the balloons and placed them around the room.

Thank god we blew up the balloons in another room and not in the same room as the birthday boy sleeping. I think I was more excited than he was. Pink and Black Wedding - Denise Paul. Features low budgeted lifestyle projects that are fun, QUICK, and easy: Cascading Garden Pom Poms! Great Wedding or Party Idea! Juicy Bits: 173: unicorns and rainbows party part 1: the details. Snow Cone Cupcakes: Tutti-Frutti Flavored.

Kelloggs Rice Krispies Ice Cream Cones. DIY Mickey Mouse Hat. Because every girl deserves a happily ever after: Everything Old is New Again. Shabby Chic First Birthday Party. Santa Gift Shop: Creative doorgift. Lollipop Stand. Surf's Up! Summer Party. Hudson's Robot Party. Amy's Baby Shower. Hudson's Superhero Party. Candy Favor Bar.

Under The Sea Adventure. Vintage Inspired Circus Birthday Party. Football Party Ideas. Ramadan Dinner Party. Somewhere over the rainbow party.