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Landscape lighting in Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville makes properties more secure and safer to walk around; sprinkler system installation services are also available from Augusta Green Sprinklers.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden. There’s more to giving your yard a touchup than installing a new lawn sprinkler system.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

One inventive idea you can try is attracting birds to your home. Birds can offer various advantages to your landscape. They provide some colour to contrast your plants, offer soothing birdsong to start your day, control pest levels around the house, and pollinate the flowers in your garden. If you’ve made up your mind to entice birds to visit your garden, the next question is how to get them to do so. 6 Ways to Brighten Up Your Garden in Winter. Winter blues are a common problem for many people, especially if you’re one of those who find the season drab.

6 Ways to Brighten Up Your Garden in Winter

Gardens, in particular, tend not to look their best in winter. The vibrant, colourful flowers are gone, the lawn usually looks drab, and everything’s blanketed in snow, which can make your exterior look more monochrome until spring comes back. One great way to fight off those winter blues is to do a little winter gardening. Think of it as a way to add a splash of life and colour to the yard and break some of the monotony of the winter landscape. 8 Winter Landscaping Tips to Help Your Plants Survive. Plants That Can Survive Winter. When the winter season approaches, we can put on layers of clothing and turn up the indoor heating as the temperatures drop.

Plants That Can Survive Winter

Sadly, the plants in your yard can’t do the same thing. People assume that they will only see flowers again in spring. However, that doesn’t have to be the case because there are plants that can grow and survive despite the harsh, cold weather. It also means your garden does not have to become a bleak, empty canvas for the ensuing months. To begin filling up your landscape with color, here are some plants to choose from that can grow in winter: 1. While there is beauty in seeing snowfall on your lawn, you might also want to see a splash of colour.

Cornus mas, also known as Cornelian cherry, is a species of flowering plant that belongs in the dogwood family Cornaceae. The leaves are 4–10 cm long and 2–4 cm broad with an oblong shape and a full margin. The Dos and Don'ts of Landscape Lighting. Modifying your interior and exterior space to suit your tastes and needs is your prerogative as the property owner.

The Dos and Don'ts of Landscape Lighting

One of the many things to consider is lighting. The right lighting can make a room, and the same principle applies to your landscape. When done well, quality landscape lighting does more than just illuminate the surroundings. It’s also an effective way to set up the mood and atmosphere to give your exterior space a character all its own. Lawn Watering Mistakes That Cost You Money. For many, homes look much better with a touch of green leaves and bright flowers but, every Canadian homeowner who ever had or has a lawn knows it is not a walk in the park especially in terms of cost.

Lawn Watering Mistakes That Cost You Money

The average per hour cost of lawn services is around $40 to $80. And that is just the professional services. A heftier price tag comes in the form of wasted water because of lawn watering mistakes you are probably committing. How To Make Your Water Sprinkler System Eco-Friendly. If you want to have a beautiful green lawn and healthy garden in the summer, there’s no avoiding it; you need to give them water.

How To Make Your Water Sprinkler System Eco-Friendly

Many people want a green lawn, but also care about the environment and conserving water. Did you know that one of the best ways to care for your lawn and conserve water is through a home installed sprinkler system? What Is A Home Sprinkler System? Essentials for a Beautiful Spring-Summer Garden. Typically, winter is a time to lay back and forego most gardening chores.

Essentials for a Beautiful Spring-Summer Garden

However, downtime does not equal neglect. You can take on a winter landscaping project to pass the time, or prepare your garden for the spring. Though it may seem counterintuitive, winter is the perfect time to start preparations for warmer weather. Why You Need a Water Sprinkler System (And How to Install One) Are you tired of lugging the watering can around your yard?

Why You Need a Water Sprinkler System (And How to Install One)

Or standing patiently with the water hose as it hydrates your entire lawn? For a couple of flower pots and a few square feet of grass, these methods might be okay. But, they’re far from the most convenient or efficient. What you need is a water sprinkler system. You’ll save time and money while reaping the rewards of a healthier lawn and garden. How Outdoor Lighting Can Go Wrong. There’s one in every neighbourhood — the house with ALL the Christmas lights.

How Outdoor Lighting Can Go Wrong

Though the colours are splendid, and the dancing Santas and ice-skating penguins are a delight for children to behold, sometimes it can be a bit much. Further, there can be costly pitfalls to creating such a drain on the power grid, or annoying your neighbours with light pollution. To avoid outdoor lighting snafus this season, read our tips below: LEDs are Favourable Efficient – LED Christmas lights create light using light-emitting diodes, rather than a filament. Five Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Lighting This Winter. Being a property owner comes with many responsibilities.

Five Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Lighting This Winter

A good-looking front yard or garden increases value for yourself and the neighbourhood. In the cold and dark winter months, one way to enhance the look of your property is through the use of outdoor lighting. The setup of the exterior lighting fixtures play a huge role in the overall look and safety of your home no matter the season. It’s particularly essential it is to maintain your outdoor lighting during the winter months. 6 Inspiring Landscape Lighting Trends. Canadians are renovating their homes and gardens at an unprecedented rate. Homeowners spent $8 billion USD on landscaping services in 2018. This number has been trending upward, year after year. People are looking to transform their homes and gardens into their unique, personalized dream space. Augusta Green Sprinklers Inc. How Should I Water My Garden This Summer? How Lighting Makes Your Outdoor Areas Safer. Outdoor lighting enhances your property’s appearance and increases its market value.

Installing lights in strategic areas of your landscape, pathways, and stairs can help keep your home safe and secure. Here are some ways outdoor lighting improves safety: Prevents Crime Improved lighting can be an effective crime prevention tool. A well-lit area creates the impression someone is home. Safety along walkways. Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems. Augusta Green Sprinklers Inc. is a full service irrigation company proudly serving the Greater Toronto area. Our hard working team of professionals are passionate about providing our customers with the best products, services, and expertise in the industry. We install and service all makes of sprinkler systems from large commercial sites to small residential gardens.