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AU Foundation

AU Foundation in Jaipur, India is the CSR branch of AU Bank. The foundation works for Women Empowerment, Skill Development, Sports Development, Digital & Financial Literacy for Society's overall growth.

Iyengar Yoga for Diabetes Control. A day with AU Foundation. At the AU Foundation’s financial literacy camp with local artists and organizing team.

A day with AU Foundation

And a huge crowd of participants in Kujeta village near Shahpura, Jaipur. “Agar Shahpura se Gurgaon ke beech aapki jeb kat jaaye to samjh lijiye paisa Kujeta pahuncha hi” said Sultan ji with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face. Clad in a simple white kurta pajama, this successful teacher turned businessman juxtaposes images of his urban counterparts.

Grounded and humble, Sultan ji is a well-respected figure in Shahpura and the villages around. Everyone affectionately calls him Master ji. It was already noon and drizzling when I reached Kujeta, a small of village of about 3000 people. While Sutlan ji along with Satyam ji, branch manager of AU Bank’s Pawta branch generously answered my questions; they kept a vigil on the activities around. Coming back to our story. I personally thank them for accompanying me to AU branches and BC outlets along with the camp. Doli's journey towords a brighter future. Doli Jhamtani came to know about the AU Skills academy by a student referral (Omprakash) who had already completed the course successfully from C – scheme academy.

Doli's journey towords a brighter future

She learned the basics of the Hospitality & Tourism Industry which includes Check in – check out process, Registration process, Guest Handling, order taking, Table set up, Room cleaning & Bed making. She also learned the technology trends of the hospitality industry to innovate processes and customer experiences After joining the AU skills academy she learned the desired skills. The academy transformed her life by developing her Mind-set, Skillset & Toolset. Post-training she was selected in the very first attempt by “Brown Sugar” a renowned café in Jaipur. First anniversary of first employee of AU Foundation.

Hailing from a defence background, I have always seen my father talking about the greater good, thinking and living beyond the self and in the service of society which strongly embedded in me at an early age.

First anniversary of first employee of AU Foundation

At just a tender age of 16, I went out doing my bit for the social good and worked on various areas in social development sector ranging from child and tribal rights to spreading awareness about government schemes. From participating in a public protest march for the rights of tribal population to embracing & living in their habitat, I thought I had done it all. But the more I worked, the more I saw, the more I realized that there is a constant need to just empower and enable people to go out and ask for what’s truly theirs. VISION FOR A BETTER TOMORROW- Rural Social Development Program.

One of the most important organs in one’s body is eyes as we perceive up to 80% of all impressions through sight.

VISION FOR A BETTER TOMORROW- Rural Social Development Program

However, many people are suffering from vision impairment or blindness. It’s not that people with visual impairment or blindness are unable to work, have families or engage in various activities but seeing them struggle to do things we normally don’t pay attention to was heart-breaking. Due to high cost, many are unable to afford the required treatment at the right time as a result of which a simple optic problem can even lead to blindness. The safety quotient of the people is also compromised due to loss of vision leading to some serious crimes being committed, emphasizing the importance of proper optical treatment.

HOW AU FOUNDATIONS’ SPORTS FOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM IS AIDING IN SOCIETY’S DEVELOPMENT? Sports is clearly not just a career option but it also plays a very crucial role in the development of the all-rounded personality of children.


AU Foundation’s Sports for Development program encourages children to come and play team games like basketball and football. These sports increase their chance to also engage in activities which would provide mental and physical growth along with discipline thus resulting in their holistic development. This can also help in boosting self-confidence and reducing stress from children’s lives in today’s competitive world. Respecting one’s opponent, thinking as a team, leadership, and learning the spirit of the game are just some of the skills that children learn at the ground. Rural Sports Development in India. Rural Social Development Programmes in India. Personality Development Classes in Jaipur<br> <br> <br> Awareness Programme for Digital and Financial Literacy in India.

Financial Inclusion is a quest for making financial services accessible at affordable costs to all individuals and businesses, regardless of their net worth and size.

Awareness Programme for Digital and Financial Literacy in India

As a Small Finance Bank, while catering to the rural and even urban population, AU noticed that the formal education doesn’t completely educate people on financial literacy and that people mostly rely on someone else to take their financial decisions. So, simply making the banking services available to the public wasn’t enough. We realised that there is an urgent need for financial literacy among the audience for them to truly understand the banking services and then use them for their financial prosperity.

Financial literacy needs to start from the very basics of how money is made, spent, and saved. AU foundation organises financial and digital literacy camps, targeting both rural and urban areas. (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility in India. Ranked Among Best Foundations in India.