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International healers and visiting practitioners worldwide. Japanese Kampo Medicine|Kampo Igaku Center Keio University Medical School. Russian healer reveals his secrets. His grandfather, a Don Cossack who was descendant from an ancient family of healers, lived to be 116.

Russian healer reveals his secrets

Once, he took a piece of coal from the fire and placed it in his grandson’s hand. The boy frowned, and endured the pain – his father was outraged. His grandfather told the boy’s father: “Leave us alone. Huldaclarkzappers. The 15 weirdest wellness retreats. Wellness is important - we're not monkeying around Fuse / Thinkstock From psychedelic shrubbery in Gabon to sobbing seminars in Japan, we round up the world's weirdest wellness retreats.

The 15 weirdest wellness retreats

It’s not too late to rectify those ill-fated New Year’s Eve resolutions in which you swore to live a more spiritual and carefree life. But if traditional spas leave you feeling cold and meditation makes you drowsy, don’t dismay, there are plenty of more colourful options out there. Le portail Européen du Chamanisme » Kazuhisa Ogawa San. Shamanisme japonais : définition - Institut des Traditions du Japon /日本伝統協会 / Institute of Japanese Traditions / Nihon Dento Kyokai / Zen and the art of meditation. Bright Earth Skincare. Growing up: Jules grew up on the beach in New Zealand, with Nature as her playground.

Bright Earth Skincare

She loved visits to her Grandparents farm where they ate wholesome foods grown right there on the property. Her Grandmother had a cellar filled with preserved fruits, pickles, special chutneys that they had made with whatever fruits and vegetables were in season – nothing went to waste. It seemed her Grandmother had a cure for everything. She loved walking around her gardens with her Grandmother who pointed out various plants and their uses – it seemed to be traditional that this was how our visits began – then inside for a cup of tea and whatever was freshly baked.

Joao de Deus (Jean de Dieu) - Guérisseur au Brésil- Casa Dom Inacio de loyola. Oasis-Voyages - Le Blog. This Ojibwe Healing Ritual Will Move You. A few years ago, we were invited to attend a tribal meeting in Northern Wisconsin, called the Midwest Shamanic Gathering.

This Ojibwe Healing Ritual Will Move You

When we were invited by the elders to film some of the ceremonial practices that were being shared at this special celebration, we jumped at the opportunity. Many people associate this Great Lakes state with cheese, but for us this region holds far more meaning than that. Rainforest Remedies. The Sacred Science - Free Online Screening.

He has been practicing and teaching meditation, visualization, martial arts, mind-body fitness, the healing arts and self-defense for the past 30 years.

The Sacred Science - Free Online Screening

After recovering from a serious back injury that lasted five years, Tristan created programs for healing and strengthening the body using ancient and contemporary mind-body-spirit exercises. These programs include visualization, affirmations, meditation, brain entrainment, and mind-body fitness. Tristan loves helping people evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; it is the ONLY reason he teaches, apart from enjoying all of the various training methods himself. Tristan can be found at An ancient Chinese shamanic technique called QiGong. Le Québec boréal : voyage au Nunavik, paradis arctique.

Au Mali, des femmes mijotent une révolution culinaire. Centre Takiwasi. IBA Global Healing. Biography Tricia has studied and practiced energy medicine since 2001.

IBA Global Healing

Feeling disenchanted with her work in the Finance and Information Technology industries, she looked outside the norm and attended Advanced Training in Pranic Healing and Certification in Wholistic Psychology. Her introduction to BodyTalk reaped rewards after only one session! “Imagine my surprise when, within two weeks of receiving my first BodyTalk session on finances, I received two job offers and an unexpected lump sum of cash. It just shows the power of BodyTalk”. Le Tantra chamanique Par Marie-Jésus SANDOVAL. The Doctor Man’s lair: a sonic journey with Anangu Ngangkari - Soundproof. Producers Simon Green and Liz Thompson document their exploration deep into the geographical and ontological heart of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands in South Australia.

The Doctor Man’s lair: a sonic journey with Anangu Ngangkari - Soundproof

Here, they meet with Anangu Ngangkari, or traditional healers, Cyril McKenzie, Gordon Ingkatji, Kunmanara Ken and Sam Watson, and learn about the Central Desert people’s healing traditions. With the aid and instruction of these Ngangkari, together we venture through various Tjukurrpa (a word used to describe the force which unites the Anangu people with each other and with the land) and meet Tjukuritja, or ancestor spirits, along the way who have travelled these trails many times in the distant past. Unbenannte Seite. Christian mysticism Mediumship and Spiritual Healing (Practical workshop) healing and for readings.The optical viewing of the energy fields gives us conscious insights into the spiritual world and especially into the astral world.

Unbenannte Seite

There, elementals (powers) develop which build the personality and the DESTINY of a person. At this level, entities, angels and healers take influence to unleash and raise the spiritual powers of the participants. During spiritual healing, the healer is intermediator and also acts on the authority of a light being.The participants are practicing to implement the essentials of spiritual healing. ~ Chiangmai, Thailand. Smart Nutrition, Superior Health. Dr. Sebi: The Man Who Cures AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and More. By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Editor’s note, 7th of August 2016: We are sad to report that Dr.

Dr. Sebi: The Man Who Cures AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and More

Sebi died yesterday while imprisoned in Honduras.