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Teachers fall into Facebook trap. ONE in six school teachers is making "friends" with their students online, despite warnings Facebook can spell professional disaster.

Teachers fall into Facebook trap

A global study has found while educators are increasingly wary of social networking, thousands are still falling into the trap. And the online risks include "cyber baiting", where teachers are taunted so their reaction can be filmed and posted online. The survey of 10,000 children and adults (including 2379 teachers), found Australians were among the world's most savvy internet users. But teachers are still vulnerable to electronic bullying, with one in six surveyed falling victim to - or knowing a victim of - cyber baiting. Facebook Cyberstalking Shocker: Preteen Girls Charged In Issaquah Case. By Elaine Porterfield (SEATTLE) - Two girls aged 11 and 12 were charged on Tuesday with first-degree computer trespassing and cyberstalking for allegedly posting sexually explicit photos and comments on the Facebook page of a 12-year-old classmate.

Facebook Cyberstalking Shocker: Preteen Girls Charged In Issaquah Case

The two girls charged in the case also are accused of using the third girl's computer address to send out instant message solicitations for sex using her name. The children involved are all middle-school classmates and live in the suburban city of Issaquah, east of Seattle. The two accused offenders are believed to be the youngest individuals ever charged with cyberstalking and computer trespassing in King County, said Dan Donohoe, spokesman for the prosecutor's office.

One of them told investigators that she and the victim had been friends but had recently had a "falling out," according to charging documents filed in court. Teens Arrested For Facebook Death Threats. FEBRUARY 3--Mistakenly believing that a middle school classmate had caused the arrest of a friend, a quartet of Florida teenagers exchanged Facebook messages discussing the killing of the suspected “snitch,” according to police.

Teens Arrested For Facebook Death Threats

The students--three 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old--were arrested yesterday at school and charged with aggravated stalking, a felony. Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigators allege that the death threats were spurred by the arrest of Nicholas Gonzalez, 13, who was nabbed for possession of a firearm on the campus of the North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts. Six girls arrested in online threats.