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KCT Group - Hot Coke Evacuator at Steel Plant. Why Is It a Perfect Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in India? Savings and investments are essential for a safe future – this is one thing that most of us must have heard from elders even while growing up.

Why Is It a Perfect Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in India?

Perhaps, that’s why it isn’t that hard to understand the importance of saving and investing. It is also astounding to witness how slowly but surely real estate investment is becoming a prime choice for the millennial generation to put their money to good use. Share markets, mutual funds and debentures are risky as they remain subjective to fluctuating market.

However in case of real estate, the acquired property stands as a fixed asset that can be used personally, commercially or as a home stay. An Overview of Aquaculture Farming in India. In the last couple of decades, India has witnessed a tremendous upsurge in aqua farm and shrimp business.

An Overview of Aquaculture Farming in India

Though we might still be behind the league from countries such as China, Taiwan, and Indonesia, the current market trends show that the industry is on the upward curve. Thanks to the industrial giants including the likes of KCT Group coming to the forefront in shrimp farming and aquaculture business, this industry in India is once again revived. In the past 10 years, fish production in India has been doubled and brackish water aquaculture farming has been introduced in many areas.

While Indian shrimp farmers are more or less familiar with freshwater farming, brackish aquaculture farming is a new concept for them. This kind of shrimp farming entails breeding of sea bass, grey mullet, tiger shrimp and mud crabs. Yet another emerging state in the business is Chhattisgarh, which boasts a good number of irrigation tanks, village ponds, and reservoirs.

Top Coal Importers in India. Things to Take Into Consideration While Investing In Real Estate. By Akash Sharma Akash Sharma Commercial real estate investment is a profitable venture.

Things to Take Into Consideration While Investing In Real Estate

However, for an investment to promise the best returns, it’s crucial to take a number of factors into account. In addition to consistency, patience is also required to earn decent profits. One needs to keep a hawk’s eye and have in-depth knowledge like the industry giants KCT Group when it comes to building a commercial empire. How And When To Venture In Real Estate Market For A Profitable Outcome? Asking the right questions before investing in real estate can help one make an informed decision and also, assists in buying the perfect property.

How And When To Venture In Real Estate Market For A Profitable Outcome?

There are several things that one must look out for when investing in a property such as location, renovation costs, connectivity and if it is a commercial property then one must lookout for security and safety issues as well. Another important factor to consider while investing in commercial property is knowing about the person you are collaborating with. If you are buying or renting a property with a partner then it is essential you do the full background check and know their market reputation. Someone like KCT group is a right partner to collaborate with as they uphold a good reputation in the market and renowned for carrying out several successful commercial projects in multiple metro cities of India.

However, buying property isn’t as safe as most would consider. 5 Major Industries that Heavily Depend Upon Coal. Besides fuel generation, coal has a plethora of applications that are essential for a number of industries.

5 Major Industries that Heavily Depend Upon Coal

This carbon-rich fossil-fuelled the growth of the industrial revolution back in the 15th century and continues to be the backbone of 90% industries to date. Though this non-renewable source of energy has reached the verge of extinction in many areas but because of industries’ heavy dependence upon it, it is being vehemently used, which is a concern in itself. Till the time renewable source of energy such as solar, wind and Hydro energy fully develop and mature, coal will be primarily used to operate industries around the world. Unfortunately, there are only a few industries including the likes of KCT Group that abide by the rules of carefully carrying out all the procedures and making judicious use of the fossils that they are putting to use.

Coal is the lifeline of all the major industries around the world and here we mention a few of them that solely depends on its usage. Why Townships are Garnering Popularity in Indian Real Estate Market? Articles by Ankita Sehgal Freelance Blogger, Lives in New Delhi The real estate sector is subject to frequent changes in trends.

Why Townships are Garnering Popularity in Indian Real Estate Market?

Gated cities or integrated townships have become a popular choice for investors as people from middle-class background are finally looking forward to upgrading their standard of living. Everyone loves a luxurious apartment with ample space, surrounded by greenery and required infrastructure like schools, hospitals, etc. and of course, entertainment hub and shopping malls.

Indian Cities that are Perfectly Apt for Real Estate Investment. Why Biosecurity is Indispensably Essential for Aquaculture? By Ankita Sehgal Freelance Blogger, Lives in New Delhi Aquaculture and biosecurity are tightly intertwined since the safety of water resources directly impacts the overall production of an aquafarm.

Why Biosecurity is Indispensably Essential for Aquaculture?

Aquaculture farms are highly susceptible to the impact of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and similar toxic influences. With the right use of tools and various methods however, they can be made disease free and free from the impact of other pathological influences. Though not all aqua-based businesses pay attention to biosecurity, renowned names such as KCT Group make sure that their water resources are free from any kind of toxic influences. By following strategic treatments such as extensive cleansing, sanitation, and particularly disinfection, water resources can be made pathogen free. Water-borne diseases can easily transmit in between shrimps and sometimes the infection can even travel to various ponds. •In order to avoid pathogen-spread, protective clothing should be used. About Ankita Sehgal.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate. Commercial Real Estate—A Perfect Place for Investment. Industries Backed By Coal or Coal-Related Products. By Ankita Sehgal Freelance Blogger, Lives in New Delhi Usage of coal is primarily associated with fuel generation but this carbon-rich fossil also offers a myriad of applications that are essential for many industries.

Industries Backed By Coal or Coal-Related Products

Coal is the element that fuelled the growth of the Industrial Revolution back in the 15th -the 16th century and continues to cater to the necessities of the industrial world to date. Being the backbone of industries like cement, steel, and even electricity, coal is the substance that channels life into modern day industries and life in general. Till the time renewable sources of energy such as wind, water, and solar energy will entirely develop and mature, coal will continue to rule the realm of the industrial world.

Indian Real Estate—What Makes It an Intelligent Investment? How to Boost Your Commercial Property Strategy? Articles by Akash Sharma Akash Sharma Investing in the commercial sector is considered a profitable way of earning money by many property dealers but the market is also highly susceptible to risks.

How to Boost Your Commercial Property Strategy?

Commercial property space in India typically includes office and retail space, industrial area, and mixed-use properties. The ROI usually depends on the type of investment that you intend to make. If one is equipped enough to gauge opportunities and returns precisely then one can narrow down the risk areas and make profitable investments. Before going full-fledged into investing, you must test the waters by following the latest market trends and have a good look around to find the apt sectors that are right for investment.

Location: Commercial property provides great returns through two avenues specifically—rent and capital appreciation. 4 Things to Consider When Buying Industrial Process Equipment. Understanding What All Coal Sampling Entails. 3 Interesting Trends Prevailing In Aqua-Industry Currently. Here’s Why You Must Buy Commercial Real Estate On Lease. Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Industrial Process Equipment. Is The Shrimp Industry In India Headed For Growth In The Future? 3 Different Ways Of Farming Shrimps. Aquaculture is the farming, rearing, breading, harnessing and harvesting of aquatic animals like fishes, shrimps, and even plants in a monitored and controlled aquatic environment such as ponds, lakes and oceans, etc.

3 Different Ways Of Farming Shrimps

This helps in meeting the sea food requirements of the vast human population while also saving aquatic species that are endangered and restoring their population. Mentioned below are the various ways of farming shrimps- Extensive System The extensive system of aquaculture is very widely used across the globe. This basically involves setting up cages or nets on the coast where all the shrimps remain trapped.

Semi Intensive System. A Brief on Material Handling Systems. Material handling is the movement, protection, controlling, and storage of commodities in the processes of warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution. In the modern picture, manufacturing processes are dependent on material handling systems. Logistics and warehousing practices are supported by manual, automated, and semi-automated equipment. Proper and customized implementation reduces delivery time and improves customer satisfaction while cutting down on the costs involved in distribution.

Here are material handling systems categorized: •Engineered Systems As technology has progressed, manufacturing processes are streamlined with the help of automated machinery. Effective Ways To Develop Your Commercial Property Strategy. Power Trading- Present Threats.