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Newegg 20% off Coupons. Gearbest Promo Code 10% Off. Verizon Coupons For Existing Customers. Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Resigns as Obama Advisor. Disgraced Theranos Inc. founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes has resigned from President Barack Obama’s Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship advisory board.

Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Resigns as Obama Advisor

In May 2015, President Barack Obama hosted a gala White House event to renew his push for global entrepreneurship. At the highly promoted event, Obama asked Holmes to be a presidential role model to help empower women, young people, Muslims and Cubans. In his prepared remarks, the president stated: “At a time when the world is more interconnected than ever, we’ve got unprecedented opportunities to help more people access capital, resources, networks.” Mr. Obama appointed a total of nine Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship, including AOL CEO Steve Case; Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky; Julie Hanna, the chair of the board of the lending platform Kiva; and Holmes of Theranos. Maurices coupons 20% total purchase. Samsung’s New Galaxy Note 7 Uses Your Eyes To Unlock It. <div>Please enable Javascript to watch this video</div> Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled at an event in New York City - it's basically a bigger version of the Galaxy S7 but with a stylus and IRIS scanner.

Samsung’s New Galaxy Note 7 Uses Your Eyes To Unlock It

Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 is a big screen phone that is packed with features. Calendars Coupon Code 30 Off. Apple Replacing Gun Emoji With Water Pistol Emoji - Apple Gun Control Statement. Get ready for your emoji keyboard to look a little different.

Apple Replacing Gun Emoji With Water Pistol Emoji - Apple Gun Control Statement

Starting in September, Apple will be replacing the gun emoji with a green water pistol, CNNMoney reports. Microsoft has already replaced their pistol with a toy gun but Google, Samsung, Facebook, and Twitter still have gun emojis. Left: Apple's existing gun emoji, Right: The water pistol emoji that will appear in September. Apple Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Apple's decision comes after New Yorkers Against Gun Violence started a campaign called "Disarm the iPhone," demanding Apple nix the pistol emoji as a symbol of standing up against gun violence, and to "show America wants stricter access to real guns. " Back in June, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft moved to stop a rifle emoji from being added to smartphones. The change also comes with the addition of many more gender-diverse emojis, like women working out and men getting their hair cut.

Birthday In A Box 10 Off Coupon. Gravitational Waves to Crack Neutron Star Mystery. We are now in an incredible new era of astronomy where the faint ripples in spacetime caused by distant black hole collisions are being detected and studied.

Gravitational Waves to Crack Neutron Star Mystery

These are the most energetic events in the cosmos and, by "listening in" to their gravitational wave signals, these black hole mergers have finally been directly observed. Although the first detections of gravitational waves by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) have, so far, been exclusive to the collisions of black holes, astrophysicists have far loftier goals. Depositphotos Coupon 20% Air Force: F-35A fighter jet is now 'combat ready' The U.S.

Air Force: F-35A fighter jet is now 'combat ready'

Air Force has declared its F-35A Lightning II fighter jet ‘combat ready,’ marking a major milestone for the controversial aircraft. The stealth fighter, which has been beset by cost overruns and delays, has a $110 million price tag. The $379 billion weapon program is the most expensive in America’s military history. Gen. Hawk Carlisle, commander of the Air Combat Command, announced the aircraft’s combat readiness Tuesday. Figleaves 10% Off Code. Sheldon Adelson Is Poised to Give Donald Trump a Donation Boost. Photo The casino magnate told in a private meeting last week that he was willing to contribute more to help elect him than he has to any previous campaign, a sum that could exceed $100 million, according to two Republicans with direct knowledge of Mr.

Sheldon Adelson Is Poised to Give Donald Trump a Donation Boost

Petfooddirect 20% Off Coupon. For News Outlets Squeezed From the Middle, It’s Bend or Bust. Then, sweet relief (or was it?)

For News Outlets Squeezed From the Middle, It’s Bend or Bust

: The Financial Times reported that BuzzFeed — which is best known for hits like the watermelon video, though its news team wins awards — missed its financial targets last year and was revising this year’s projections downward. BuzzFeed, which does not disclose its finances, denied the report, saying this year will meet expectations. Take 10% off ANY purchase at StacyAdams. Cruz Accuses DOJ of Favoring Abortion Clinics Over Churches. The letter concerns the Justice Department’s enforcement of the 1994 Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, a law that prohibits any use or threat of force and physical obstruction outside abortion clinics and places of religious worship.

Cruz Accuses DOJ of Favoring Abortion Clinics Over Churches

The law, however, does not criminalize peaceful protests or other First Amendment-protected activities outside abortion facilities or places of worship. In the letter, obtained by The Daily Signal, the Republican senators write: The [Justice Department’s] brazen pursuit (and subsequent online promotion) of—at best—frivolous prosecutions in the abortion context, combined with its failure to list any prosecutions or enforcement activities in the religious worship context, gives the distinct impression of a warped and biased enforcement of FACE by the [Justice Department]. The Daily Signal is the multimedia news organization of The Heritage Foundation. Gearbest IPAD Accessories Sale: Up to 60% OFF for Hot Sale & New Arrivals. How to Use Twitter Analytics to Improve Your Engagement : Social Media Examiner. Do you need better results from your Twitter marketing?

How to Use Twitter Analytics to Improve Your Engagement : Social Media Examiner

Want to use Twitter Analytics to guide your efforts? The data in Twitter Analytics reports can help you identify the content that resonates with your audience, so you can build a more active following. In this article you’ll discover four ways to use Twitter Analytics reports to boost replies, retweets, and other engagement metrics. Discover four ways to use twitter analytics to improve engagement. #1: Tailor Your Content to Audience Interests. Microsoft Store Coupons - 10% Off Discount Codes. How Do I get The unique Microsoft Store Coupons?

Microsoft Store Coupons - 10% Off Discount Codes

Build up the life with more exciting features which are possible at Microsoft Store of online. AS Microsoft is famous for building up new and advanced features and updates for windows. Avail Microsoft store coupon $15 off online codes on selected items for high-end discounts. It also provides many useful deals such as 10% discounts and cent sale on available products through microsoft online orders.

3D printer produces robot that gets up and walks away. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie like "Blade Runner. " But researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a new 3D printing process that creates robots that are fully functional from the moment they come off the printer. The normal process for creating something complex and mobile like a robot through 3D printing usually involves multiple print runs to make each component.

After all the pieces are printed out, then the object needs to be assembled. MIT's new process is significant in that the production period is streamlined, with the robot's solid and liquid hydraulic parts being created in one step, according to a university press release. A paper on the research was just accepted to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), which will be held this summer. Gig/Music Lessons15, Notes for Songwriters at Fiverr. How the Navy's orbiting robots will refurbish civilian satellites. As Dr. Darren S. McKnight of Integrity Applications explained during a recent presentation at the 32nd Space Symposium held in Colorado Springs, Colo., this week, every satellite collision could potentially produce hundreds to thousands of debris fragments.

Up to 70% Off Our Daily Deals at a4c. Robots That Know What You're About to Do. Self-driving cars are famously cautious. This is, of course, by design. And it’s part of why Google’s fleet of driverless cars has caused only one (minor) accident over the course of six years and more than 1.4 million miles of autonomous driving. But this fastidiousness is also what fuels skepticism among those who say self-driving cars aren’t ready to share roads with human drivers.

Because human drivers are, well, in addition to being sort of terrible at driving, they’re unpredictable. Coupon 10 Off Code 2016. The Edge / PLP Architecture. Architects Location The Zuidas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Area 40000.0 sqm Project Year 2015 Photographs. Online Swimsuits For All Coupon Codes 30% Off. How else can I save money with Swimsuitsforall Coupons? US Architecture School Bans Styrene as Model Making Material. Supplies Outlet Coupon 15% Code Free Shipping. Open for Data: Developing open, cloud-based data warehouse architectures. Superjeweler Coupon 20% Off Promo Code. The Scarlett Johansson Bot Is the Robotic Future of Objectifying Women. As robotics and 3-D printing technologies become more accessible to home tinkerers, men are (of course) building robots of beautiful women. Petsmart Grooming Coupons $10 Off $60 and $20 Off $100 + Free Shipping on $49+ South Towns Camera Club - Step Out Buffalo. $10 Off $60 and $20 Off $100 + Free Shipping on $49+ at PetSmart.