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Medical Nursing Scrub Suits. Disposable white plastic gloves. 2 disposable arm length gloves. Shoes cover disposable nonwoven shoe cover 1. Healthequipment non contact infra red thermometer. Scrub nurse medical scrubs. Scrubs surgical long sleeves scrubs. Caps surgical caps. Cap Non Woven Bouffant Stretch Dust Cap For Tattoo Cleaning. Reinforced SMS gown easy wearing waterproof anti statics. Gown Isolation gown. Gown Patient gown. Gown No sleeve Patient gown. Mask 3 nonwoven face mask with ties. Beard Cover with Elastic Loop. A beard cover with elastic loop is a. Reinforced SMS Surgical Gowns. Reinforced SMS surgical gowns are made. Disposable White Plastic Gloves - ATS COMMERCIAL TRADING. Surgical Long Sleeve Scrub Suits Sale. Surgical Long Sleeve Scrub Suits are generally worn by medical and surgical personnel in the hospital.

Surgical Long Sleeve Scrub Suits Sale

Scrub suits consist of a scrub top and a pair of pants. Though they are called surgical scrub suits, they are also worn by nurses, radiologists, veterinarian technicians, dentists and dental assistants, and pharmacists. Out of the hospital, professionals in fields like massage therapy and physical therapy also wear scrub suits during working hours. Dental Medical scrub Suits Uniform. Dental Medical scrub Suits Uniform are a general uniform for any professional in a medical or medicine related field like radiology, physical therapy, as well as receptionists and attendants who work in medical institutions and clinics.

Dental Medical scrub Suits Uniform

Despite the similar overall look, scrub suits for different professions have slightly different designs to accommodate for the accessory and mobility needs of that profession. Buy Medical Nursing Scrub Suits For Sale. Globally, Medical Nursing Scrub Suits are the common garment choice in the nursing profession.

Buy Medical Nursing Scrub Suits For Sale

They are versatile and offer the wearer a lot of freedom to move around. This is an advantage in the field of nursing, which involves conducting many minor diagnostic and surgical procedures. With regards to the design, nursing scrub suits are identical to doctor scrubs, as both roles require similar accessories and have to be worn for the same shift duration. Features. ATS COMMERCIAL TRADING COMPANY. Measuring a person’s temperature by Non-contact Thermometer is a great way to assess a person’s health and overall functioning.


But, during a pandemic where careless touches can lead to contamination and infection, a traditional thermometer falls woefully short of the safety parameters that have to be followed to reduce the spread of the virus. The non-contact thermometer is the ideal solution. Non-contact thermometers, also called infrared thermometers, use the thermal radiation being emitted by an object to determine its temperature. These thermometers do not need to touch the user, they simply need to be help near the user’s forehead.

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope. Littmann Stethoscopes are the paragon of quality.

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

One of its products, Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is a preferred diagnostic tool for medical professionals worldwide. Littmann stethoscopes have a variety of features that help them stand out among all other brands. Welch Allyn DuraShock DS54 Family Practice Kit. The Welch Allyn DuraShock DS54 Family Practice Kit is an extremely accurate non-automated sphygmomanometer.

Welch Allyn DuraShock DS54 Family Practice Kit

A product of the well known frontline healthcare brand Welch Allyn, this blood pressure measurement equipment is designed for use on patients throughout their lifetimes, from childhood to old age. The Welch Allyn DuraShock DS54 Family Practice Kit is designed to be used by professional healthcare workers and individuals who are trained in auscultatory blood pressure technique. Features: Different sized cuffs The Welch Allyn DuraShock DS54 Family Practice Kit includes cuffs of three different sizes: Large, Medium and Child. Accurate reading The DuraShock DS54 gage has a reading accuracy guarantee with only a small error range of +/- 3mm Hg. Shock resistant. ATS COMMERCIAL TRADING COMPANY. Disposable Non woven shoes: One of the most overlooked parts of a general kit of personal protective equipment (PPE) is the shoe covers.


If you walk into a contaminated area with your shoes uncovered, there is a good chance that you now have some of the bacteria on the bottom of your shoes, and are now spreading it around as you walk to other places. The only way to prevent this is to invest in good disposable shoe covers. Other than as PPE pieces, disposable shoe covers are also used by cleaners and technical service workers to keep the indoors of the property clean as they do their jobs. Shoe covers are also used when cleaning carpeted floors. They can also double up as storage packing for your shoes, since individual shoe boxes take up too much space. ATS COMMERCIAL TRADING COMPANY. Disposible Arm-length Gloves are one of the most versatile safety apparels.


They are manufactured in a variety of materials, like rubber, vinyl, latex and polyethylene. Regardless of the variety in materials, all gloves have the same essential purpose: to protect the hands from the harmful temperatures, chemicals or bacteria in the environment. In the medical field, gloves are mostly made of latex and polyethylene. That is because these materials are thin and flexible enough to allow for some feeling through the gloves, while still maintaining a sturdy barrier between bacteria and the skin.

HDPE Disposable Plastic Gloves. HDPE Disposable Plastic Gloves: Sanitation products made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) are some of the most versatile products in the hygiene and medical fields.

HDPE Disposable Plastic Gloves

HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer which is sometimes shortened to ‘polythene’. HDPE gloves are one of the most used products in a number of industries: medicine, sanitation, etc. Uses: Food service HDPE gloves are used by almost all workers in the food service industry, regardless of their actual role. Medicine. Get All Types Disposable Facemask at Reasonable Price. Beard Cover with Elastic Loop. A beard cover with elastic loop is a lightweight product made from polypropylene.

Beard Cover with Elastic Loop

The cover is meant to do exactly as its name suggests, i.e. cover the beard. The bear cover is a comfortable and freeing alternative to shaving off the beard entirely. There are two types of beard covers: Regular beard cover. Elastic Face mask with Anti-fog Goggle. Elastic Face mask with Anti-fog Goggle is safety items that protect the face from dirt, pollution and sun rays that are detrimental to the skin. They also protect the wearer from inhaling the harmful bacteria that may be present in the air. Face masks are an efficient filtration system when they are worn the right way. However, people who wear glasses will inevitably face one of the most common problems that arises when trying to wear a face mask and glasses at the same time: foggy lenses. When we wear face masks, the air we breathe out can only be expelled from the mask in one way, i.e. through the space between nose and the cheeks. For people with perfect vision, this is not a problem. Seeing as both the face mask and the glasses and goggles are essential items you can’t go without; it is important to know the ways that you can stop your glasses from fogging up.

Washing your glasses with soap and letting them air dry is one way to prevent fogging. Single Ply Face Mask with Earloops - ATS COMMERCIAL TRADING. Single ply surgical face mask with earloops is made from non-woven fabric to protect the wearer from dust and multiple types of bacteria. These masks have one layer and are extremely lightweight. They are good for daily use, as well as while travelling. 3-Ply Surgical Face Mask. 3-Ply Surgical Face Mask is one of the most effective face masks currently available in the market. These face masks are designed to offer the wearer maximum comfort and protection while breathing. They have three layers: The outermost non-woven layer that is designed to be waterproof.

ATS COMMERCIAL TRADING. No sleeve patient gown is to be worn by patients during sterile and non-sterile procedures. Patients may also have to wear a gown during diagnosis. Disposable SMS patient gowns. Disposable SMS patient gowns are meant to be worn by patients during non-sterile medical procedures and treatments like X-Rays, MRIs and general diagnostic visits. These gowns are designed to prevent spread of microorganisms. When they are worn for testing procedures, it is to ensure that the germs on the patient’s clothes do not contaminate the testing machine. In other cases, these gowns are designed to make providing treatment easier. Features SMS material. ATS COMMERCIAL TRADING COMPANY. Disposable isolation gown is medical apparel used by healthcare workers and patients to prevent transfer of bodily fluid, as well as microorganisms.

Reinforced SMS Surgical Gowns. Reinforced SMS surgical gowns are made out of a non-woven fabric called Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond (SMS). ATS COMMERCIAL TRADING COMPANY. ATS COMMERCIAL TRADING COMPANY.