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Hi, I'm Ebony, a tech communist, love to explore everything new related to technology.

How To Extract Email Addresses From Gmail Account. Your purpose can be anything whether you want to extract a mailing list for sending an important notification regarding your business or you are looking for a particular mail which you received a long back, but today you need that mail to reply back, but now extracting emails has become so easy with Google add-ons Email Address Extractor.

How To Extract Email Addresses From Gmail Account

You can extract a huge list of email addresses in a very short duration. Let’s learn how to use Email Address Extractor 1. Simply open your Gmail Account and go to Google apps showing at the top right corner, click on it and choose Google sheets. When you click on it, Google sheets will get opened where you will choose blank sheet. And a new Google sheet will get opened, you can give appropriate name to the file. 2. Now Email Extractor for Gmail is ready to use, click Continue and start using it. 3. Once you have set the criteria for email extraction, click Start Extractor.

Free Edition & Premium Edition. How To Make Money & Boost Sales With Social Media Marketing. The way of doing business has tremendously changed with the advent of new technologies and social media is one of those technologies that can make your business popular without paying anything.

How To Make Money & Boost Sales With Social Media Marketing

Today, those who do not understand the importance of social media prove unsuccessful in their business. But you must be thinking what is it that makes social media necessary for every business. What actually it can do for us is the question in our mind. Let’s starts with what we can get from social media that would work for our business: Help to make effective business strategies: Through social media, you can track and analyse your competitors, what kind of new products they are introducing with, what type of sales pitch they are applying or are they advertising amazing deals? Facebook: Explose your products with discount coupons: You can create a product gallery on Facebook just by following the instruction on the Social Tools page. Twitter: Google Plus: (Visited 8 times, 8 visits today) Howto Guides, Latest Tech News & Informative Tips. Google Website Translator Plugin For Non-English Visitors. How bad it would be if a user leaves your website just because it was not in his native language.

Google Website Translator Plugin For Non-English Visitors

No doubt that 60% readers are known to English but still a large portion of visitors remains unfamiliar with your website and business who might be your most potential customers if they are able to read about your product and services. Imagine how influential it could be if your website content is readable in multiple languages. There are number of translators available that can do this job in minutes without charging anything. The most popular translators are Google Translate, Altavista, Babelfish and Lycos. But if you need to translate the content in multile languages then you will have to translate the same content multiple times chosing the desired language for e.g. if you want the content in three different (French, German, Spanish) languages then first you will need to enter the content in the translator to translate in French then a gain for German and one more time for Spanish.

How Google Account Can Help You In Number of Ways. There are number of situations when Google Account can help you to come out of trouble where everything proves futile and you are not able to help yourself.

How Google Account Can Help You In Number of Ways

In such situation you look for some other person’s help. But what if you can find your solutions yourself just with little bit of efforts. It usually happens with most of us that we misplace our phone at some place and forget to take it. Unknown Features To Use Gmail Without A Mouse. It’s true, there are some of gmail features that are hidden in back and remains unknown to common users.

Unknown Features To Use Gmail Without A Mouse

Gmail which is the prime source for conversation in almost all of the offices, businesses and companies be it any industry. And where office workers usually spend 2 to 3 hours everyday in just reading and answering emails. It would surely helpful for those workers and they can reduce this time to some extent. Here, I’m going to share some of interesting, easy and time saving tricks that would make you more productive and efficient in handling gmail conversation. Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcut. How To Switch Between Multiple Gmail Accounts. It generally happens with all of us that we have to use multiple gmail accounts to work for different tasks and projects and most of the time we need to access all the accounts simultaneously at the same time which becomes little difficult for us, however Google has already given an option of add account that enables us to access multiple accounts and with this option there is a default account and rest accounts remains associated with it.

How To Switch Between Multiple Gmail Accounts

But there is another way out to get the same thing done which can save a little time for you. This option is of bookmark which is almost known by all internet users. A bookmark is a saved shortcut that helps you access your favourite web pages easily. However, almost all major browsers have this option but may be in a different format or layout. For e.g. in Chrome and Mozilla you can find your bookmarks in an open window while in Safari it appears in a list in the sidebar of the browser window. Howto Guides, Latest Tech News & Informative Tips.