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Video Marketing. Summer camp at Kids in the Game. Upper West Side Summer Camp. Camp Administration Matt has spent the past several years building Kids in the Game (KING) into one of the most impactful sports based youth development organizations in the country, working with over 20,000 youth and 60+ schools last year.

Upper West Side Summer Camp

In 2018, New York University awarded Matt with the Lalia Rach Profile in Excellence Award for his commitment and innovation within NYC's communities. Matt is active in the social impact and entrepreneurial circles as both a contributor and council member of Nationswell, Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC), and Echoing Green Direct Impact. Matt's work has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Inc, and Huffington Post and has been named one of the 'Top 48 Entrepreneurs to Watch in NYC'.

Under Matt's leadership, KING was also recently named to the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list (#1188) and was one of the youngest CEO's at 29 to be named. Atola Visuals Film Production Company San Francisco. Sony Releases the World’s Smallest and Lightest Premium Contact Camera: Sony RX0 II Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and crushproof – if these are your camera demands, no need to look further than the Sony RX0 II premium compact camera.

Sony Releases the World’s Smallest and Lightest Premium Contact Camera: Sony RX0 II

Sony officially announced the RX0 II, which is set to ship this month. Promo Online Video Production Agency. The Best Seven 360 Cameras. Many photographers and filmmakers and have expressed great interest in creating content that offers 360-degree views and the potential to deal with elements of the virtual reality to develop future-oriented, dynamic environments.

The Best Seven 360 Cameras

For the average consumer, a 360-degree camera provides an incredibly efficient way to capture memories more detailed and vivid than a photo could ever be! Many who enjoy an adventure in nature and other types of travels have begun to use 360 camera technology to document their travels with an extended documentation. Here are the lists of seven best 360 cameras. Samsung Gear 360 This high-resolution option from Samsung is lightweight, durable and provides an alternative control option with two opposing lenses that capture videos of 180 degrees each, which then become 360 degrees after the cut. The 25.9 MP photos make this an outstanding option, and the video is recorded in a vibrant resolution of 3840 x 1920 at 30 frames per second. San Francisco Video Production Companies.

Filmmaker Collection With Moment Lens! Moment does it again!

Filmmaker Collection With Moment Lens!

You all saw my review for the Smooth Q gimbal here. Why I believe that gimbal took the market by storm was because mobile phones are becoming the new norm for shooting great film! Pair your gimbal up with some Moment lenses and now you’ve got a full on cinematic setup that will keep you shooting in the most convenient way. As most would agree these days, if it’s not mobile, we probably don’t want it. Social Media Video Creator. Atola visuals film production company san francisco. San Francisco Video Production Companies. Atola visuals promo online marketing video maker. GoPro Hero 6 - Same Build as the 5, but Fully Revamped on the Inside. When it comes to action cameras, GoPro has gone beyond viral.

GoPro Hero 6 - Same Build as the 5, but Fully Revamped on the Inside

In less than a year the GoPro Hero 5 was released, and now here comes the release of GoPro Hero 6. Starting with the amazing image stabilization and the integration of a new processor capable of providing image quality in 4K / UHD / 60p and Full HD in 240p. The new action cam is also equipped with superb image stabilization. Shop Now One of the innovations of the GoPro Hero 6 is the first self-developed processor named GP1. Fortunately, the Hero6 offers something even more important to image quality: vastly improved image stabilization heavily involved in the system.

Appearance Not surprisingly, the GoPro Hero 6 Black keeps the case of its previous version. In fact, it is fascinating not to have to change accessories to use this camera. Social Media Video Creator. Atola Visuals social media video creator. The Smartphone Photo Editing Apps You Need To Try. Smartphone camera quality has improved over all the years they’ve existed.

The Smartphone Photo Editing Apps You Need To Try

Nowadays you can find smartphones with incredible camera features. The Pixel 2 has insane low-light capabilities. The iPhone X has crazy zoom and dual rear cameras for beautiful portrait shots. With all these upgrades, smartphone photography has been blowing up in 2018. And there are tons of tricks to improve your “phone-tography” game, from knowing basic composition, to understanding how to utilize your phone’s camera settings. Promotional Video Production Company. Atola Visuals Promotional Video Production Company. Sony's New 135mm F1.8 G Master Lens. Sony just announced a new lens and claims it to be a bokeh machine!

Sony's New 135mm F1.8 G Master Lens

We’re super pumped for this new telephoto lens because who doesn’t want perfectly spherical bokeh? Creamy and delicious shots will melt hearts of many eyes and you can better believe we’ll be following up on a real-world review for this soon. Here’s the neat and skinny of it all: When it comes to needing fast autofocus, we’re always counting on Sony to deliver, just as they did with the new autofocus technology in theirA6400.

I’m going to bet that this lens adds a much needed length to capture stunning portraits and awesome detail for sports or nature photography. Here are some sample images straight from Sony Pricing The FE 135mm F1.8 GM will ship in late April 2019 for approximately $1,900 USD. Social Media Video Promotors. Battle of the Phone Gimbals: Osmo Mobile 2 vs. Smooth 4 vs. Mini-MI. I’m here today with the best and the worst of phone gimbals.

Battle of the Phone Gimbals: Osmo Mobile 2 vs. Smooth 4 vs. Mini-MI

Online Video Production Agency San Francisco. Online Promotional Video Maker. Social Media Video Creator. Atola visuals production company. Getting Mini With It: Mini Tripod Comparison. When you’re a vlogger, no matter whether you shoot with a GoPro, phone, mirrorless, or DSLR camera, you should never underestimate what your vlog camera is mounted on—that’s where the mini tripod comes in.

Getting Mini With It: Mini Tripod Comparison

Since vloggers are more than likely to set up their own cameras, mini tripods are key to a quick and easy setup. I’ve come up with the four best mini tripod options, some more beneficial than the others depending on your specific payload and shooting style. Manfrotto Pixi The Manfrotto Pixi mini tripod has been my go-to tripod for the past year now. I loved the limited edition art design, and I had to get it. This mini tripod is great for holding and walking, setting down for low angles, or just for setting on a table for a simple sit-down vlog setup. Polar Pro Trippler The Polar Pro Trippler has a feature I was searching for—a center column that extends. You can also change the ball head to use portrait mode. PatekFly Flexi This tripod definitely rings in as the most fun. Promo Online Video Production Agency San Francisco.