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Atlas Technologies

Manufacturer of asphalt plant and mixer. Also concrete plant product. Our exporter and supplier team support you for buying any plants.

Bitumen pressure distributor. We have quality bitumen pressure distributors for sale for customers in various capacities ranging from 4 tons storage to 12 tons tank capacity.

Bitumen pressure distributor

These spraying equipment is mounted on truck and is ideal for uniform spraying of bitumen on the road before the laying of asphalt takes place. Size of the tank which stores and heats bitumen is available up to 12 tons capacity. So you can run your sprayer without worrying about refuelling the tank again and again. The customer need not buy a new vehicle for fitting the bitumen sprayer. Atlas can customize the sprayer chassis as per the suitable vehicle chassis selected by the customer. The spraying of asphalt can be set as per your requirement and the truck speed so that you achieve constant and uniform spraying from the tar sprayer. Key components are engine, air compressor, bitumen pump, burner, spray nozzles fitted on spray bar, storage tank for bitumen, hand burner, etc.

Engine is of reputed make, preferably Kirloskar or Eicher. Asphalt plant: 60-90 tph in Philippines. Photo Gallery Details. Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturers. We manufacture asphalt mixing plants – drum type in capacities 40 tph to 120 tph.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturers

Capacities above 120 tph are available on request. Our plants are designed for those contractors who are looking for a reliable machine which can serve them for years to come. These plants are ideal for road contractors who want to make high volumes of hot mix asphalt without compromising on the quality factor. Stationary asphalt mix plant means that the customer will station the plant at one place and forget it. The plant by Atlas will then endlessly serve the customer with high volumes. 370409518. Photo Gallery Details. View photo gallery for Mobile hot mix plant of 60-90 tph in Oman Click image to view bigger size.

Photo Gallery Details

Tar Sprayers - Bitumen Sprayer - Atlas Industries. Photo Gallery Details. Asphalt mixing plant manufacturer. Atlas has one concrete solution for customers who are looking for quality mobile asphalt plant for sale.

asphalt mixing plant manufacturer

Capacities we manufacture are 40-60 tph, 60-90 tph and 90-120 tph. These plants are ideal for contractors who have to frequently shift sites as these plants can be started in quick time. Our plants include key features that make them the right choice for you. - Economical to setup and run. - Fast installation and commissioning. - No or less foundation required. - Each chassis is prewired with junction box - Foldable legs, safety lights, pneumatic braking and king pin on each chassis. - Option to integrate space for generator into chassis.

Our aim is to understand the requirements of the customer rather than offering them any product. The customer should know the available features and be able to utilize the portable hot mix plant to its fullest. The feeding unit of the mobile asphalt mixing plant is on a strong and sturdy chassis driven by one axle. Photo Gallery Details. Portable asphalt plant for sale. For road projects that require small asphalt plants, Atlas has a very effective solutions for the same. Our MDM 25 plant is of rated capacity 20-30 tph and its small and compact size makes it ideal for small jobs. As a quality portable asphalt plant manufacturers we have tried to make a smal and compact plant which would be easy for the contractor to assemble, disassemble and start quickly. Many times there are frequent job shifts and the production required is not that that but the real pain that customers face is the mobility and installation.

Photo Gallery Details. Wet mix macadam plant. ​Atlas wet mix macadam plant is designed for road contractors who are every looking for a strong and reliable machine for their important construction projects.

Wet mix macadam plant

Each component is designed with precision and care to ensure that customer enjoys the functioning and utilizes the plant to maximum. Available in capacities 100 tph, 160 tph and 200 tph the contractor has wide options to go as per his project requirement. Our plant will help customers make homogenous mix of base or sub base layers before laying of hot mix asphalt. The standard wet mix plant come with components like cold aggregate feeders, vibrating screen , conveyor with load cell, pug mill mixer, load out conveyor, silo or hopper, water tank and control panel inside control cabin. It is also possible to supply plant with cement addition facility and for that, the plant will come with cement hopper and cement silo for addition of cement directly into the pug mill.

Cement silo comes in various capacities. Bitumen drum melting unit India. Bitumen decanter equipment from Atlas is a robust equipment designed for reliable and smooth operation.

Bitumen drum melting unit India

There are many areas where logistics of bitumen is a big issue. Many contractors face hurdles related to the availability of bitumen at site. Asphalt mixing plant manufacturer. Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturers. Asphalt mixing plant manufacturer. Portable asphalt plant for sale. Photo Gallery Details. Drummed bitumen decanting machine. Reliable and efficient design of Atlas bitumen drum decanters are ideal for melting bitumen at sites where bitumen is not available in liquid form or where bitumen is only available in the form of drums. These machines are developed keeping in mind the practical aspects of melting asphalt at construction site with less or no facility and also for places which are very remote.

It will help you get tension free as far as melting, storage and reheating of bitumen packed in drums is considered. If you already have an asphalt plant, and are getting bitumen in drums, you can use the bitumen decanter to melt bitumen and store liquid bitumen in the space provided in the machine itself. This liquid bitumen can be transferred to your bitumen tanks in the asphalt plant as the integration is very easy. You can even transfer the liquid bitumen to bitumen tanks to take away to another site or to bitumen distributors. Heating is by use of thermic fluid system with automatic burner. Photo Gallery Details.