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Atlas Studios

Atlas Studios is a full service marketing agency and consulting firm based in Rhode Island with local business divisions in various areas around the US.

Printing advertising textiles - you will be remembered in a beautiful way. Refining promotional items with high-quality textile printing is becoming increasingly popular.

Printing advertising textiles - you will be remembered in a beautiful way

After all, it has rarely been easier to round off textiles with your own company logo, photos or a funny slogan. With this little revolution in textile printing it is possible to print almost all colors of the rainbow on a promotional item. With almost unlimited joy of color, you can show which club, company or which memories your heart really beats for. The pricing for this product experience is extremely customer-friendly and is based on the selected edition of your promotional items. Excellent wash resistance, *Our selected T-Shirt- offer for you * No matter whether you have pants, shirts, soft shell jackets, long-sleeved shirts, tracksuits or gloves would like to sign with your personal message - we will print, embroider or flock your advertising textiles in outstanding product quality.

If desired, this can also be achieved with a photo-realistic print that amazes the viewer. LOCAL MARKETING STRATEGY: 3 TIPS TO IMPROVE IT! - Bioimagingcore Q&A. Developing an ambitious and successful business strategy today undoubtedly requires a global strategy.


First of all with a digital policy which must be conquering and inspired, in tune with technological developments? On the other hand, with the development of a modern relational marketing plan which is anchored in the locality to retain a more demanding and more versatile clientele. This last point is one of the recurring issues likely to slow down business development. How to improve your local marketing strategy?

Here are three tips to follow to effectively organize the strategy of your point of sale network. 1. First tip: you should first regularly organize your point of sale. Personalized customer servicesWelcome coffeeProduct tastingThe organization of events, etc. Of course, this approach is only the BA-BA, it is necessary to show creativity and originality. Second tip: developing your Local Business Marketing in Rhode Island involves organizing destocking. 2. 3. OPTIMIZE THE PAGES OF YOUR SITE IN 5 STEPS WITH SEO: Home: atlasstudios. Is it true that search engines are learning to read the pages of a site in an increasingly "human" way?


Absolutely yes. This does not mean that they have stopped enjoying optimized content! Writing in SEO is still important and we can help Google & Co. find our site more easily. Do you want to know how? Discover the 5 steps to optimize your pages with SEO in this article! The URL of a page is the first element that search engines read. Each of your pages or articles must contain at least one reference keyword, to be used several times in the text. Insert the keyword in the title;divide the text into paragraphs;use heading tags (subtitles, ranging from <h1></h1> to <h6></h6>);use the keyword in at least one subtitle (possibly the first one);use markers such as bold and italic;maintain an indicative keyword density of 1-3%;use synonyms;write short sentences;Write for people and not for search engines.

Many of these "rules" have a very positive effect on reading. WORDPRESS SITES: 4 ELEMENTS (UNDERVALUED) THAT CANNOT BE MISSING. WordPress has made creating websites very easy.


This means that more and more people are trying to independently develop their online presence. When we take over a site created by others, we often notice the lack of some fundamental elements. What is it about? What are the things that a website in WordPress must have at all costs? Read on to find out! Do we still need to talk about the importance of the SSL certificate ? Depending on the business, you can opt for free or paid certificates , with expenses often less than a hundred dollar per year. Search engines report sites that are not equipped with the HTTPS protocol in a clear and alarming way for the user. The unexpected also happens online. The safest solution is to set up a periodic backup system . In the event of a cyber attack, data loss or human error, you can download the backup copy you need and use it to restore your website.

A simple to configure WordPress plugin that handles backups very well is BackWPup . Security Cameras and Alarm Systems Installation in Chicago. Security cameras are a vital part of any business because they allow you to keep an eye on your livelihood and to make sure nothing happens to them.

Security Cameras and Alarm Systems Installation in Chicago

If something happens, then you have the security camera footage to help you fix the problems and catch the people who are causing them. Modern security camera systems have many features that allow security to reach new heights. One of the most beneficial features of today's security camera systems is that found in Chicago, detecting missing objects. Detection of How does missing object detection work? Missing object detection is exactly what it sounds like, a security camera feature that can detect when an item in its field of vision is deleted or missing. Where this technology excels: Missing object detection is ideal for security camera applications that monitor things at night, such as warehouses or storage areas, or areas containing many valuables, such as your expensive conference room projector . Theft prevention at service stations.