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Atico Export

Advance Technocracy Inc is worked for their brand Atico Export, which is a trustable lab equipment supplier in India.

Lab Equipment Service Providers. Atico is the world’s well known flamboyant manufacturing and exporting company.

Lab Equipment Service Providers

We deal in making Science and Engineering equipment and instruments using very fine quality raw materials. We are spreading our Business in all over the world and we are famous due to the high quality products manufacturers. Our business has covered more than thirty countries and target to achieve occurrence in whole world. Concrete Testing Equipment Suppliers. Instrument to Measure Humidity. Photostability Test Chamber. Test Chambers are a vital part of the Research and Science Laboratory Enrichment Center.

Photostability Test Chamber

There are hundreds and more test chambers which can be easily reconfigured and recycled to form another new test chamber. These lab test chambers are resemblance to a hospital with its sterile environment because Environmental tests are used to verify a piece of equipment can withstand the rigors of harsh. Aggregate Testing Equipment Supplies. Construction Equipment Trader. Multi Viewing Microscope. Microscope plays a vital role in the field of science and medical filed.

Multi Viewing Microscope

Here we are describing some important uses of Microscopes in the field of healthcare. In dental clinics, Dentists need this instrument to get the analyse and diagnose the teeth problem. To magnification clearly microscope is required essentially. They can provide better treatment when they observed properly if they find the problem in a better way so it is needed very much. Elementary Science Supplies. Civil Engineering Instruments and Equipment Manufacturer.

Research Lab Equipment Manufacturer. Atico Export is the ardent and famous manufacturers and suppliers of many Research Lab Equipment and Instruments.

Research Lab Equipment Manufacturer

We build our products with very fine quality that’s why we are well known in international market as well. We are preeminent exporters and traders who is spreading their business around whole world and covered more than 30 countries till yet. Let’s know about the product categories of Research Lab Supply we are offering to our consumers. This range is so vast in which some of them can be specified here. The huge range of Clean Room Equipment is available for customers which include Portable Clean Room, Clean Room Pass Boxes Static, Clean Room Pass Boxes Dynamic, Ceiling Suspended Vertical Laminar Flow, Laminar Flow Bench Horizontal Fully Automatic, Clean Air System Exporter, A.C. Humidity Control Cabinet Suppliers, their price in House, Basement Humidity products are available here with low rates. Mathematics Laboratory Instruments.

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Mathematics Laboratory Instruments

To + Search friends. Communication Lab Trainer Equipment. Advanced Technocracy Inc. is an Indian Company which was established to designs, manufactures science lab training instruments, laboratory training equipment and educational training equipment for educational departments.

Communication Lab Trainer Equipment

We are committed to provide the most comprehensive development, support and services to our valued customers in India and abroad as well. The product range we provide for development people like Defense Lab, National Research Lab, Corporate R&D Setups and in institutional product ranges, we are offering lab setup for Bio- Medical Instrumentation Lab, Advance Digital Lab, VLSI Lab, Control Lab, Embedded Lab, Virtual Instrumentation Lab, DSP Lab for various Technical Institutes, Engineering Colleges, Science Colleges, Polytechnics. Educational Equipment Trainer. Atico export assists in providing Technical Education Equipment over 61 years worldwide.

Educational Equipment Trainer

We are the supplier and manufacturer of the immense collection of Technical Lab instruments which is particularly used in Engineering. Our head office is located in Ambala Cantt. Atico is a world-renowned brand name in manufacturing of science lab equipment. We provides complete range of all products related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs. Atico offers a broad range of equipment for Business, Career and computer Programs. The price of our instruments is 100% reasonable. Atico Export will be pleased to give quick response to customer’s queries. Apparatus Chemistry Laboratory. Testing Machine Universal Specification. Measuring Instruments for Weather.

Atico is Industrial Science Lab equipment manufacturer and providers.

Measuring Instruments for Weather

We provide a wide range of basic instruments service at low cost and high quality standards. Different laboratory equipment are made by using superior raw materials for School Laboratories, Engineering Colleges and Vocational training etc. We sound worldwide for our products. Atico is exporting their goods among more than 30 countries. The key goal of our team is to satisfy the consumers and feel like to use standard materials. Lab Testing Machine for Sale. Equipment Supplier. A variety of products that are used in science laboratory to perform scientific experiments is called laboratory glassware.

Equipment Supplier

These instruments are often made of glass. It is very common but the most important part of chemistry and biology laboratories. The most famous glass types that are preferred in labs are borosilicate glass, soda lime glass, pioneered by Otto Schott etc. We use glass in the laboratory because it having some common and famous qualities like heat-resistant, transparent, relatively inert, and easy to customise. We need glassware products because it is used for making this equipment according to its requirement or for the purpose for which it is designed. When the term 'chemistry’ we heard or read anywhere then there are many things come to our mind are of the periodic table, test tubes, Spatula, Retort Clamp, Voltmeter Copper, Filter Pump, molecules or Watch Glasses. Physics Equipment Modern Laboratory.

We are a popular Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturer and offer the best services for the clientele specifications.

Physics Equipment Modern Laboratory

We export all kind of scientific consignments that cater client’s standard and requirements. Heat Transfer Lab Equipment Supplier. List of Medical Device Companies. Hospital Furniture is become more important for its role in the field of Medical Science along with modern equipment such as: Oil Heating Electric Simulator, Wheel Chair Fixed Commode, Stretcher Trolley, Revolving Stool, Oxygen Cylinder Trolley, Over bed Table, Operation Table (Hydraulic), Operation and Examination Table etc. Apart from common furniture directly related to patients and health care providers like hospital beds, hospital cart and stands, ward furniture, hospital cabinet, bedside tables.

These instruments not help the surgeons to perform critical surgery but also make patients feel comfortable for his/her safety. Microscope Parts for Laboratory​ Technical Education Equipment Suppliers. In present time, Science and Technology play a vital role in all over the world. In order to understand its concept, it is important for schools to have the modern technique and high quality lab supplies to teach in the classroom.

The knowledge that students gain about any field would be ineffectual unless they actually observe the process and understand the relationship between action and reaction. Laboratories used for scientific research take many forms because of the different requirements of specialists in the various fields of science and engineering. Students learn many further categories related to technical education from school and colleges. Some fields are given below: Modern Equipment for Physics Laboratory. Embed this Item Keyboard Shortcuts Timeline SShuffle JNext KPrevious FFancy AAdd to List CComment HShare EnterView Thing. Atico Export — Laboratory Equipment Services. Manufacturing Industry of Laboratory Equipment – Atico Export-Lab Equipment Services.

In present time, a vast range of industries use laboratories, whether for testing, research, product design or manufacture. As we know that in this modern era, schools, colleges have their own lab where they teach their students many fundamentals and techniques to make them brilliant by providing them practical knowledge.