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Athulya Assisted Living

Athulya Assisted Living offers the ideal senior living atmosphere for elders who seek independence during their elderhood. Become a part of the compassionate and fun-living community.

Caring for the Elders During Lockdown. The pandemic of coronavirus has put the entire world into a turbulent mode and people everywhere are in a panic over its looming threat.

Caring for the Elders During Lockdown

With an unprecedented lockdown declared in many places, one of the population groups that get the most affected is that of the senior community. With the rising number of cases of this dangerous virus, both the physical, social and psychological health of elders calls for immediate attention and must be necessarily prioritized. The aging population is more vulnerable to infections and epidemics with decreasing body immunity and comorbidities. Therefore, social distancing assumes paramount importance now to avoid calamities. Aerobic Exercises For Seniors – Everything You Should Know. Treatment and Prevention of Delirium in Seniors. Delirium is a disorder that upsets a person’s thought process and concentration on any subject.

Treatment and Prevention of Delirium in Seniors

Delirium in older adults can be fluctuating and goes unrecognized in 32-64% of elderly patients. It is often seen in 10-40%.of the seniors at the time of their hospital admission. This may continue for a long time and become a life-threatening situation if immediate evaluation and treatment are not given. If left untreated, delirium in older adults may result in sensory or cognitive impairment and even coma or death. 5 Crucial Problems Faced by Today’s Senior Citizens. Post Operative Care for the Elderly. Importance of Socialization in Seniors and the Ways to Nurture It.

The need for a healthy relationship is essential at any age and relationships come at its own cost.

Importance of Socialization in Seniors and the Ways to Nurture It

The cost of taking effort, time, dedication and commitment. Not just relationships that span between the bloodline but the importance of societal relationship in life could not be emphasized further. However, it is a fact that the health of any relationship tends to fade as we age and there are many factors that deter the strength of bonds. And these factors, too, change as we age. Best Protein Supplements For Senior Citizens. Why Companionship is Important - How it Can Be Restored in Elderly Lives. Everything said and done, we all need somebody.

Why Companionship is Important - How it Can Be Restored in Elderly Lives

Of course, the topic of whether a person needs a relationship or not has the potential to endure for eternity. There are people who are for it and also those who are against it. But everything said and done, we all need relationships like we need food and water. In fact, sometimes life can feel fulfilled and contented if there is someone for you to count on and lean on.

If there is anyone who is against the relationships, they might have experienced something they did not quite want or like in their previous relationship. Again, the term relationship does not only mean the bond between a man and a woman. Role played by Vitamin C in Healthy Aging. The Role of Caregiver in an Assisted Living Facility. The beauty of life is that it has a way of grace.

The Role of Caregiver in an Assisted Living Facility

A slow and steady pace in which it strides, we do not even realize when we were kids and have grown and are already in the senior citizens’ club. When we see elderly people, we think they are growing old. But the fact is that we all are growing old and all it takes it to make us realize is that time. You born, grow up and finishes college and got married to the love of your life. 4 Effective Ways Seniors Can Improve Companionship. Assisted Living vs Home-stay – Comparison. As you grow older, the constant worry is about taking care of yourself.

Assisted Living vs Home-stay – Comparison

Will it be right to stay at home, all by yourself, with or without from your family? Or is it better if you opt for an assisted living facility? - This is the million-dollar question running in the minds of most seniors. Are these assisted living facilities comfortable and convenient for elders? Do they offer better facilities that cannot be acquired at home, like 24/7 nursing assistance or regular doctor visit for seniors? Reside Independently Together in a Wholesome Set-up.

Athulya Assisted Living - The Right Place for "Living it Right" Winter Vacations - A Time to Enjoy and Spend with Your Grandchildren. 3 Best Tips for Seniors to Face Winter. Winter is coming!

3 Best Tips for Seniors to Face Winter

We get it. It is probably the most clichest way to start this blog but we had to use it. Not for the sake of cliche but for the sake of context. Just as the characters from the popular television show ‘Game of Thrones’ got themselves ready for the winter war, this is the time everyone gets ready for the season by unfolding their sweaters, warming up their beds and summoning all the skin and body care products. All the hype aside, winter is not that bad for youngsters and they can easily jump over this natural hurdle. This is the season that provides a perfect condition for the likes of flu, dry skin, joint pains, cold sores, and the list goes on until the season end unless if you provide the right care for the elderly.

Here are the 3 ways you could help your elders in tackling the winter provoked health conditions. 1. Colder days can be really difficult for the older people. Roots are the way - Winter is not season for your favorite veggies and fruits. 2. Assisted Living Facilities in your Neighbourhood. Technology - An Influential Aspect of Senior Living. Technology has transformed the lives of all it has touched and this includes aged elders.

Technology - An Influential Aspect of Senior Living

Senior-friendly gadgets are flooding the market and there is an overwhelming response for assistive devices for seniors. The senior care industry in India is currently estimated at Rs.20,000 crores and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%. Importance of Short Stays in Assisted Living. Olive Oil and the Health of Senior Citizens. The term ‘Oil’ has a certain reputation.

Olive Oil and the Health of Senior Citizens

Few say it is the least ingredient that you should consider to eat to be in good health and a few say it should be part of your regular diet. But the fact is our body needs its daily dose of oil and the good or bad effect of it is determined by the kind of oil one uses and the amount of it. Also, oil is the significant factor that causes or prevents chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. Out of many grains, seeds and fruits that give oil, olive oil is considered as the most rich mono-saturated fatty oil source. Olive fruit is considered as the love of Europeans and there are many reasons for them to love this fruit. Devices for Independent Living Seniors. Senior Citizen Achiever - Colonel Sanders. When you are past 60, all one thinks of is to hang up the boots and lie on the reclining chair.

Senior Citizen Achiever - Colonel Sanders

Most elders can only of retirement, pension and senior care. But not all of them. There are some senior citizen achievers who dared to defy the rule and made it big only in their autumn years. Here is the story of one such senior citizen achiever who achieved success, only past his prime, at the ripe age of 65. Yes, that inspiring senior citizen achiever is Colonel Sanders – the owner of KFC. Baby Boomers – Pioneers Of A New Generation. Independent Senior Living Facility Crafted for Senior Well-Being. 4 Ultimate Benefits of Singing for Seniors. The beauty of life is that after living a long-stretched life, when you turn back and see, all it shows is the moments of your happiness.

It would not care about the struggles you underwent and the sorrows that made you crumble. This is one of the reasons why one has to see the bright side of anything and everything that comes in their way. The true pursuers of happier life follow the rule of experiencing every moment that comes their way, irrespective their physical condition. In fact, pursuing something that keeps you happy is the wisest thing you could do in life. The best moments of anyone’s life would the ones when they forgot themselves while dancing, painting, reading and singing. In this blog, we will focus on singing and how it helps elderly finding their purpose again in life.

Sing for a Happier You - If you could closely listen to a happy person, he would sing or hum a song as an expression of his happiness. Not just that! 5 Ways to Ensure Your Parents are Not Feeling Lonely. Saving for Retirement to Lead a Happy Life. All elders look forward to spending the retirement phase comfortably and purposefully. Naturally, they would like to choose a lifestyle that enables a hassle-free life after retirement.

For achieving that, they must pay attention to several aspects from being fit to making routine adjustments, and having financial stability while making most and enjoying the newly found free time. To make a smoother transition to retired life, it is better that seniors organize their funds well in advance so that they can well plan the days ahead. It is also advisable they gradually decrease their spending in the lead time available before retirement for making quicker adaptations. Significance of Music Therapy in Senior Health. Elderly Fall Prevention Equipments. Therapeutic Recreation for Seniors – The Types the Benefits – ATHULYA ASSISTED LIVING. Health checkups at regular intervals, increased doctor appointments and nursing assistance at various daily activities become an integral part of elderly living as they advance in age.

Even though all these healthcare aspects play an important role in keeping the elderly lives in their best health, having to deal with doctors, nurses and medicines, all the time, can be extremely tiring for the elderly. As a caregiver, you need to understand this well in advance before your senior becomes a rebellion. This is the reason many assisted living facilities and independent senior living homes employ therapeutic recreational programs for the seniors.

These recreational therapy programs are designed in such a way that they maintain a perfect balance between healthy living and happy living. Dining at Assisted Living Facilities. 4 Raw Recipes for Seniors. Eating well is an integral part of healthy aging particularly as seniors need additional energy and strength for doing their activities. Most often, these older individuals also suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes and heart ailments making it inevitable to take sufficient precaution on the diet consumed. Though calorie needs reduce with age, the nutrient requirements of elders remain the same or perhaps increase. Hence, seniors must plan and eat nutritious meals daily. Plant-based diets for seniors offer a promising solution to this challenge. Best Hangout Spot in Chennai for Seniors. Old age does not mean one should stop enjoying the pleasures of life. Even aged seniors feel like taking a break out of their mundane routine and do something different like touring or exploring new areas of interest.

For such adventurous elders, there are a number of places to see in Chennai. Understanding the longing of elders to explore new places, even senior living communities have started organizing one-day trips in and around the city. How Technology Empowers Assisted Living. How Neglect can Push your Senior Parents into Depression – ATHULYA ASSISTED LIVING. The aging population is exploding rapidly and is expected to nearly double by 2050.

Older adults are an integral part of society. They make incredible contributions as family members, volunteers, mentors, guides and even continue to be active participants in the workforce these days. Ensure Your Parents are Not Feeling Lonely. How Technology Empowers Assisted Living. Assisted Living in Chennai. Spine Friendly Exercises for Seniors. Athulya Assisted Living Second Anniversary. Significance of Art Therapy in Senior Health. Quarter 1 Newsletter 2019. The Responsibilities of Clinical Assistants in Assisted Living Facilities. Facilities and Amenities. Therapeutic Recreation for Seniors – The Types the Benefits. Importance of Group Activities for Seniors. What is Senior Living like at Athulya. Introduction to Respite Care. Assisted Living Facilities.

Mentoring - Emerging Skill of Seniors. Perks of Trying Assisted Living. Imagery Technique for Seniors. All of us face several stressful situations throughout our lives which may be attributed to minor annoyances or serious concerns. Irrespective of the cause, stress impacts the body and floods it with hormones thereby affecting our health. Seniors are no exception to this. With the growing aging population and increased lifespan worldwide, there is a strong need for focusing on the well-being of elders and taking suitable measures to maintain their health by reducing stress. In fact, various forms of senior care including elderly senior living home services focus on the importance of healthy aging by adopting various stress management methods.

This benefits the older generation to lead a better quality of life by Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which stress management can be achieved in elderly people. Basics of Imagery Technique: Imagery Technique can be perceived as a form of guided meditation. Know More About Assisted Living. Why I Love Athulya Assisted Living.

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Family Health and Fitness Day. Significance of Adult Vaccination for a Healthy Living. Millets and its Benefits for Seniors. 4 Stress Relieving Techniques. 4 Factors to Consider in Nutrition Planning for Seniors.