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Democracy 2 The key to the game are the policy 'sliders' that let you adjust how your government runs. You can raise or lower taxes with a slider, or even adjust education policy, or workers rights in exactly the same way. This system makes for a game that is easy to learn and difficult to master. Democracy 2 covers the whole range of political opinion and policy, from debates over stem cell research and school prayer, through the provision of state health care and benefit payments to the unemployed, right across to tax shelters for the wealthy, the death penalty, military spending and civil rights. regardless of where you stand on political topics, you will have the option to take control of the political machine and put your ideology to the test. Democracy 2
Informatist Once you've registered, we have guides to tell you what to do and how to play. It would be good if you could spend some time reading them before you plunge headlong into the game. These guides will just show you the way and it will be easier to keep out of certain pitfalls. Informatist
Karma Tycoon
ElectroCity Everyone likes instructions, right? Just think up a city name and declare yourself Mayor. Check out what other great leaders have built and rate them. If you’re a school teacher, you can to register so your students’ cities can be registered to and searched for by your school name. Load saved game