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Alien Skin Exposure X3 review - Life after Photoshop. Alien Skin Exposure X3 Pros Beautiful analog effects Upgraded organising tools Powerful manual controls Cons A little pricier than rivals RAW processing good but not great No smart collections Alien Skin has announced Exposure X3, the latest version of its all in one photo cataloguing, editing, enhancement and effects software.

Alien Skin Exposure X3 review - Life after Photoshop

Exposure X3 is designed not just to provide everyday photo enhancements, but also to recreate the powerful and evocative look of classic analog photography, simulating classic films and darkroom techniques, as well as grain, vignettes, textures, borders and light leaks. It can also work as a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom, but it’s in the standalone app’s organisation tools that Alien Skin has made some of its biggest strides, with Collections, keywords and a side-by-side mode for comparing images. Exposure X3 can transform workaday digital photos into much richer and more evocative images with film simulation, bokeh effects and powerful adjustment tools. Verdict. Review: Alien Skin Exposure X3. Creative photo editor and organizer. Alien Skin Exposure X3 : enfin le catalogage - Le Monde de la Photo. Lightroom to Wordpress Publish Service. One is to use the LR/Blog Lightroom Plugin, which I’ve used for several years and written about before.

Lightroom to Wordpress Publish Service

But there’s a new option that makes use of Lightroom’s very useful Publish Service functionality. Its key feature is that it allows you synchronize the version of a photo in Lightroom with the version in WordPress. That can be infinitely useful for managing metadata like titles and captions, if you decide to tweak the processing of your photo, or if you change your watermark by, say, updating to the current year or a new design. The plugin/service has been created by app developer Jordy Meow and it’s called WP/LR Sync. There’s a one-week free trial. WordPress Plugin There are two parts to getting this running. Once you activate the WordPress plugin, there’s not much else on the WordPress side. Lightroom Plugin All of the settings are handled from within Lightroom. It’s here that you enter the login info for your WordPress site. Uploading to WordPress Inserting Images into a Post Wrap-Up. WP/LR Sync – Meow Apps Store. WP/LR Sync is the Lightroom Publish Service for WordPress.

WP/LR Sync – Meow Apps Store

It exports your photos to WordPress, the folders and collections you have set in Lightroom. And it keeps it all synchronized. Any changes applied to your photos (post-processing, metadata, watermark, etc…), to your folders, or collections will trigger a re-publish. More information about WP/LR Sync (introduction, tutorial, etc…) is available here: WP/LR Sync. Yearly & Lifetime The Yearly Standard license is recommended, as it fits most users, and as it is also best for the developer in the long run.

Trial & Refund Buy it, try it. 95% of my users actually love it right away! Apprendre Lightroom : 16 tutoriels gratuits pour apprendre à traiter vos photos. Utiliser Lightroom. Dans Lr Classic, la vitesse d’importation a été améliorée au point que la copie de fichiers et la création d’aperçus se fait dorénavant en même temps, ce qui n’est pas le cas de Lightroom CC 2015 ou Lightroom 6, dont la création d’aperçus démarre qu’après la copie des fichiers (vous pouvez retrouver ce comportement avec une option des préférences).

Utiliser Lightroom

Notez également que la synchronisation avec Lightroom Mobile se met automatiquement en pause, car c’est un processus consommateur de ressources (parfois jusqu’à 50 %). Dès que l’importation est terminée, elle se rétablit elle-même. Bonsoir à tous, Comme à chaque annonce majeure concernant Lightroom, la plupart des discussions dans les forums et groupes sociaux sont monopolisées par les polémiques à n’en plus finir.

C’est pour cela que je tenais à écrire ce petit article pour vous montrer que Lightroom Classic CC apporte bien une nette amélioration des performances, notamment lors de l’importation. Voici les résultats : À bientôt ! Gilles. Photographer's toolbox - your source for Lightroom Plugins and Web Engines. Getting Captured – Why I Switched To Capture One Pro.