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Class Management. Crowd Sourcing in the classroom. Class Culture. Better conversations. APA. Teaching portfolio. 15 Fun Public Speaking Activities - Public Speaking Power. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 10:00 — 9.4MB) Much like riding a bike public speaking is a skill that is best learned through practice.

15 Fun Public Speaking Activities - Public Speaking Power

And what happens when we enjoy doing something that we do? We do it more often. So here are 15 fun public speaking activities that you can do, either by yourself or with a group of people or if you are running a class you can use this using with your students as well. (more public speaking activities here) I truly believe that making public speaking fun is one of the things that are going to take an average public speaker and give then enough practice to turn them into a good or great public speaker. Ontario Math Curriculum - G12 - MDM4U. MDM4U Grade 12 - University (Mathematics of Data Management) Authors: Samina, Hailey, Mala (2010), Kevin, Chris (2012) Ministry Guidelines Curriculum Document Key Topics.

Ontario Math Curriculum - G12 - MDM4U

Probability and Statistics

Studying tips. Questioning in the classroom. College is worth it if you have these six experiences. Universal design learning. Eportfolios. Eportfolios. TED Talks in Prezi. Memory. Teaching Philosophy. 503 Service Unavailable. Workshop facilitation. Combined Grades. Transformational Teaching. It’s a Mistake Not to Use Mistakes as Part of the Learning Process. I recently heard a TED talk from Brian Goldman, a doctor who admits to having made mistakes.

It’s a Mistake Not to Use Mistakes as Part of the Learning Process

In very emotional language, he describes some costly emergency room mistakes, and then makes a strong case for changing the way that the medical profession addresses such things. He believes that medicine will improve if doctors are free to discuss their mistakes, without judgment, allowing them to learn from each other. But, he continued, because doctors are judged by mistakes, they are too afraid to discuss them.

Learning Theories

6 Steps to Help Students Find Order in Their Thinking. Like magic, the fish turn into birds and then back into fish.

6 Steps to Help Students Find Order in Their Thinking

M.C. Escher's tessellations have a way of grabbing your attention and forcing your mind to make sense of the impossible figures on the paper. The Merriam dictionary describes tessellations as, "a covering of an infinite geometric plane without gaps or overlaps by congruent plane figures of one type or a few types. " 3 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections With Your Students. Too often, I've heard teachers talk about how helpless they feel when it comes to reaching out to their students.

3 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections With Your Students

The days of being the person whose job it is to exclusively provide students with an education -- and nothing more -- are long over. Honestly, some will say those days never existed. I've never wavered in my belief that teachers are much more than people passing out curriculum. Teacher Appreciation: Why We Teach. All good teaching originates from the motive of generosity.

Teacher Appreciation: Why We Teach

To help others understand history, literature, mathematics or science is the ground upon which all learning stands. Fundamentally, education is the transmission of wisdom from one scholar to another. The Leader Who Serves Indeed, this is what great teachers do every day. They open their classrooms and provide guidance, knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm. Years ago, a dear friend and Latin teacher was walking past my classroom as I was ushering my students in before the bell.

Student centred environments

Yoga. 6 Ways to Honor the Learning Process in Your Classroom. Roughly put, learning is really just a growth in awareness.

6 Ways to Honor the Learning Process in Your Classroom

The transition from not knowing to knowing is part of it, but that's really too simple because it misses all the degrees of knowing and not knowing. One can't ever really, truly understand something any more than a shrub can stay trimmed. 15.jayapraba.pdf. Metacognition. Learning Styles research. Six Things That Make College Teachers Successful. 1.

Six Things That Make College Teachers Successful

Study the knowledge base of teaching and learning. You have chosen to teach in higher education because you are a subject-matter specialist with a tremendous knowledge of your discipline. As you enter or continue your career, there is another field of knowledge you need to know: teaching and learning. What we know about teaching and learning continues to grow dramatically. It includes developing effective instructional strategies, reaching today’s students, and teaching with technology.

College teaching strategies

Formative Assessment. Green School Weekly News - Alternate Education Philosophies. This week I wish to share some of the influences that have developed Green School’s approach in learning and teaching.

Green School Weekly News - Alternate Education Philosophies

At Green School we do review, adapt and refine ideas from a wide range of sources. Here are seven key pedagogies. Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to earn her physician’s degree, developed the educational model that bears her name while teaching a class of 50 poor students on the outskirts of Rome in 1907. Dr. Montessori believed that children enjoyed and needed periods of long concentration and that the traditional education model, with its structured lessons and teacher-driven curriculum, inhibited a child’s natural development.

Montessori classes typically span three-year age groups. Know Your File Types and When to Use JPEG, GIF, and PNG (infographic)

Teaching critical thinking

21st century teaching. Discourse. Crafts. Math teaching strategies. Integrating Technology. Tech in the classroom. Cooperative Learning. Growth Mindset.