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BBC Bitesize Highlights - KS1 Maths. Math Learning Games For Kids. Cool online games are a fun and interesting way for kids to learn about mathematics.

Math Learning Games For Kids

Mastering math facts is essential for students as they learn more arithmetic. Phonics Activities, Learn to Read, for Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, 2nd Grade. Free ABC game - Alphabet Recognition game for Preschool kids. Student Materials: Picture Match. ABC alphabet and Phonemic Awareness Practice for Kindergarten, ESL (EFL), Preschool & Special Education. Building Language for Literacy: Reggie the Rhyming Rhino. Learn To Read. ABC_Match. Alphabet Games - learning alphabet and letters online - Welcome to Play Kids Core and Fringe Vocabulary (1) Storybird Studio – literacy and writing tools for teachers, librarians, educators and classrooms.

Professional artwork jumpstarts student creativity, quickly drawing them into the writing process and scaffolding their progress.

Storybird Studio – literacy and writing tools for teachers, librarians, educators and classrooms

Simple tools keeps them on track; social feedback keeps them going. Onboard students with or without email, issue challenges, review and share work, and build a beautiful class library. All in a private setting that collects NO data from you or your students. Storybird is free for educators. In fact, we pay you. “Storybird can be used by all ages, for all different subjects...

Shannon Miller K-12 District Teacher Librarian at Van Meter Community School. “Users can choose artwork from a specific artist and then add text to create a storybook... Larry Ferlazzo Teacher, author, blogger. “I think I love Storybird just as much as my students enjoy using it. Erin Klein Blogger:

“I can’t think of a better way to encourage literary exploration, artsy fun and new media skills to inspire a whole new flock of creative storytellers” Amy Jussel. Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids. Reading Bear: free phonics & vocabulary...learn to read for free! Doorway Online. The Best Math for Kids and their Teachers. Online Math Games for Kids. The Math Learning Center.

Udltechtoolkit - home. Free Online Learning at GCFLearnFree. Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities. Adapted Lessons | Create Your Own | Resource Library Home Adapted Literature - Now Fully Searchable!

Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities

Below is a list of Adapted Literature available through the Sherlock Center Resource Library. These resources are provided for teachers to help students with severe disabilities participate in the general curriculum. Please limit the use and distribution of these materials accordingly. Printed color notebook copies of adapted literature are available for loan through the Sherlock Center Resource Library. Additional formats/titles may be available upon request. Powerpoint: The adapted literature is presented in an interactive manner.

You will need the LATEST version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF documents. The PowerPoint formats are saved as .ppsx files, which means they are a SHOW and therefore not editable. A Maths Dictionary for Kids 2017 Full Site by Jenny Eather. Supports for language learning. Tumblebooks - Read Watch Learn! Tips for Handwriting. This page will focus on tips to improve handwriting.

Tips for Handwriting

Area of Concern: Writes too large provide boxes for each word or individual letter as necessary use dotted lined paper with a middle line highlight the boundaries for writing, for example, the area between the dotted middle line and the bottom writing line Area of Concern: Writes too small work on a vertical surface to encourage larger arm movements, for example, chalkboard, easel, paper taped to wall make posters encouraging the child to write big use boxes that eventually get larger in size Area of Concern: Writes too light Area of Concern: Writes too dark experiment with various types of pencils and/or pencil grips place a piece of foam or a folder under the child's paper encourage the child to write like a ghost, as light as possible work on a vertical surface Area of Concern: Writes words that are too close together or too far apart Area of Concern: Written text does not start at the left edge of the paper.

Early Literacy and Students with Multiple Disabilities. Students with multiple disabilities, including deafblindness, face many learning challenges.

Early Literacy and Students with Multiple Disabilities

They do not learn literacy in typical ways. Often they do not have exposure to books and literacy-based materials. Children with hearing loss may not have heard stories read aloud, and may not have used books on tape. The goal for these students is to maximize access using specialized formats. Challenges One of the biggest obstacles to developing literacy for students with multiple disabilities is the lack of early literacy experiences. Multi-Sensory Books Motivation may also be an issue for students, teachers, and parents, given competing priorities and what may appear to be a lack of interest or meaning in books and stories.

Here are some examples from Deirdre Leech of books that may be motivating to children with multiple disabilities or deafblindness. Find and Fix Learning Gaps. Online Reading Activities.