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Can't connect to iOS App Store | How to fix App Store connection issues. I deneyin - sürekli kullandığım ücretsiz trafik & navigasyon uygulaması. Top iMessage sticker app pulled by Apple for being labeled prank app. It was only a matter of time before Apple’s highly touted iMessage App Store went rogue. It’s still early in the launch of the iOS 10 feature-packed version of Messages, but issues with non-compliant apps are already beginning.

The current Top Paid App, Phoneys, has just been hit with a message from Apple to change its trademark-infringing app or risk being taken down within a week. Phoneys essentially lets you post new messages with the same San Francisco font and blue or green bubble hue on top of another message. Thus, it can look like your friend wrote something completely different. A simple reply can turn into laughter fodder if you just let your mind run wild. Apple claims the app violates its trademark rules and works as a prank app, although Phoneys developer, Adam Howell, denies it was ever meant to be a prank app. The Cupertino giant has ordered Howell to change the app’s look into something more like ‘comic book cartoon bubbles.’ Some Jerk Drops an iPhone 7 Plus off the World’s Tallest Building, Because Why Not? AppMachine App. Check out this cool app - GDrive.

SearchMan: App Store Optimization & SEO Software, Made Easy. Check out @appstatics! A fantastic tool to track your favorite apps' rankings. Check out narwhal - an iOS app for reddit #getnarwhal −□ Check out: Cleaner - Gereksiz kişileri kaldırın. Check out Apps Notifier on. Findo — smart search from one place across your email, files and contacts. The best and easiest app out there for really knowing what's happening in this little box. Check out this great app I found. Check out this great app I found. IOS - JazzMyApp. Enjoying @cubesapp - A better way to see your files. Get it @

Follow me on App Sliced! It's a great way to discover and save money on iPhone/iPad/TV/Watch/Mac apps. Check it out! Unroll.Me. Bnc. 12 hidden features in iOS 10. After months of beta testing, Apple has finally released the first official version of iOS 10. The update brings Siri to third-party apps and supercharges Messages with a lot of new superpowers. Siri and Messages may be the stars of iOS 10, but there are still plenty of new features to get excited about — even if they aren't immediately obvious.

Whether it's better 3D Touch features or new ways to check your voicemail, these 12 additions will help you get the most out of iOS 10. 1. Voicemail Transcription iOS 10 will now transcribe your voicemails, so you can get a preview of the message before you listen. 2. One new feature that may take some getting used to is the new way you unlock your phone — instead of resting your finger on the home button, you need to press it. But you can change this in your accessibility settings. 3. The notifications center has been redesigned and notifications are now grouped by day, making it much easier to clear the screen. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 12.