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Common Disabilities Your Senior Loved One Is at Risk Of. We become more prone to various disabilities and impairments as we age.

Common Disabilities Your Senior Loved One Is at Risk Of

Our body systems may not function as efficiently as before and cause us various impairments in movement, vision, etc. As a provider of home care services in Oakland Park, Florida we have cared for several senior patients with disabilities. Here are some of the most common disabilities we have come across in senior care: Falls and hip fractures A lot of the elderly suffer from osteoporosis which puts them at risk of falls and fractures.Chronic illnesses These include arthritis, diabetes, and other chronic illnessesCognitive impairments Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are common in elderly adults.Heart problems This can include coronary heart disease which leads to heart failure, angina, or myocardial infarction.Vision and hearing impairments These impairments can risk social isolation and depression.

Services You Can Expect in Home Health Care. Common Disabilities in Elderly Adults. Preventing Slips and Falls in Your Home. Accidental slips and falls account for most hip injuries in the United States.

Preventing Slips and Falls in Your Home

These are often caused by mundane things we leave around the house without realizing they are safety hazards. As a provider of personal home care in North Palm Beach, Florida, we make it a point to keep our patients’ homes safe from these accidents. As a provider of home health care, we would like to help everyone to maximize their home safety through the following tips: Clearing the clutter Clutter such as phone cords, electric wires, pet bowls, and other objects around walkways can trip anyone passing by.Lighting up the place Walkways and stairways should always be lit and have accessible light switches for safety.Cutting the skids You can avoid skids by adding non-skid mats in bathtubs, showers, and pools.

Tips to a Create Safe Living Environment for Seniors. Benefits of Companionship for Seniors. In sustaining a healthy lifestyle, people give more focus on eating healthy and exercising regularly and not giving much attention to social interaction.

Benefits of Companionship for Seniors

Surprisingly, social interaction is as important as exercise. Due to physical limitations, some seniors cannot interact with others, and you know how companionship makes all the difference, right? What makes companionship a fundamental part of senior care, by the way? Let’s discuss this further below. It improves longevity. Common Challenges Elderly Face When Living Alone at Home. People tend to encounter a lot of challenges as they reach old age.

Common Challenges Elderly Face When Living Alone at Home

Seniors experience a decline in strength and in balance and coordination that is why they are having a hard time accomplishing their daily tasks alone. However, despite facing these challenges, many seniors still prefer to live alone and that they would rather stay in a comfortable and familiar environment. Listed below are some of the common challenges that the elderly face when living alone: Lack of companionship. Many seniors feel lonely when they have no one beside them. Is your reliable provider of Home Care Services in Oakland Park, Florida. We also offer Children medical service where we prioritize the health and overall well-being of children, especially those who have disabilities.

Signs That Your Elderly Loved Ones Need a Caregiver. You might think that everything is going well with your senior loved one, however, the truth is they are good at hiding their declining physical and cognitive health from their family, especially if you are far from them and you rarely visit them.

Signs That Your Elderly Loved Ones Need a Caregiver

Here are signs that your senior loved ones need a caregiver and that it’s time for you to avail of home care services for them: They are having a hard time maintaining their personal hygiene. If you notice that your senior loved one has body odors, dirty nails, and hair, it could be a sign that they are unable to care for their personal needs. It is best to look for a caregiver that provides Personal Home Care in North Palm Beach, Florida.Stacks of mail and unpaid bills.

This may mean that your loved ones may tend to forget to pay their bills and respond to important emails.Spoiled food in the kitchen. You should always prioritize the overall well-being of your loved ones even if you’re far from them. Providing Quality Care to Children With Down Syndrome. Having a child already weighs a lot of responsibility, how much more if your little one requires a children medical service.

Providing Quality Care to Children With Down Syndrome

If your child undergoes a genetic disorder that is usually associated with physical growth delays, mild to moderate intellectual delays, and facial features that characterize down syndrome, then can provide the best care needed for your child. Precautionary Measures to Keep Seniors Protected From the Virus. Although people of all ages are at risk of getting infected by the COVID-19 virus, seniors are more vulnerable and face more threat of infection because of health decline caused by aging.

Precautionary Measures to Keep Seniors Protected From the Virus

Their immune system is not as strong strong as it was in earlier stages of life, making it easier for the virus to attack. The primary and priority thing to do at present is to keep them as safe and protected as possible, and one method of doing so is through our home care services in Oakland Park, Florida. Caring for Children With Special Needs. Every parent wants the best for their child and we understand how important their health, safety, and learning is.

Caring for Children With Special Needs

Sometimes as a parent/s, you may feel distressed trying to provide the best care for your child alone. However, focuses on helping families give support to the child’s ability instead of their disability. Our special needs/disabilities caregivers enable them to improve and develop rather than making their condition a hindrance. If your busy life makes it difficult to assist your child with their personal needs daily, our help is available when you need it. Our home care would give you peace of mind when finding a caregiver we make sure we tailor the requirements to your child’s needs, so your child is in the right hands.

Also, we can assist with your child’s special health care needs.