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Man Flies with Self-Made Bird Wings. After eight months of building and testing, this weekend, Jarno Smeets flew 100 meters using a set of self-made, flapping wings.

Man Flies with Self-Made Bird Wings

The moment he lifts off the ground is pretty amazing. [Thanks, Katie Wilson!] Update: See the follow up post, about this most likely being a hoax, here. Human Birdwings. Twilio's definitive brogramming primer. Allan Snyder's Thinking Cap to accelerate your brain power. Every time when we think that technology has become stagnant and there is no scope for development something new appears before us.

Allan Snyder's Thinking Cap to accelerate your brain power

Australian researchers have conceptualized a thinking cap which encourages the idol right half of their brain to think more effectively. This real world thinking cap optimizes the overall efficiency of the brain providing incredible problem solving ability to the user. I would like to try this device on a genius like Albert Einstein, then perhaps we can witness a energy explosion there. In short, I need this device badly. allan snyder. Saturday Night Live: Laser Cats 1. Newcleus - Jam On It. Murking Flounder with Dad.