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Public Advocacy Campaigns - Astrum. We help governments engage constituencies in a planned and sustained manner Today governments need to consistently and continually connect, communicate and engage with citizens to make them aware of the initiatives taken for their welfare and prosperity.

Public Advocacy Campaigns - Astrum

Integrating economic and social development with good governance is the key to a government that is seen as “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Our specializations include:a. Corporate Governance Advisory Services - Astrum. We help you establish best board practices with independent directors Good Governance, or the lack of it, has been the single most important reason for destruction of shareholder value and corporate reputation.

Corporate Governance Advisory Services - Astrum

Good governance, the mantra of the elected representatives, has to be the cornerstone of any governance strategy today. The flattening of information hierarchies, the rise of the social media and activism by shareholders, combined with stringent regulations by the government, has put corporate behaviour under a microscope. Political Campaign Strategies for Elections. There is no second prize for losing an election.

Political Campaign Strategies for Elections

We help you win. In an election campaign, there is no consolation for being a runner-up. Winning is everything. Corporate Affairs Advisory Services - Astrum. We support you in promoting legitimate business interests in a professional and ethical manner.

Corporate Affairs Advisory Services - Astrum

Our corporate affairs advisory comprises policy experts, former civil servants and advocacy specialists, skilled and proficient to advise CEOs on the impact of political, social and economic developments, and how to strategically reposition their companies in this context. This includes support in securing and promoting legitimate business interests by engaging policy makers, regulators and key influencers in an ethical manner.

Corporate Affairs Advisory Services - Astrum. Crisis Communication Support Service - Astrum. Crisis Communication Plan: Preparedness Planning & Training. Crisis & Issues Communication News is 24X7.

Crisis Communication Plan: Preparedness Planning & Training

Is your Crisis Plan the Same? We help you to safeguard your reputation when you need it the most Crises are ubiquitous, and when they strike, the management’s confidence and the company’s reputation takes a beating. With the 24X7 news cycle and the online world without boundaries and editorial discretion, companies struggle to remain in step and often lose control over their story. Crisis Communication: Effective Crisis Communication Strategy by Astrum.

Corporate Reputation Management - Astrum. Our reputation campaigns engage the most important Business Influentials™ to create advocates.

Corporate Reputation Management - Astrum

Our corporate reputation campaigns go way beyond media relations by engaging with the most important Influentials™ for your company. Be it online, mobile or traditional media, or above-the-line/below-the-line communication, we create holistic Reputation Management campaigns to ensure that your narrative is authentic, consistent and engaging, and leads to a growing community of evangelists. Reputation Management Strategy Development by Astrum. We work as a strategic partner to the C-Suite to help them build and sustain their company’s reputation.

Reputation Management Strategy Development by Astrum

Our approach to developing an effective and informed reputation strategy blends science with the experience and creativity of our counsellors. They work closely with the company’s leadership to understand issues impacting the company, and co-create strategies that provide the CEO with an actionable agenda for stakeholder engagement, clear persuasive messaging, and earned, owned & paid media outreach priorities that would positively shape the company’s reputation. Reputation Management Services by Astrum - Specialist in Reputation Management Advisory. Good reputation is the topmost priority of a Chief Executive It takes years of hard work to build a good reputation, be it a company, an individual or a political entity.

Reputation Management Services by Astrum - Specialist in Reputation Management Advisory

But that goodwill can be damaged or tarnished in just a few minutes. The hyper-active media of today, which act as the prosecutor, the jury and the judge, and the constant glare of a real-time social media sans frontiers, have made it a must that steps are taken to build, nurture and protect reputation in a sustained manner. A specialist Reputation Management company has become the need of the hour. Reputation Management Company in India.