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Interesting Facts about Astrology. Astrovalley - Career Predictions based on Date of Birth. How to Avoid Post-Marriage Problems ~ Astrovalley - Free Online Astrology and Horoscopes. Post marriage problems increase with time and unattended delays causing much strife in business, career and health for native.

How to Avoid Post-Marriage Problems ~ Astrovalley - Free Online Astrology and Horoscopes

For these problems like childlessness, frequent fights, quarrels and loss of intimacy are cited as reasons. Many natives visit doctors, counselors and astrologer for gaining better available guidance in these matters in their life path. Interesting facts about Indian Astrology. Indian astrology is full of fun facts and secrets for native.

Interesting facts about Indian Astrology

The astrology insight gained from reading reports and other material from Indian astrology is more vivid, accurate and easier to interpret. Indian astrology is divided into three subparts Siddhanta, Samhita and lastly Hora. Samhita is about mundane astrology, floods, earthquake, weather and conditions of rainfall, volcanic eruptions etc. Siddhanta is about astronomical study. While Hora deals with forecasting the suitable timing for important events. The astrological textbook “Brhat – parasara – hora –sastra” to be a revelation by the Vedic seer Parasara. Welcome! Career Prediction by Numerology. Career Prediction by Numerology Career in life is one of many decisions which are significant for native.

Career Prediction by Numerology

Career predictions from astrologer could help alleviate most stress and strain from life of native. Career astrology aims at resolving the crisis for native using his or her details of birth like time, date and place. This career prediction using astrology is based on numbers from date of birth also called life path number. Life path number is one then the native is closer to career of military, law enforcement, and also for entrepreneurs, contractors, middle and upper management, self employed craftsman and sailors.

Career prediction for life path number five are fond of working in advertising, public relations, high-end sales, antique-dealing and high-risk ventures as natural gamblers. Best Match for Taurus Woman ~ Astrovalley - Free Online Astrology and Horoscopes. The best couple or love match for a Taurus woman is from either earth or water astrology signs.

Best Match for Taurus Woman ~ Astrovalley - Free Online Astrology and Horoscopes

Natives born within either of these signs would stand a better chance as a good match than an air or fire sign. Taurus compatibility is hinged on no-nonsense approach to life, priority, intolerant, and other aspects. Some of these aspects are feet on ground, i.e. reality, happy home life, appreciation for all art forms, music, art and theater. Cancer and Leo Love Compatibility ~ Astrovalley - Free Online Astrology and Horoscopes. Astrovalley - Cancer Love Compatibility with other Signs. Gemini and Leo love Compatibility. Leo and Gemini compatibility is based on entertainment and good humor.

Gemini and Leo love Compatibility

This is a very good natured relation where both partners are upbeat and optimistic. There is a playful vibe which surrounds the two partners. With a genuine warmth Leo and Gemini share a common taste for dramatic and with entertaining jest. Being social creatures they find it easier to excel with social relations exploited to benefit. How to Save Your Marriage. How to Save Your Marriage Astrologer who has extensive and vast knowledge of subject can provide essential and requisite advice on post marriage problems and save from disaster.

How to Save Your Marriage

Indian astrology is full of remedies and solutions from where the native can save marriage from getting worse. Post marriage problems of childlessness, quarrels, irritations, sex and adult life can be easily done away with from a mature advice using astrology. Best match for Aries woman ~ Astrovalley - Free Online Astrology and Horoscopes. The sign of Aries is the first in the zodiac.

Best match for Aries woman ~ Astrovalley - Free Online Astrology and Horoscopes

Aries woman is well known for contradictions of competing energetic natives with great passion and enduring relations. Their love match is surely very strong or whittles to stagnate. Aries compatibility is marked with the physical way they would enjoy this world creating more deficits in their production. Love horoscope for 2016. Benefits of career horoscopes. Welcome! Marriage compatibility of Leo Zodiac with Libra Zodiac Sign. Leo and Libra marriage compatibility is unlike any other in astrology.

Marriage compatibility of Leo Zodiac with Libra Zodiac Sign

They have a great many things moving for them in their lifetime relation if it happens. Many of the evident aspects of the relationship are different and unique for the compatibility factor while the relation itself is one of more secure and probably successful ones. Leo is the royal of the zodiac with great demanding attention style which is mixed with charming and social able Libra must be a good match.

In the match, the marriage compatibility is based on both signs good communication skills, sharing similar tastes and hobbies, great sex, and happier times. Libra in the relation would adore the Leo to the point of flattering ego while Leo can be beautiful, graceful and socially at ease partner. With Libra the Leo compatibility focuses on lifestyle rather than actual depth of relation, in struggle they would be decisive and bossy, while avoiding compromises at all costs.

Marriage compatibility of Cancer with Taurus. Marriage compatibility of Cancer with Taurus Cancer has a mutual marriage compatibility with Taurus.

Marriage compatibility of Cancer with Taurus

The relation needs security, making the marriage prospects stronger. As is the issue with marriage, Taurus have strong need for emotional security and Cancer insisting on greater emotional stability so these two signs make good match in this regard. Astrology can be the Answer to your Post Marriage Problems. Astrology can be the Answer to your Post Marriage Problems Astrology is a science for native who understand about life and events in general.

Astrology can be the Answer to your Post Marriage Problems

This can be a great help to elevate understanding of phenomenon, past life, spirituality and also post marriage problems. Many people expect lot of help and advice for such situations when they do not find any. In scenario of post marriage problems one needs to get the hands on astrology based readings for themselves and their partner to understand and apply to best possible direction to their efforts.

Marriages are the best social activity to have happened after creation of this world. With whom Virgo are most compatible? Virgo is the zodiac sign which are high on practicality. These folks are order loving individuals possessing stronger need to feel valued and useful in their lives. Being overtly clever, detail oriented and logical they put themselves in very high standards. These people recommend something is worthwhile then it is essentially ought to be done right. As these people are dutiful and responsible they feel comfort when they give up on taking responsibilities.

They are although much better when they have plenty on plate to keep them busy. These natives are highly covert when it comes to their tendency to be fussy and over critical of everyone around them. Taurus people would tend to be more introverted and like to stick close to home as they frequently want socializing. Cancer people share many differences as they are incredibly well meaning for each other. How to have Bright Career Prospects – Career Horoscope 2016.

Career based changes and best career moves in 2016 for higher and better prospect is in everyone’s hands this year. There are challenges, opportunities and rewards to be had. This year in 2016 the career horoscope says every effort made would be rewarded in future. Also natives need to work even harder as it would not be all luck and fate. Marriage Compatibility of Leo with Taurus. Astrovalley - Marriage Compatibility of Virgo with Gemini. Astrovalley - Know More about the Aries Love and Compatibility. How to win your ex-girlfriend back. How to find true love and make it last a lifetime. With whom Virgo are most compatible?