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What is Yagya?, About Yagya, Online Yagya. Yajna (Sanksrit :संस्कृत Yajna; also anglicized as Yagya, Yagna or Anushthan) is actually a ritual, performed to attain a number of wishes.

What is Yagya?, About Yagya, Online Yagya

Yajna is often also called as ‘Homa or Havana’, however these are totally different rituals. The sacrificial fire- the divine Agni – is an essential component of the Yagya, into which oblations are poured, as precisely what is offered into the fire of sacrifice derived from the practice of Vedic times. The whole process of Yagya is executed to please the Gods and it is believed that whatever is offered in Yagya reaches to the Gods, in other words, to the energies, which control Universe. FengShui Golden Ingots Metallic for Prosperity and Wealth. Get Stunning collection of Gemstones. Gemstones are known for rarity, power, energy and strength.

Get Stunning collection of Gemstones

Getting pure, original, authentic and genuine gemstones online is a tough and risky job. Raksha kavach,nazar utarna,evil eye protection,nazar suraksha yantra,nazar yantra, Nazar raksha kawach is beneficial for removing nazar dosh and tantrik dosh.

raksha kavach,nazar utarna,evil eye protection,nazar suraksha yantra,nazar yantra,

It is the most powerful talisman for protection and cure of evil looks and black magic. It is believed that there are three types of evil eyes: The first evil eyes are unconscious evil eyes. These harm people but without intending to harm them.The second type of evil eyes intends to harm.The third evil eye is unseen and hidden evil eye which is the most scared one. Ruby Gemstone For Marital Harmony. Marriage is an important event of one’s life.

Ruby Gemstone For Marital Harmony

It unites two souls from different families and different environments into the most valued relation which is an important part of Human growth. Over the time, due to some reason it is quite possible that issues may arise in this relation. स्वस्थ रहने के कुछ सटीक उपाय जानिए इस होली / (Tantra Tips for Good Health) Holi Festival - Try Unique Ways To Celebrate The Festival Of Colors. Colorful days, solemn rituals, cheerful celebrations - Holi Festival is a boisterous and lively occasion!

Holi Festival - Try Unique Ways To Celebrate The Festival Of Colors

Draped in white dresses, people throng the streets in large numbers and smear each other with colorful bright hued powders, paint & squirt colored water on one another through pichkaris (water guns) irrespective of caste, sex, color, race or social status; all these minor differences are temporarily relegated to the background and persons give into an unalloyed colorful rebellion. Best Yantras for removing Vastu Dosh and Negative Energies.

Navaratan/ Nine Gemstones In Hindu Astrology. Navratna or Navaratan is a Sanskrit word, which means “nine gemstones” and is related to the 9 planets or Navagraha in Vedic astrology.

Navaratan/ Nine Gemstones In Hindu Astrology

The word “Nava” means ‘9’ and Ratna means ‘gemstone’. Each gemstone is linked to one Planet or Graha among the Navgrahas. Navaratna gemstones are considered auspicious and believed to give prosperity, happiness, strength, mental clarity, success, fortune, better health, and peace of mind to those who wear it. It protects against malefic effects of all Planets and strengthens the positive influences of the gemstones.

Navaratna Gemstones and their Planetary Connection. किचन के लिए वास्तु टिप्स / Vastu Guidelines For Kitchen. Tantra Tips for Holi. अशुभ ग्रहों की महादशा मे करें ये उपाय... Yin Yang Pendant And Significance. Most of us have seen the symbol ‘Ying Yang’, but not everyone knows the meaning of the Yin Yang.

Yin Yang Pendant And Significance

The yin yang symbol is known as the two opposites that complete the whole. Yin is the (Feminine energy), the shady place (North) while yang (Male energy) is the sunny place (South). It represents the principles and philosophy of positive and negative or opposite energies like male and female. The colours of the Yin yang symbol: White - Represents enlightenmentBlack - symbolizes its direct opposite or delusion. Philosophy of the Yin Yang Below is a Yin Yang chart to help you understand the male and female energies. Here's a quick explanation of the Yin Yang philosophy and the meaning behind the Yin Yang Pendant: The yang side - This is the lighter side of the symbol and denotes the positive. The two energies of Yin & Yang are direct opposites. If there is an imbalance with the systems with either too much yin or too much yang, there will be illness or disharmony.

Yagya For Removal Of Obstacles-Great Chance To Get A Restful Life! Are you facing a lot of issues in your life?

Yagya For Removal Of Obstacles-Great Chance To Get A Restful Life!

Are you facing failure in every undertaking? If everything is going worse in your life, than ‘Yagya for Removal of obstacles’ can be advantageous for you. Whatever is the problem or hurdles you are facing can be at once removed by this special Yagya. Mercury Transit In Aquarius. Planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology represents the intelligence and mind, and rules Kanya (Virgo) and Mithun (Gemini).

Mercury Transit In Aquarius

Mercury is a planet that influences the way we express, communicate, perceive and understand things. The Planet Mercury had moved into Zodiac Sign Aquarius (Kumbha) on the 22nd February, 2017 and will stay till 11th March, 2017. Such a key planet will be entering the airy Sign – Aquarius (Kumbha), which symbolises scientific and innovative thinking. After this it will be entering its debilitation Sign Pisces. The impact on your life would be either good or bad. Key features of Mercury: How to Celebrate Mahashivratri. Bring Home Divine Items this Mahashivratri festival. Why We Celebrate Mahashivaratri? Maha Shivratri is an annual festival dedicated to the Lord Shiva (Mahadeva), and is specifically important in the Shaivism tradition of Hinduism.

Why We Celebrate Mahashivaratri?

Unlike various Hindu festivals which are celebrated during the day, this important festival is celebrated at night. Moreover, unlike most Hindu festivals which include expression of cultural revelry, this festival is a solemn event notable for its introspective focus, fasting, and meditation (dhayn) on Lord Shiva, self-study, social harmony and an all-night vigil at Lord Shiva temples. Twelve Jyotirlinga The Shiva Lingam is the most common object of worship all over India. But 12 such lingams are considered more important and are famous as Jyotirlinga. Why We Celebrate Mahashivaratri? Maha Shivaratri is celebrated to venerate Lord Shankar (Shiva), an important deity in Hindu culture.

Significance of Maha Shivratri As per Vedic texts, on this special occasion, Lord Shiva revealed his Lingam form. Shubh Muhurat and Auspicious Timing in India Vedic Astrology. Muhurta’, also known as Electional Astrology, may be defined as auspicious, conducive and favorable time, chosen for starting or performing an important event/action. Literally, a Muhurta meant a period of two Ghatis equivalent to 48 minutes. But by convention, the word ‘Muhurta’ is being used in popular parlance as well as for all practical purposes, for a specific duration of time, which is conducive to a particular action, so that optimum results may be derived from that particular action. Lal Kitab Remedies.

Are you suffering from all kinds of problems in life? Do you have acute financial problems in your life? Have physical ailments, sickness; depression and mental fatigue made your life hell? Outcomes Of Maa Baglamukhi Pooja. Goddess Baglamukhi Puja is very auspicious and effective for those who are facing problems in finance, career, adverse happenings and debt. Maa Baglamukhi blesses her Sadhak (devotees) in the form of immense power to defeat and dominate their enemies. The worship of the Goddess also helps to recover back money for those who have lost faith of getting their money back. Eighth of 10 Mahavidya, Goddess Bagalamukhi is believed to have a crane face as per the old Vedic text. Precise And Easy Tips To Reduce Mental Stress.

Ten Names Of Shani Dev. Parad (Mercury) Pyramid - Parad/ Mercury Products - Products. Buy Real Parad Pyramid. The Importance Of Prayer In The Lamp Burning. ईश्वर की पूजा एवं उपासना में उपयोग होने वाली सामग्री जैसे, दीपक, धूप-दीप, प्रसाद और फूल हर चीज का अपना एक महत्‍व है और यह ईश्वर की पूजा को सफल बनाने के लिए महत्वपूर्ण हैं। Blow The Evil Spirits, Barrier With Precise Totke (प्रेत बाधा और दुष्ट आत्माओं को भगाने के सटीक टोटके)

Buy Real Parad Pyramid From AstroDevam. Amazing Properties Of Apophyllite. Apophylite presence in a room enhances the favourable energies as it is a powerful vibration transmitter. Apophyllite creates a conscious connection between the physical and the spiritual dimensions. It can help to increase intuition and alertness of the person. Apophyllites activate the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras, making them more receptive to spiritual energies. This can enable one to receive visions and insights about existing situations, personal or otherwise. Amazing Feng Shui Natural Crystal Ball. Feng Shui provides various ways to use crystals; however, all of them has the same single goal – to create good energy in the house.

You can use it to catch the positive light and attune the energy in the home, office or even your vehicle. In Feng Shui, people use these crystals for specific energy or the positive vibrations they produce. To get the maximum energy and effect from the crystals, you need to know the key points such as; how many to use, where to place the crystals and what kind of crystal to pick. Secret Behind Salman Khan "not Guilty" In Arms Act Violations Case: Now Disclosed. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on Wednesday was given the benefit of the doubt in the 18-year-old Arms Act case along with the cases of poaching of chinkaras and black bucks, when he was shooting for Hindi film Hum Saath Saath Hain. 2017 Yearly Horoscope Predictions for All zodiac signs. How will be the year 2017 for you... Capricorn/ Makar Yearly Horoscope 2017.

Capricorn Horoscope 2017 predicts this as the year when you reach your objectives successfully. Financially, it is the great year for you that can help you shape really well. Kaal Sarp Yog Effects and Remedies. Remedies And Protection Against Malefic Effect Of Saturn (Shani) Importance of Shravan Somvar Vrat(Pooja) 2016. 12 Zodiac Sign Compatibility and Complete information the sun sign. Yagya/ Yajna Bring Out Happiness in Your Life. Significance of 12th House in Horoscope. Maa Vindhyavasini Devi Temple Detail, Vindhyachal Mandir history. Real Rudraksha Tree Beads for Health and Prosperity,Benefits of Nepali Rudraksham.

Importance Of Mohini Ekadasi Vrat(Puja) in Hindu Religion. Real Parad (Mercury) Products Increases your will power. Shree Sampoorna Sarva Kasht Nivaran Yantra for Wealth, Health and Prosperity. Importance of Black Narmada Shivling. Energized Maha Meru Shree Yantra for. Healt and Wealth. How to solve the financial crisis in the family? How to increase the flow of money? Buy Genuine Parad Shivling Online by Original Parad/ Mercury Products Buy World Famous Female Astrologers in Noida, Delhi, India. World Famous Astrology Online in Noida, Delhi, India. Contact Best Astrologers On Phone. How to place Feng Shui sailing boat or ship? 100% Original Parad (Mercury) Shivling By Āchary Kalki Krishnan Best Vastu Consultant in India. Pyramid Vastu Products for Family, Prosperity and Happiness.

The Importance of Rudraksha Bead. Astrology Software for Windows, Android and Mac. Yagya - Remove your negative karma and co-create Positive karma. Yagya or Yajna - Bring Out Happiness in Your Life!! Horoscope 2016 - Plan your Future according to the Horoscope Prediction. Jiten Bhatt Pyramid - one stop solution for all problem. Jiten Pyramid, Dr Jiten Bhatt Pyramid, Vastu Pyramid. Best Astrologer in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and India - Achary Kalki Krishna.

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