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Arkansas Storm Shelters, Inc.

Located in Russellville, AR, we are proud to offer storm shelters to protect you, your family and any irreplaceable items from harm during a tornado.

Types Of Above Ground and Community Storm Shelters. Metal Above Ground Safe Rooms - Arkansas Storm Shelters. Decorative Shelter For The Family Safety Purpose. Here You Can See the Types of Bolt Together Safe Rooms Photos. How To Prepare For Tornadoes Before It Arrives. Tornadoes are a common natural disaster that hits Arkansas on a regular basis.

How To Prepare For Tornadoes Before It Arrives

Proper preparation is something which is necessary when it comes to handling natural disasters. Hence, one should plan, prepare and execute the safety methods before the tornadoes hit Arkansas. Now, you must be thinking how will I know when will a tornado arrive? This is the point where you need planning beforehand. How To Install The Above Ground Storm Shelters. Here Are Some Tips To Protect Yourself from Tornadoes. Natural disasters are part of nature’s plan and are inevitable, we don’t have power to stop the natural disasters from occurring.

Here Are Some Tips To Protect Yourself from Tornadoes

When the natural disasters occur they bring havoc to our buildings, our properties and our life. One of the scary natural disasters are Tornado, this catastrophe has power to flatten entire houses, hurling trees, cars, animals and human beings in the air. These deadly Tornadoes come without warning and leave with heavy destruction. Human beings can never fight natural disasters, however, we have to devise measures to save ourselves from the destruction it causes. We have to be prepared for the Tornadoes like making concrete storm shelters, where we can take shelter at the time of such happening. Tornadoes can happen anywhere. yet, there are certain places where Tornadoes are known to occur commonly like Arkansas, Florida, Maryland etc. Choose The Right Shelter For The Next Storm. Bolt Together or Modular Safe Rooms. Garage Floor Storm Shelter Systems. F-5 garage floor shelters are designed for new construction and preexisting homes.

Garage Floor Storm Shelter Systems

These shelters can be placed anywhere in the slab area of a new construction home. The best placement for these shelters are in the garage, close to the door with the sliding door farthest out. Installation in this fashion will make getting into the shelter easy. Designed and constructed to meet and exceed NSSA, ICC 500 and FEMA standards for storm shelters Shelters are coated with a Cold Tar Epoxy Life time Leak proof warranty Door is 3 ft wide Carpeted benches, stairs and floor Bottom is made of 10 gauge Lid/door is � inch steel Inside and outside is painted with industrial enamel paint: Exterior is grey and interior is white. Photo Gallery Click Here. Bolt Together or Modular Safe Rooms. The unique feature to the bolt together or modular safe room is its handicap accessibility and the versatility to be custom built to almost any size allowing it to be set onto any pre-existing concrete pad.

Bolt Together or Modular Safe Rooms

The master closet or spare bedroom is the most popular place to install. Safe rooms have been successfully impact tested at Texas Tech University. Safe rooms were evaluated to structurally bear the wind load of a 250 + mph tornado. Role Of Fibreglass As Resilient Storm Shield. What You Should Know About Storm Shelters. Underground Or Above Ground Fiberglass Storm Shelters. Flat Top Storm Shelters: Concrete.

Better Built: 6000 + psi concrete creates a smooth finish.

Flat Top Storm Shelters: Concrete

Reinforced with rebar and fiber- mesh. Some Of The Key Structural Features Of The Concrete Safe Room. Are you looking to build a highly versatile, above-ground safe room in the case of a tornado?

Some Of The Key Structural Features Of The Concrete Safe Room

If so, look no further than Arkansas Storm Shelters, the leading provider of concrete safe rooms in Arkansas. As the name of your area implies, Tornado Valley is a volatile region where tornados occur on a regular basis. Arkansas Storm Shelters. Community shelters are specifically designed to accommodate large groups of people for extended periods of time during heavy storm activity.

Arkansas Storm Shelters

Each shelter design has been engineered to withstand the force of an F-5 tornado and meets or exceeds all standards set by FEMA, the NSSA and the ICC 500 building codes. Community shelters are perfect for businesses, daycares, private schools, drill rigs, manufacturing facilities, municipalities and community developments. All in ground community shelters will come standard with emergency lighting and benches. You have the option to run electricity to either style of community shelter. Custom sizes, specs and options are available upon request. Arkansas Storm Shelters. Steel safe rooms have been successfully tested at the official Debris Impact Test Center, located at Texas Tech University.Safe rooms were evaluated by McDonald-Mehta Engineering, LLP to structurally bear the wind load of a 250 + mph tornado.McDonald-Mehta Engineering is the #1 wind engineering scientists in the worldShelters can be placed inside your garage/carport or outdoors with a concrete pad to attach to.

Arkansas Storm Shelters

Door openings are 32" or 36" depending on size of shelter and the door weighs approximately 250 lbs.Our doors open inward to prevent entrapment. Doors can be ordered to swing out for maximum room and handicap accessibility. Photo Gallery Click Here Shelving options are available, Click Here. Garage Floor Shelter Installation. Arkansas Storm Shelters. Do you need a place to hide during tornado season in the state of Arkansas?

Arkansas Storm Shelters

Are you looking for a secure underground storm shelter? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place! At Arkansas Storm Shelter, we are proud to offer slope front concrete storm shelters for the safety of you and your family during the area’s most dangerous weather conditions. As one of our most popular styles, our highly durable slope front storm shelter includes the following features: 6000+ psi concrete creates a smooth finish. We understand that escaping from a tornado is an extremely stressful situation. The 14-gauge steel door includes a 30" wide opening for convenient access, and a pressurized gas strut for effortless opening and closing.