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Makes it easy to work in groups. » Manuscript Publishers. January 21, 2016 Angry Robot: Now Accepting Book Manuscript Submissions Angry Robot is a respected science fiction and fantasy publisher that occasionally dips into related genres (such as urban fantasy, steampunk, and horror).

» Manuscript Publishers

Angry Robot was originally funded by HarperCollins. They are now part of Watkins Media Ltd. They offer advances and good royalty rates. January 18, 2016 52 Poetry Manuscript Publishers Who Do Not Charge Reading Fees I have written before about the fact that most poetry manuscript publishers charge their readers to submit. January 14, 2016 Samhain Publishing: Book Manuscript Submission Guidelines Samhain Publishing is an independent publisher of romance and horror books. January 4, 2016 22 Children’s and Young Adult Book Publishers Each of the following publishers focus on different age groups, and some are looking for educational work, others are open to anything.

How to Attract Crowdfunding Fans Before Your Campaign Becomes Another Failure - Crowdfund Insider. It’s quite natural for people to put their self-interests above others, in an ultra competitive world.

How to Attract Crowdfunding Fans Before Your Campaign Becomes Another Failure - Crowdfund Insider

Business leaders think: How can I get the most gain out of opportunity X, on a purely transactional basis? Top business universities preach a similar gospel, that success is correlated to the amount of advertising effort you put in. Primetime T.V blast advertisement after advertisement, enticing unsuspecting people to buy things.

Prior to the advent of the Internet, this ‘advertising’ approach to business worked very well in the 1970s-90s with the invention of the T.V. But today the landscape has evolved. Free places to promote crowd funding events, projects, and campaigns. > Free Crowdfunding to raise money for startups, creatives, food truck, and more! 41 Popular, Free to low cost places to promote your crowd funding site and business web site.

free places to promote crowd funding events, projects, and campaigns. > Free Crowdfunding to raise money for startups, creatives, food truck, and more!

Promote your crowdfunding event to the masses. Below you will find a collection of links to places where you can promote your crowd funding event for free or a small fee online. We suggest that before you start promoting your crowd funding event online, you first create great ad copy for your crowd funding event and a well written press release. Another really effective why to bring in quality web traffic is article marketing. Write a short, interesting article about 250 to 500 words about your event, expertise, new product or service, and submit your article to one or more of the article submission services.

Use this page to reach thousands of media contacts, bloggers, potential backers, via free classified ads, SEO search engines links, articles, and social bookmarking. IF YOU HAVE A LIVE CROWD FUNDING PROJECT YOU NEED THIS BOOK NOW! CROWDSUNITE. Classifieds. Search Engines and Directories. The Sexiest Female Travelers of 2015. Brought to you by Individual Health #Geoblue. Brought to you by Adventure has been the new pretty for a while now, and women who travel are continually redefining the traditional notion of “sexy” through their passion for exploring the world and adventurous souls.

The Sexiest Female Travelers of 2015. Brought to you by Individual Health #Geoblue

Sexy women. These women are smart, independent and strong. The Top 50 Travel Blogs (4th Quarter: 2013) Below is a list of the top 50 travel blogs for the 3rd quarter (July — September) of 2015 ranked by visitor traffic.

The Top 50 Travel Blogs (4th Quarter: 2013)

There are a few other sites that have put together their own lists of the “top” travel blogs. However, each has their own subjective means of ranking sites, using everything from Alexa scores, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, estimated traffic, inbound Google links and even subjective design criteria. My intention was to create the most objective and accurate list of the most popular travel blogs. Therefore, this list is based solely on the number of visitors a travel blog receives. To read more about how this list was put together, please read below. Top 50 Travel Blogs (Q3: 2015) Methodology I reached out to a large sampling of travel bloggers and asked that they provide me with a screenshot of their Google Analytics page reflecting their site’s visitor statistics over the most recent quarter.

Why This Metric? Who Cares? By Matt Stabile / Wattpad. The World's Largest Online Campaigning Platform. How to Promote Your Cause on Social Media. In an online world full of people vying for attention, it can be hard to make your cause stand out – but these seven tricks should help your campaign to cut through the crowd!

How to Promote Your Cause on Social Media

“I want it to go viral!” Chances are you’ve likely heard this sentence from your boss, your cousin, or your friend as they share with you their idea for a fundraiser or event. If you’re anything like me, you probably say “Oh! That’s nice!” With a big smile on your face, while secretly thinking to yourself, “Don’t they know how rare it is for a campaign like this to get off the ground?” Sure, it’s amazing to see viral campaigns like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from two summers ago, or “No-Shave November” (in support of cancer awareness), which is now a regular initiative throughout much of the world. Terms and Conditions: Unbound. This page is written by a lawyer and spells out in legal language exactly how the Unbound process works and lays out our obligations to our users and our users obligations to us.

Terms and Conditions: Unbound

It's all fairly standard stuff - despite the slightly off-putting jargon. Examples of your obligations to us include the fact you are not allowed to write slanderous or offensive things on the site or to broadcast your user name and password so hundreds of people who haven't signed up can access an author's shed using your account. Examples of our obligations to you include the fact that we're not allowed to leave all your personal details on a CD on a train and that we have to give you what we say we're going to give you (access to the shed when you subscribe and the benefits that apply to your pledge level).

It's that kind of stuff. Thunderclap. Start Fundraising.