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Qualitative Data Analysis and Visualization

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Designstorm How-to: Dot Plots. Tips for presenting qualitative data in a conference presentation - The Research Companion. A few weeks ago over on the Research Companion Facebook group, group member Claire Adams asked the following question. “Just wondering if anyone had any top tips for presenting qualitative data results (from interviews) in a PowerPoint presentation? Thanks!!” I replied: It depends on your time and budget, but nice examples I’ve seen include: 1. Giving people short excerpts from transcripts to read out/perform (that could be a co-presenter with you, or audience members you invite to participate). 2. You read out exchanges/quotes, perhaps with an illustration (cartoon, drawing, photo) that you’ve either made or picked, that compliments what’s being said. 3. If it’s dialogue or monologue you’ll be sharing, have friends/colleagues re-enact these for short film clips you show during the presentation. 4.

The one thing not on this list is the most common means of presentation I’ve seen. Graham Boniface noted “President is the way forward. The World's Leading Research & Insights Platform | Qualtrics. Home | Dedoose. [Coding Analysis Toolkit] Home Page. TextSTAT :: Niederländische Philologie FU Berlin. TextSTAT is a simple programme for the analysis of texts. It reads plain text files (in different encodings) and HTML files (directly from the internet) and it produces word frequency lists and concordances from these files.

This version includes a web-spider which reads as many pages as you want from a particular website and puts them in a TextSTAT-corpus. The new news-reader, too, puts news messages in a TextSTAT-readable corpus file. TextSTAT reads MS Word and OpenOffice files. No conversion needed, just add the files to your corpus... In TextSTAT you can use regular expression which provides you with powerful search possibilities. The programme is multilingual. Documentation: For a first introduction to TextSTAT, please refer to the Quickstart Guide to text analysis with TextSTAT from the 'Humanities Resource Centre' at Princeton University. There is also a nice video tutorial by Zarah Weiß, available via YouTube.

NEW: TextSTAT 3 (beta) (Comparative) reviews of TextSTAT: Weft QDA - a free, open-source tool for qualitative data analysis. Weft QDA is (or was) an easy-to-use, free and open-source tool for the analysis of textual data such as interview transcripts, fieldnotes and other documents. An excerpt from my MSc dissertation explains the thinking behind the software in more detail. The software isn’t being maintained or updated, but the most recent version is available for interest. This version includes some standard CAQDAS features: (Follow the links to see screenshots) Import plain-text documents from text files or PDF Character-level coding using categories organised in a tree structure Retrieval of coded text and ‘coding-on’ Simple coding statistics Fast free-text search Combine coding and searches using boolean queries AND, OR, AND NOT ‘Code Review’ to evaluate coding patterns across multiple documents Export to HTML and CSV formats Using Weft QDA The currrent version is 1.0.1, which was released in April 2006.

IMPORTANT: this software is offered without any warranty or support. For Windows Using 1.0.1 on Linux. ATLAS.ti: The Qualitative Data Analysis & Research Software. NVivo product range | QSR International. Import and analyze documents, images, PDFs, audio, video, spreadsheets, web pages, and Twitter and Facebook data Theme, case and in-vivo coding Review coding with coding stripes and highlights Merge NVivo for Mac projects Import and create transcripts Import information from reference management software Import notes directly from OneNote Online Autocode datasets Memos and annotations Matrix coding, coding, word frequency, text search and coding comparison queries Word trees and word clouds Export and share items Share your research by printing visualizations, text sources and node reference view Hierarchical visualizations, mind maps, explore diagrams and comparison diagrams Work with data in virtually any language Access user interface in English, German, French and Spanish Import and analyze text Text search, word frequency and coding queries Charts, word clouds, word trees, explore and comparison diagrams Import articles from reference management software Connect to NVivo for Teams Relationship coding.

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