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How to Convert JPG to PDF. You probably know many formats of an image like JPG and PDF.

How to Convert JPG to PDF

JPG and PDF image formats are good but JPG images lose their quality whenever we share them with anyone but PDF is some kind of which doesn’t lose its quality, doesn’t matter how many times you share your PDF. How to change signature in outlook / Microsoft Outlook. Stay Up-to-Date always.

How to change signature in outlook / Microsoft Outlook

Whether it is new job title, new client or anything else, make sure you keep your outlook email signature update. As you all know that we can create one or more specialized Signature in Microsoft Outlook email for all your outgoing messages. This signature can include a wide range elements including: text, images, logo, company card, or your handwriting signature. How to / Erase Browsing History and Why? /Erase Browser history chrome. Long stored browsing history can risk your security on the internet What browsing history do?

How to / Erase Browsing History and Why? /Erase Browser history chrome

The way your browser stores all the information about your internet activities for your better browsing experience. So, it does not have to keep retrieving the same files or images from the remote websites each time you click back or forward. Similarly, your internet activities are stalked by the websites that you visit or browse as their website data. How to Create Gmail Account. If you haven’t created your Gmail account and now you are going to create your first Gmail account and looking for the best guide to how to create a Gmail account, you are on the right platform.

How to Create Gmail Account

In this article, we will teach you how you can create your Gmail ID on every browser you have. Gmail is necessary now a time, it helps you to access your important documents, files, memories, and a lot of other things don’t matter where you are or you have your device or not. What you need to access your data is just your Gmail ID and password. But always make sure you open your Gmail account on the secure browser or browser you trust. How to Connect PS4 Controller. Knowing “how to connect the PS4 controller” is necessary and enjoyable in the time of Game Play.

How to Connect PS4 Controller

Are you a devoted gamer, whether on PC, Phone, or any other device; then this article can be very efficient for you? It’s best to learn and fun play, as DualShock 4 controller for PlayStation and other PS4 controllers are compatible with most devices. What is PS4? You must know about PS4 if you love gaming. The PS4 controller is a fantastic choice for a gamepad when playing your gaming PC, as its layout includes all the buttons that most controller-based PC titles require. How to install & Uninstall Kaspersky Account. Kaspersky is an antivirus cyber-security solution, endpoint protection.

How to install & Uninstall Kaspersky Account

The kaspersky antivirus provides security for your home – privacy of family members their money, files, photographs, videos etc, kaspersky antivirus also protects the enterprise systems and its data and processes. There is a kaspersky free antivirus trial available for a month. The home products which are available are kaspersky antivirus, kaspersky internet security, kaspersky total security, kaspersky vpn and so on. There is an easy way of how to install kaspersky and how to uninstall kaspersky by following the easy procedure and image reference flurished below. Home products available. How to Install and Setup Webcam. A webcam is a small camera that is either inbuilt on the top of the monitor or connected to the top of your computer desktop or laptop.

How to Install and Setup Webcam

It feeds or streams captured still pictures and moving videos on the internet in real-time from your computer with the help of webcam software. Webcams enable users to record and stream video on the internet. It is also used in video chat sessions or video conferences with two or more users. Let’s learn the steps for installing and setting up the webcam. Ms-word-design-tab-features \ Page Backgrounds Design. The design tab is sanctified to the document formats, layouts, themes, page backgrounds, and color schemes to make a document file look catchy, attractive and pleasing to eyes along with its information.

ms-word-design-tab-features \ Page Backgrounds Design

Under the Design tab, we only have two sections document formatting and page background to help the users to add the color theme and set a format to their document files and also to add creative background to the file. Document Formatting. How to install & uninstall free avast antivirus. Avast is a popular antivirus software sketched to provide safeguard for your devices either for personal or business use.

How to install & uninstall free avast antivirus

Avast software is developed by avast for operating systems like windows, macOS, Linux, android or IOS. It extends a free and a paid option for its customers. The avast free version is thorough, but the paid version adds a plenty of useful features which is discussed below. Avast antivirus also proffers a number of other security services where an user can purchase a avast vpn (virtual privacy network), or an anti-tracking software etc.

Avast has four versions available for its customers, scroll down to have a better understanding of the versions, its features and their differences. Versions available, their differences and features There are four versions available namely. How to Change Language on Facebook. How to Delete Snapchat Account and Change the Username. Did you try snaps on Snapchat!

How to Delete Snapchat Account and Change the Username

Not yet, you should try, it gives you so much pleasure and makes your every moment enjoyable with lots of emoji features in this. Snapchat is a trendy messaging app that lets users exchange pictures and videos (called snaps) that are meant to disappear after they’re viewed. It’s advertised as a new “new type of camera” because the crucial function is to take a picture or video, add filters, lenses or other effects as well and you can also share them with your friends, family and everywhere you want. Snapchat gives your kids and teens what they really want. Snapchat is a simple way to share everyday moments while simultaneously making them look awesome. How to split screen on mac. In this article, we are going to cover the exciting function “How to Split Screen on Mac” you can use on a mac. But still millions of people don’t know about what is split-screen or how to use split-screen or what is benefits of split-screen.

Let me elaborate this for you so that when you next time uses your mac you can probably use it. What is Split Screen? Split screen is referred to as play two tabs or apps play at the same time on your device, instead of jumping back and forth between tabs. Uninstall and install. What is webroot? Webroot is a cybersecurity software founded in the year 1997. Its founders are Kristen Talley and Steven Thomas. Webroot CEO is Mike Potts (26th September 2017).

It provides webroot internet security, for personal and business uses. It provides products for home as well as for the office use. How-to-check-and-stop-background-running-programs-in-windows-10. Background Programs the most common reason for slow computer performance is the programs running in the background. These programs consume resources like memory, disk space, and bandwidth consumption, affecting your computer performance speed as well as causing browser and network speed-related issues. Though you can monitor all the programs running in your system with their memory and disk consumption and can disable them when you want from the Task Manager Applications in windows. How to change signature in outlook / Microsoft Outlook. What is About Blank and How Do You Remove it ? What is about: blank? About Blank refers to Empty and empty never harms your computer. Let me elaborate this for you about: blank on your browser tab whether it is Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, or any other type of browser it is just an inbuilt blank page into your web browser, nothing connected to the internet.

When you open your web browser you always spotted an empty page or “about; blank” in your web browser’s address bar, you’re viewing an empty page built into your web browser. No worry about it, it’s a part of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and other browsers. About blank pages just a part of the “about URI scheme” which is used by the browser to process internal commands that they choose to implement. Is it Normal or Dangerous? There is nothing wrong with about: blank. How to Record Voice over PowerPoint in office 365? Why Remote Tech Support Services Are Important? The importance of tech support services has grown with the utilization of computer technology in every field for professionals as well as for personal needs all around the world. After a time every machine, every computer program mechanism weakens if not maintained properly or because of the regular workload it goes through. This situation arises the need for tech support services which are usually provided along with every tech product or service and also offered by many other independent tech support service providers.

Even in the field of tech support services, technological development has empowered these services to be more agile and far-reaching just from one place. Ms-word-insert-tab-features. In this article we will be discussing further about Microsoft Word features under the Insert tab that enables users to make a word document more demonstrative, analytic, and expressive to attract attention and engage views. What is Bullguard. Bullguard comes up with an award winning protection for your home as well as your small businesses. This antivirus, cybersecurity, vpn solution software is moderately user friendly, founded in the year 2002 by Morten Lund. It delivers a hefty protection against the malwares, viruses, ransomware and all other modern and advanced threats.

Helps in blocking the distrustful warnings, suspicious activities, gives a parental control and many more. How to Delete Snapchat Account and Change the Username. How to Insert the Square Root Symbol in PowerPoint in Office 365? Microsoft PowerPoint features beneath the Insert tab facilitates users to make a PowerPoint document more demonstrative, analytic, and expressive to attract attention and engage viewers by allowing users to add charts, illustrations, symbols equations, etc. in this article we will be learning steps for how to add the Square root symbol and equation.

Steps for Inserting Square Root Symbol Click the “Insert” tab from the top of the ribbon. Click the “Symbol” button from the end of the ribbon. How to add link to instagram story. How to delete blank page in word. Having difficulty in deleting Blank Page in Microsoft Word? Office 365 vs office 2019 / which is better office 365 or office 2016. How to Identify the Motherboard Information in Windows 10. Usually, when you need to upgrade, modify or replace your motherboard you may need to know some details about it like its manufacturer, version, etc.

I thought this is only possible by opening your computer. Well, I just leant today that I can do it without getting into my computer’s hardware, so today’s article is about knowing the motherboard information of your computer without unscrewing it. Check out these easy steps given below. Use Command Prompt on Windows Go to your windows search bar at the bottom of your desktop screen and type “Command Prompt”.Command Prompt will appear in the search results just above the search bar. How to delete blank page in word. How to Change Username in Spotify. Why and How to Erase Microsoft Edge Browsing History? How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name. How to Insert the Square Root Symbol in PowerPoint in Office 365? How to delete blank page in word. How to create a poll on facebook. How to Change Instagram Password. How to Connect PS4 Controller. How to Connect AirPods to PS4.

How to Change Language on Facebook. How to change snapchat username. How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook. How to Close Apps on Iphone 11. How to Delete Snapchat Account and Change the Username. How to Connect Xbox Controller to iPhone. How tO CaLL PriVate : Block Private Number / Unknown Number. Underscore keyboard shortcut. Makes Life Easy! Support, Shop, Tech Tips, Reviews & How-To.