Facebook Twitter The Online Golf Community Golfshake is an online community of regular golfers & group organisers. It provides a free golf handicap & score tracking service, as well as a golf society & event management system. We have over 50,000 course reviews, the latest golf news, active forums, golf blogs & services for arranging games & finding partners. Golf Destinations Features Free Golf Handicap, Score tracking, Societies, Community & Event Free Golf Handicap, Score tracking, Societies, Community & Event
Introplay introPLAY is an Athletic Performance Network where athletes train together as part of the introPLAY community. introPLAY is for both casual and committed athletes, from the weekend warrior trying to shed a few pounds to the experienced competitor training for an upcoming event. introPLAY’s features include: Detailed workout tracking across 90 sports and activities Daily vitals tracking to keep track of everyday health information Competitive workout leagues Training Blog, Injury Reports, Workout Calendar, Analysis, Trophy room and more! Join now to become part of the introPLAY community where you can interact, learn and motivate today. Introplay
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YoYo Games | Home YoYo Games | Home Recent News All news » CEO Sandy Duncan to Discuss the Latest in Game Dev Tech at PocketGamer Connects 1/21 17 Jan 2014 Pocket Gamer Connects is taking place January 20-21 in London. If you're planning to attend, mark your calendar with Session 3: Choosing Your Instruments (Best Tools) on Tuesday, January 21 at 1:45 in the Academia Room. YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan will be part of the panel discussing the latest in game development technology. Read more…
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draftmix draftmix お客様が利用しやすいように 僕の友達の一人には、K君という美容師の友達がいます。この美容師のK君は、数年間1つのお店で、店長を任されていましたが、遂に独立をし、念願だった自分のお店を持つ事ができました。元々店長として、スキルも高いK君だったので、独立したお店も開店当初から、お客様に恵まれて、忙しい日々を過ごしていたそうです。
Nominate & Evict Create your alliances, nominate other participants and avoid getting evicted from the game. Multiplayer online game Participate on Big Brother and other reality games, create your blog and meet new people while playing. BB UK & BB USA While progressing on the game you may enter into new Big brother games based on USA or UK rules Survivor Survivor game with tribes competitions and challenges, tribal councils, tribe merges and drama. Online Hunger Games Participate in the online hunger games and kill all your opponents. Big Brother Game - Play Big Brother American Idol and Survivor o Big Brother Game - Play Big Brother American Idol and Survivor o

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