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How To Play Sounds and Music in WPF - Ged Mead's Blog - vbCity - The .NET Developer Community Introduction This is a re-post of an item that I had on my old blog. As it seems to continue to get a lot of hits (when the site is up) I thought I would transfer it over here to the new site. It is more of a "here's how" approach than a "why it works that way" one. Also I will be creating everything in code, not markup. There are several more approaches and advanced techniques available via XAML that I won't be covering here. How To Play Sounds and Music in WPF - Ged Mead's Blog - vbCity - The .NET Developer Community
VB 2008/2010 - How to add a music on your form - Visual Basic (VB) - MoDy kareem‬‏
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VB.NET Tutorials VB.NET Tutorials ArrayClassCollectionsFileStringConsoleDataDirectiveEnumExceptionIfInterfaceLambdaLoopNothingNumberProcessPropertyRegexSortStringBuilderStructureSubTimeWindows VB.NET. A program is not its syntax.
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Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming - Book Review One of the first articles that I wrote for the About Visual Basic site was about game programming. It's still on the site: Programming The Tic Tac Toe Game. The reason I selected this was that programming games lets you illustrate the most important principals of programming and have fun at the same time. Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming - Book Review
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VB.NET Game Programming Tutorials

VB.NET Game Programming Tutorials
VB .Net Tutorial VB .Net Tutorial ‘System.Drawing’ can be one of the fun working libraries for working on interesting tasks like imaging. This is loaded with a lot of features that can make the drawing and imaging activities much easier. Dealing with Bitmap I usually prefer to work with bitmap when I am working on the imaging. The reason behind is, it has a lot of properties and methods to work with.
Grid in WPF Introduction Grid Panel is the most complicated but versatile panel among all panels. A Grid panel can be used to design complicated user interfaces where we need to place multiple elements in a tabular for of rows and columns layout. Grid in WPF
Visual Basic Tutorial - Learn VB Programming with source code Visual Basic Tutorial - Learn VB Programming with source code Freetutes.com > Visual Basic (Click here for Visual Basic tutorials list) Visual Basic (VB) is an ideal programming language for developing sophisticated professional applications for Microsoft Windows. It makes use of Graphical User Interface for creating robust and powerful applications. The Graphical User Interface as the name suggests, uses illustrations for text, which enable users to interact with an application.
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