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How To Play Sounds and Music in WPF - Ged Mead's Blog - vbCity - The .NET Developer Community. Introduction This is a re-post of an item that I had on my old blog.

How To Play Sounds and Music in WPF - Ged Mead's Blog - vbCity - The .NET Developer Community

As it seems to continue to get a lot of hits (when the site is up) I thought I would transfer it over here to the new site. It is more of a "here's how" approach than a "why it works that way" one. Also I will be creating everything in code, not markup. There are several more approaches and advanced techniques available via XAML that I won't be covering here. PART 1 : The SoundPlayer 1. Starting with possibly the least realistic scenario, you can use the SoundPlayer to play a .wav file by pointing directly to a file via a hard coded path. Imports System.Media Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim player As New SoundPlayer("C:\Temp\4WAY.WAV") player.Play() End Sub Note the Imports statement at the top.

This wave file will play asynchronously (I do wish someone would come up with an easier to type word than that! 2. End Sub 3. The syntax is: VB 2008/2010 - How to add a music on your form - Visual Basic (VB) - MoDy kareem‬‏ Aardaerimus's Channel‬‏ Broadcast Yourself. VB Helper: Index: VB.NET. VB.NET Tutorials. Game Programming , Visual Basic , VB.NET , Code. Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming - Book Review. One of the first articles that I wrote for the About Visual Basic site was about game programming.

Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming - Book Review

It's still on the site: Programming The Tic Tac Toe Game. The reason I selected this was that programming games lets you illustrate the most important principals of programming and have fun at the same time. There's something about games that really gets into the corners of the language and uses all of it. Matt Tagliaferri, the author of "Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming" told me that this was exactly the idea he had in writing this great book. You might pass this one up on the bookshelf because you read the title and think, "I need a serious book! These suspicions couldn't be further from the truth. Matt uses games to really get across the big "OOP" ideas like 'inheritance' and 'polymophism'.

One way to appreciate what Matt has created is to consider the first chapter, titled "Developing Your First Game". The actual topics, however, include. VB.NET Game Programming Tutorials. VB .Net Tutorial. WPF Tutorial. Grid in WPF. Introduction Grid Panel is the most complicated but versatile panel among all panels.

Grid in WPF

A Grid panel can be used to design complicated user interfaces where we need to place multiple elements in a tabular for of rows and columns layout. The Grid element in XAML represents a Grid panel. The following code snippet creates a Grid element and sets its background, width, height, vertical and horizontal alignment properties. Grid Name="GridPanel" Background="Blue" Width="280" Height="220" VerticalAlignment="Top" HorizontalAlignment="Center" > The output looks like Figure 1. Figure 1 Grid Properties Grid has three major properties - RowDefinitions, ColumnDefinitions, and ShowGridLines.

Create Grid The Grid element in XAML represents a WPF Grid control. The ColumnDefinitions property is used to add columns and the RowDefinitions property is used to add rows to a Grid. Visual Basic Tutorial - Learn VB Programming with source code. Learn .NET programming.