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Aspirus Financial is a mortgage broking company based in Melbourne to help Aussies with all kinds of mortgage situation. We are known for strategizing our client's financial future and, not just focus on their immediate borrowing needs, but also support them to understand the short and long-term financial goals. With our extensive knowledge of property investment, we understand personal situations and work hard to find suitable solutions based on your individual needs. Call +61 488 814 148 or visit to know more!

HOW TO USE THE FIRST HOME LOAN DEPOSIT SCHEME. IS IT WORTH GETTING PRE-APPROVED? Posted at 16:23h in Mortgage Broker by blogger When looking to buy a home there are a number of steps you need to take, before you even get to the point where you can start going to home opens.


The reality is that the very first thing most people should be doing is talking to their mortgage broker in Melbourne and getting their finances pre-approved. Pre-approval is a very important step in the overall process and it will allow you to move forward with confidence. What are some of the reason to get pre-approval? Knowing How Much You Can Spend. A Close Review at Using Local Mortgage Broker Melbourne. Mortgage brokers have access to many different lenders, unlike the local branch, who can only offer you a mortgage from their suite of products.

A Close Review at Using Local Mortgage Broker Melbourne

He has access to products from multiple lenders of different shapes and sizes, meaning that when you hire them, you will have access to these products as well. They will not fund loans directly but will work with multiple funding lenders to find borrowers with the best terms. The benefit of using a mortgage broker is that they will shop with multiple lenders on your behalf and find you the best one suited for you. While a disadvantage will be that, they are not the direct lender and may not offer the lowest interest rates. Melbourne Mortgage Broker offers many advantages and some drawbacks as well. Following are some advantages of working with a local mortgage broker: They Are Experts- The valuable expertise they offer in the home buying and refinancing process is one of the most notable advantages. WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONSIDERING REFINANCING. Posted at 14:15h in Uncategorized by blogger With interest rates sitting at the lowest level in Australian history, now might just be the best time to look at refinancing your home loan.


Thanks to the emergency measures put in place by the RBA, the official cash rate has been slashed to just 0.25 per cent. RBA Governor Phillip Lowe has made it know that interest rates will likely remain low for ‘a number of years’, meaning that borrowers should be looking to capitalising on this opportunity. What refinancing means is effectively taking out a new home loan. In many cases, you are looking to find a new home loan that has a lower interest rate, that will lower your weekly or monthly repayments. Low Interest Rates. Buying a House With No Deposit - Aspirus Financial. Posted at 20:33h in Uncategorized by blogger As median house prices across the East Coast of Australia have seen huge price gains over the last decade, it has become more challenging for first-home buyers to get into the market.

Buying a House With No Deposit - Aspirus Financial

With the high cost of living in cities like Melbourne, it is harder than ever to try and save up the deposit for a home loan and that’s one of the reasons many people never started. Important Facts about Best Mortgage Broker in Melbourne. Articles by Kevin Smith Author.

Important Facts about Best Mortgage Broker in Melbourne

FOUR SIMPLE WAYS TO CUT YOUR LOAN REPAYMENTS. 17 Apr Four Simple Ways to Cut Your Loan Repayments Posted at 15:53h in Uncategorized by blogger With the economy in Australia now in semi-shutdown thanks to the unprecedented social distancing measure on the back of COVID-19, it’s an important time to get your financial situation in order – particularly if you have a home loan.


For a raft of industries including tourism, entertainment, travel and retail amongst many others, it can be a tricky time to navigate. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to help ease the financial pressure and cut your weekly mortgage payments. In a win for all Australian homeowners, the RBA has taken an aggressive approach to the current situation and has cut the official cash rate to a record low 0.25 per cent. How to Pay Down Your Home Loan Faster - Aspirus Financial. 5 Ways to Get Best Mortgage Broker Melbourne. In today’s era, we have so many options in every aspect of life to choose for our betterment.

5 Ways to Get Best Mortgage Broker Melbourne

A mortgage broker is one of the best service providers in so many ways. Evaluate such terms with the help of reality, not just on your belief system. To get the best, we need to seek factual knowledge and information. These 5 ways lead to your vision for choosing the best from the best. For finding your dream home, you need to be very careful and required a mortgage broker, who can handle your worries, sort out them clearly, and bring peace while going through this process. Using a Mortgage Broker vs Going Straight to the Bank - Aspirus Financial. Benefits of Hiring an Investment Property Mortgage Broker in Melbourne. Financing needs are common to arise as and when someone plans to purchase a property.

Benefits of Hiring an Investment Property Mortgage Broker in Melbourne

Since not always the investor is aware of the technicalities of the loan process, the need for a mediator remains intact in the financial market. Mortgage brokers are those professionals who act as an intermediary between loan customers and lender institutions. They possess great knowledge in the investment market and how finances must be managed to bring a profitable outcome. These professionals are part of a vast network of lenders; hence, they can offer a wide range of options and opportunities to the customers. Local Mortgage Broker in Melbourne: Getting to Know Better.

Mortgage Broker Melbourne.