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Star Wars Room. The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn. Fleet Status...

The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn

Although most Imperial Forces are no longer on full wartime duty given the cold war with the Rebellion, all forces stand ready to repel any Rebel aggression! The Galactic Empire was founded on 1998-01-10, and has been in operation for 5937 standard days. The Empire was under the command of Grand Admiral Daemon for 2239 standard days. The Empire was Reborn on 2004-02-28, and was under the command of Fleet Admiral Polanski for 781 standard days. The Empire has been under the command of Fleet Admiral Tiberius Fel for 2716 standard days. Recruitment... If you're a loyal Imperial interested in furthering the Empire's cause, the GE is for you! Holonet Status... For up-to-date news from around the Empire, please visit the News page. DATABASE STATUS: <Online> DATA INTEGRITY: <All Data Available>Any errors should be reported to FA Fel as soon as possible. Galactic Empire. IG-88. This is an incomplete list of prominent characters from the Star Wars franchise, sorted by last name.


#[edit] Multi-appendiged medical droid in the service of Darth Plagueis and Weldon Hord. Medical droid that repairs Luke Skywalker's hand in The Empire Strikes Back, and makes an appearance in the interweaving "Tales Of The Bounty Hunters". A WED-15 Treadwell droid serving the republic. appears in "Star Wars : The Clone Wars". A bounty hunter droid in The Empire Strikes Back. 4-LOM was an ambitious protocol droid who overwrote his own programming to embark on a life of crime. 8d8 A torturer droid working for Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. 8t88 A droid working with Jerec in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. A[edit] Ask Aak - portrayed by Steven Boyle (Episode II) and Paul Spence (Episode III) Gran Senator who represented Malastare in the Galactic Senate during the final decade of the Galactic Republic. Abeloth Admiral Gial Ackbar – portrayed by Timothy M. Acros-Krik King Adas Ak-Rev Amee. Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

IG-88. "I think, therefore I am.


I destroy, therefore I endure. " ―IG-88A's final thoughts[src] IG-88 was an assassin droid line designed by Holowan Laboratories. The IG-88 line was a derivative of the IG-86 sentinel droids used during the Clone Wars. IG-88B later became one of the galaxy's most infamous bounty hunters. Moments after activation, the original massacred the scientists and transferred his consciousness into the other three. Biography Edit "WANTED: IG-88, aka the Phlutdroid, also reportedly operating as IG-88A, IG-88B, IG-88C, or IG-88D. ―Imperial bounty posting[src] Design history Edit Assassin droids were banned even before the Empire came to power, although many beings continued to use them. Activation & awareness Evolving from Phlut's contract with the InterGalactic Banking Clan (hence the "IG" prefix), IG-88 was a natural design evolution from the IG-100, IG-86 and IG lancer combat droids that had made their mark during the violent Clone Wars.

Databank. IG-88.