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10 Tips For Android UI Design. This is a guest post by Guenther Beyer, an Android UI and Design expert who recently launched to help developers improve the look and feel of their apps.

10 Tips For Android UI Design

These days many developers are jumping on the mobile train for fame and fortune – and they are right in doing so – there isn’t a market growing as quickly. Great, unique ideas are emerging from small teams. Apps are built at work on lunch breaks. Sooner or later every development cycle gets to the point where the app is almost done. Now what? 1. Good websites and mobile apps have quite some similarities. At first launch, everybody will have the same three questions on their mind: Where am I? Try to answer these questions instantly. Gowalla has a beautiful first start experience. 2. Think for a moment about how you really use your mobile device: a developer’s phone is safely sitting in its dock on a plain table, connected to a PC with a large keyboard, probably with full backlight turned on. Home Screen Replacement App.

About - App Inventor for Android. Start - Follow us: FAQ | Documentation (WIP) | Search¶ After months of development and testing we are finally ready to release a public beta version of Sweeter Home 2.

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We'll continue working to achieve a level of stability, robustness, and performance for a market release. Highlighted new feature since Sweeter Home Preview 1: Integrated Server-Based Theme Sharing makes finding and sharing themes easy Android Widget Support Tag Trays is a collaborative tagging system that helps keep your apps organized. Search Widget Support Editing improvements, including previews during editing Major performance and stability improvements Build for April 10, 2014¶ This beta release contains bugs and quirks that will be resolved before a release on the market. Welcome to Sweeter Home Introductory Video¶ Installing Sweeter Home, signing in, browsing and applying themes. Beta Notes - Please read¶ This release contains bugs and quirks that will be resolved before a release on the market. Support¶ SlideScreen Pro. Give Your Android Home Screen an Awesome Makeover. If you've been using the same old Android phone for a while now, you're probably getting a little tired of the look of the UI.

Give Your Android Home Screen an Awesome Makeover

Maybe you just don't like the custom skin the manufacturer put on the phone. Sure, you could go all out and root your phone to install a custom ROM. But that's a lot of hassle and risk when home screen replacements are getting extremely advanced. One community favorite that has been in beta for a few months, LauncherPro, has just hit its first real release. How a home screen replacement works Immediately after installing one of these apps, it will make an entry for itself in the system's list of home options. A Home replacement technically runs alongside the "real" home application, but you can interact with it just as you would your regular home interface. If things aren't going as planned, you can always go back to the default home screen. The problems with home replacements Lastly, take note of your widgets load out.

Recommended Home Screen Replacements.