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Sir David Brailsford's bbc tips on marginal gains. Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from. The Innovator's DNA. The Discipline of Innovation. How leaders influence employees' innovative behavior. European Journal of Innovation Management. 5 ways to… nourish innovation. What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) How Innovative Is Your Organization. Innovation can take many forms.

How Innovative Is Your Organization

An organization develops a new product or service. A new business model offers customers a new brand experience. A new strategic partnership is formed, resulting in new customer segments and new distribution or communication channels. More than ever before, organizations view innovation as a strategic priority, giving them a competitive advantage over others, at a time in which most employees are asked to do much more with much less. Who has time to innovate? Making innovation a strategic priority often requires that stakeholders make a shift in their thinking to make innovation a consistent, repeatable part of their daily business routine. “Creativity thinks up new ideas, but innovation takes that idea and turns it into action,” explains Lisa Bodell, Founder and CEO of futurethink, adding that “Stakeholders need to separate good ideas from great ideas before turning that great idea into a business thought.”

Ideas are the easy part. Terrie Nolinske, Ph.D. Creating an innovation culture. The benefit is lower costs, faster processes, and higher ROI. Business Week recently published a list of the 50 most innovative companies in the world.

Creating an innovation culture. The benefit is lower costs, faster processes, and higher ROI

Even though the data behind these kinds of hit lists can be dubious they always make you think “Why are we not on that list?” What’s the secret behind Apple, Google, IBM, Nike, Nokia, Toyota, and all the other much-lauded innovators on the list? Innovation inside many of these companies is characterized by strong teamwork across disciplines, business units, and functions.

The very widespread idea that innovation is driven by a lonely genius, a specific department, or a very special group of innovation champions does not appear to be the case in these high-performing cultures. Instead their success seems to hinge on organizing and driving innovation through a team effort and a strong sense of a shared mission. When Nike launched its breakthrough concept Nike+ that allows runners to use their iPod as a digital coach and motivator, it was not the result of one genius guy in the R&D department. The key to leading innovation. Debunking the Myth of Innovation. Nearly everywhere you turn these days, you are exhorted to innovate, disrupt, or otherwise prove yourself a game changer.

Debunking the Myth of Innovation

It's enough to make you feel that if you haven't put a couple of Fortune 500 incumbents out of business this week, you've taken your eye off the ball. There's nothing wrong--and plenty that is right--with trying to innovate. But what if innovation is not the panacea it's said to be? Can't you simply work hard, heed your customers, and manage your business very, very well? To answer that question, we pored over academic studies, talked to innovation experts and entrepreneurs, and turned to some unlikely sources (including racecar teams) to get beyond the rhetoric and find the reality behind six of the most common myths about innovation.

5 Ways Leaders Enable Innovation In Their Teams. Sir David Brailsford's 20 Lessons in Leadership. Sir David Brailsford’s 20 Lessons in Leadership By Toby Babb Last week we were fortunate to meet Sir Dave Brailsford, Performance Director of Team Sky and the man behind some of the most celebrated British sporting stories of the last century.

Sir David Brailsford's 20 Lessons in Leadership

Brailsford has built on Peter Keen’s work to engineer Olympic dominance for Team GB in the Velodrome. Going further than this, his bold predictions came true when Sir Bradley Wiggins became the first Brit to win the Tour De France and followed it up with a back to back win for Chris Froome the following year. Sir David Brailsford is a sponge, a man constantly striving for knowledge and without doubt one of the greatest leaders of his generation.

Here are the twenty lessons in leadership that Brailsford shared for a winning formula. 1. It was legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi who was quoted as saying that “excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals.” 2. 3. This was a key part of Brailsford’s message. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 5 ways to… get out of a creative rut.