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Free downloads. Making wrapping paper for special ocassions is one of my favourite things to do.

free downloads

In fact I have featured a few I've made in the past, here, here and here. And so this Mother's Day I thought to not only share another, but to show you how I make them. It's fairly simple if you're familiar with Illustrator (my adobe app of choice), but could be translated using photoshop as well. In fact it's so simple, it might not even be a real tutorial.

But here it goes! To start: Pick 12 complimentary instagram images for this type of layout (to fit an 8.5" x 11" portrait paper size). Once you've downloaded your 12 images. A window will appear (see below). Once all your files have been saved to 200 wide. Continue to drag and place each image into the 8.5"x11" space. And then you are basically done! If you wish to use mine, feel free to download it here (for personal use only of course). Valentine Heart. I saw this wreath over at Design Sponge and loved everything about it.

Valentine Heart

But I took the idea and decided to make this felt heart wreath for my self. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day Craft and although a bit time consuming…it really easy to make. This wreath is so easy to make but can be a bit time consuming. My hubby was recently out-of-town on business. So, over a couple of evenings I was able to watch some chick flicks and put together this wreath. Free Exclusive HowDoesShe Printables.™ ~ Best deals on scrapbook supplies, kits, paper, ribbons and albums with a daily dose of scrapbooking ideas. A Monstrous Good Time. Kim Kesti Hello again, fellow summer fans!

A Monstrous Good Time

I’m so happy you’ve joined me for the third in my Not Bummer Summer blog series. We’re scooping up the last few days of summer and really trying to savor them. Since summer in our home is really all about the kids, I’d love to share a kid-friendly craft that we recently enjoyed. It started out with this: A lovely set of homemade play dough…that morphed into this: A cute little monster parade!

Here’s how it happened. After cooking up two batches of dough (see my blog for more about this adventure), the kids helped me add food coloring. Then, I dug around in my studio and found all sorts of paper crafting paraphernalia that would great for our creations. My circle punches came in handy for these. A little more raiding in my bins found stick pins and several kinds of brads I’ve had hanging around forever.

A little more creative paper crafting yielded some hats, mittens, crowns and even a mustache for the more debonair monster. Thanks so much! P.S. Crafting Confessions. Designs by Jax. Gallery Idol - FINAL ROUND! This is my third post for the day.

Gallery Idol - FINAL ROUND!

For my Clear & Simple Stamps and Wplus9 posts, scroll on down. This is it! The final round of Gallery Idol! My heart is pounding just typing this. I started off with the invitation. Party invitations should be easy to mass produce, so I kept it one-layer, using a Studio Calico bookshelf stamp in two different colors and a Savvy sentiment stamp. Inside, I added the details of the party.

Of course every party has to have favors, and I immediately thought: bookmarks! My favorite part about the bookmarks, though, is that I decided to have them do double-duty by being a banner, too. If you want to make your own bookmarks, you can download my template here. Our Change of Art. My Favorite Homemade Teacher’s Gift. I did one of these paper lunchbag book teacher gifts last year, for my son’s grade one teacher .

I wish I could claim the idea as my own but I cannot – I found this fab idea here . This year, I decided to make one for my four year old daughter’s JK teacher, who will not be her SK teacher next year because she’s having a baby. She was also my son’s SK teacher, and we adore her. Actually, every parent that is lucky enough to have her as their child’s teacher adores her. I’m not going to lie – this teacher gift is very time consuming. For my daughter’s version, we went with her favorite colors – pinks and more pink. Some details: I used 4 folded up lunch bags – that gives you 14 pages, plus the front and back and four pockets that we used for a gift card, school pic, and some art by the little one.

Good tools to have: lunchbags (obviously), scrapbook paper, glue tape/glue gun, hole punch, crafty stuff, infinite amounts of Diet Coke and a sense of humour. Page 6-7: Page 10-11:


Rainboots Tutorial by Diva Jen Matott. Well, I have declared tutorial week on the blog here!

Rainboots Tutorial by Diva Jen Matott

I am taking over and posting projects that you, our fans, have asked how to make! These rainboots (pictured below) were created by Design Team Diva Jen Matott for Nikki's CHA Winter booth this year. Jen loves to alter stuff and she came up with these on her own!! And remember these are made out of a 12 x 12 sheet of paper, so they LOOK big, but they really aren't!

Ok, here we go! Template Page 1 Template Page 2 Use the templates and trace your shapes onto pattern paper and then cut out. Here are a few more pictures for visual reference while you are putting them together.


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