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V-FLEX "Turn Your Brain On": Tim Nicely, Chris Stuart, Tony Gwynn: 9781582753164: Books. Zone-In Professional Pitching Target. The NEW ZONE IN™ by SWINGAWAY has been Improved, Re- Designed and Engineered to withstand the constant demands by the Highest Levels of the Game.

Zone-In Professional Pitching Target

That is why it is owned by 1000’s of the Top College, High School and Travel Baseball and Softball Programs in the World. Now Available for All Players regardless of Age or Skill Levels! OutPitch Sports, LLC - Home. Pitching Pad practice target, Baseball training, Pitcher training aid. DVS Arm Care System — DVS.

Wavelength (Blog) — DVS. BatSpeed.com_Baseball and Softball Swing Hitting Mechanics. Frame #5 -- Contact Position A batter's form at the contact position provides an insight into the quality and efficiency of his/her swing mechanics.

BatSpeed.com_Baseball and Softball Swing Hitting Mechanics

If the swing was not initiated with the correct forces in Frame #1, the batter cannot attain the correct power position in Frame #5. By Frame 5, all rotational and torque energy has been expended. The lead-knee and leg rotation is complete and the lead-leg is fully extended. The Pitching Plan Every pitcher should go into a game with a solid plan for how he will pitch based on the strengths of his arsenal coupled with information about the other team.

Too often at the lower levels of the game, college included, the pitcher tries to beat the opponent by relying solely on exposing the hitter’s weakness, even if that goes against the strength of his arsenal. This plan may have short-term value for the first time through the batting order or perhaps the second, but in the long term, this strategy does not usually yield consistent results. A pitcher who stays true to what makes him effective in the first place—whether it be throwing a fastball to a certain side of the plate or using off-speed pitches that he owns rather than rents—will have more success. ATTENTION PARENTS: While there aren't many pitching programs that are age-appropriate and safe for kids 7-14, there is one that provides youth pitchers with effective guidelines for strength training, pitching mechanics, and how to pitch faster in baseball.

Click here to learn more about my youth pitching program. If you're looking for proven winning baseball pitching strategies, you're going to love this article. Ted Williams, arguably the greatest baseball hitter of all-time, once said: I think without question the hardest single thing to do in sport is to hit a baseball. I think most of us baseball fans would agree with that statement. Untitled. This article is about a very popular exercise used in strength and conditioning programs for throwers, and how it can be manipulated to be substantially better and more functional in terms of shoulder strengthening.


The exercise I am referring to is shoulder external rotation. The most common forms done are side-lying at 0 degrees abduction and standing with the humerus at 90 degrees abduction. External rotation is a very important position in the throwing motion to be strong and stable in. As the hips start to open and you move into thoracic extension, your shoulder begins its lay back into external rotation. Paulreddickbaseballvip. Paulreddickbaseballvip. Untitled. In my “Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Stride and Much More!”


Article I talked about how striding with a tall posture will make your heel to heel stride more frequent and consistent. Also, I mentioned that there would probably be quite a few questions about how to hit the low or outside pitch without the commonly taught ’tilt’ or ‘hip hinge’ at most instructors teach. Untitled.

I had the opportunity to hear Tom Seaver speak about his delivery several years ago.


He talked about pitching as an art, and as he talked about his signature style, I started to think about my own delivery at the time and how I never thought about pitching as an art form. I realized I had always worked to perfect specific aspects of my delivery, but never visualized my delivery as one constant flow of energy. Pitching is about feel, rhythm, timing and the ability to create an efficient delivery that allows you to constantly repeat the pattern.

As you take the mound, your body and arm will be more inclined to be supported if all parts work together in unison. It’s hard to stay smooth and relaxed if your mind is focused on getting to various positions within your delivery. By no means do I claim to be an expert on mathematics and if the formula above does not meet the standard rules in the field, then I apologize.

But, since I’m talking about an angle the body produces, I think it’s a fun way to introduce a rule that I have created and implemented throughout my teaching career that has greatly influenced the development of my students both online and in person. The ability to repeat your pitching delivery begins with the creation of a uniquely timed cadence of the moving parts of the body into the final release of the baseball. Throughout the history of the game, a variety of rhythms and signature movements are born from the way a pitcher feels comfortably moving through his delivery. Whether you look like Juan Marichal or Fernando Valenzuela, the continual movement of the lower half is vital to maintaining and building constant momentum in the pitching delivery.

The 45 Degree Rule Don Sutton Jose Fernandez. Aroldis Chapman. Untitled. Burrows, JD (ChalkTalk) Untitled. No long toss, no strength program, no game situation, just better mechanics. 92mph without ever throwing a ball past 60 feet.


The best of part of this article is you can gain all the arm speed you want without ever having to pick up a baseball. Cool huh? Don’t worry about trying to find 360 feet of space in order to get to 95mph, just stay within the comfort of your own home and work on building up your velocity with “The Gateway Drill” found below. The overwhelming problem with Jaeger and his long toss advocates is they believe VELOCITY, ARM SPEED, MPH, has everything to do with training and focusing on specifically The ARM. Stretch it out, massage it, let it stay loose, all terms described with the lengthening phase of the arm. When do we ever throw 360 feet bombs in a competitive situation? Buzzer!!!! 9 year old student achieving maximal hip rotation.

Untitled. Study: Med Ball Throws Highly Correlate to Pitching Velocity - Increase Pitching Velocity. 3X Pitching Beginner Program - TopVelocity. By JOHN PINKMANSpecial To Collegiate Baseball STERLING, Va. — Accuracy is everything in pitching. So many of us spend long hours working with pitchers on their location. Every now and then (which seems to come more often sometimes), you become frustrated working with a pitcher who has great mechanics but just can’t seem to throw the ball where he wants.

First I video and analyze, shooting at about 1/2000 of a second. Dallas Keuchel: Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown - 2012 to 2015 Mechanics. How to properly execute “The Gateway Drill”