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Lina Dudaite. Rafael lópez studio. Kike de la Rubia. Елена Дробышева (Elena Drobysheva) Isabel Hojas. James Davies Illustration. Pamela Zagarenski. Lucía Serrano. Facebook. Portfolio > Children's books. Roger Olmos. Estrellita Caracol. Estrellita Caracol. Gabriel pacheco. Gabriel pacheco. Pinterest. Catrin Welz-Stein. "Welcome to the somewhat fickle visual landscape of one Kostas Kiriakakis" Kostas Kiriakakis. ‘Mused’ is something of a day-dreaming journal with a twist and you can read it here online.

Kostas Kiriakakis

Links to the stories below. Some thoughts behind it in the ‘About’ section above. The link to the ‘Mused’ Gallery, (found also in the main menu under ‘Projects’) is a gallery consisting of drawings, doodles, illustrations, anything really that’s inspired from the ‘Mused’ universe. Updates are not on a regular basis. If you’d like a heads up on anything new around here you can always follow me on twitter / facebook or subscribe to my blog. Kostas Kiriakakis. Patricia Lopez Latour. Master of Pen and Ink: The Monumental Drawings of Manabu Ikeda. History of Rise and Fall. 6.5′ x 6.5′, pen & acrylic ink History of Rise and Fall, detail Ark. 3′ x 4′, pen & acrylic ink Ark, detail Regeneration Foretoken. 6′ x 11′, pen & acrylic ink Foretoken, detail The task of Japanese artist Ikeda Manabu is seemingly impossible: a blank paper canvas larger than a person spread before him, a small acrylic pen in his hand, and hundreds of days to fill with faintly imperceptible progress from a mind brimming with explosive creativity.

Master of Pen and Ink: The Monumental Drawings of Manabu Ikeda

Kim, Ji-Hyuck. ギャラリー. Nuran Balcı Özekçin on Behance. Lucia Rafanelli - paintings & interior decorations. Katarina Ilkovic illustration - Portfolio. Marie-Eve Tremblay + Colagene, Illustration Clinic. Picasa Web Albümleri - Päivi Räihä. Kristina Digman. Kristina Digman. Kristina Digman was born in Gothenburg in 1959.

Kristina Digman

After studying at a number of art schools in Stockholm and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, she has worked as a painter, sculptor and graphic designer. She has also done restorative work. She made her debut as a children’s book illustrator in 2001 and since then has worked solely as an illustrator. Ilustración. Svjetlan Junaković - illustrator & painter. Chloé Rémiat : Portfolio : Portfolio. Chloe Remiat. Cecilia Varela. Alessandrapsacharopulo. Valeria Cis. Hi!

Valeria Cis

I'm Valeria Cis, a children book illustrator living in Argentina; here I was born lots of years ago. You can see my job at my site I named my studio "La Casuni" where I spend most of my time, working, painting, drawing, thinking, e-mailing, reading and drinking lots of cups of coffee (with milk) a day. I'm also a mother of two kids: Facundo and Olivia and love to enjoy with them. Valeria Cis. Community for Contemporary Art - Anna Silivonchik. Anna Silivonchik Thumbnails.

Community for Contemporary Art - Anna Silivonchik

Art - Whimsical. KIM JI HYUCK. Kim, Ji-Hyuck(김지혁)(hanuol)... Marina Seoane. Hola, estúpido monstruo peludo.

Marina Seoane

Editorial Bromera. Año 2008 Homenaje a los niños de 1808. Editorial De la Torre. SUEÑOS. Zhichao Cai on Behance. The Awesome Environments Of Zhichao Cai. Art director Zhichao Cai (aka Trylea) uses no tricks or photocomping in his amazing, ridiculously vertical compositions, featuring incredibly pushes perspectives, impossible architecture and a plethora of detail to scour for in his incredible digital painted illustrations.

The Awesome Environments Of Zhichao Cai

As an art director at the Hangzhou, China based Gamecox, his emphasis is on creating striking worlds via his knack for environment painting, which he's really damn good at. Zhichao uses personal narratives to give thematic direction to his pieces, including crafting lore including projects like his personal set of paintings titled Legend Of Yunzhong, featuring five kingdoms based off of 5 elemental powers (All after the break). If you're in the mood to gawk at some impossible, fantastical landscapes, you'll get your fill with this incredible art. Enjoy. Rebeca Luciani. Gabriella Barouch Illustration. Художница Анна Силивончик - Живопись Графика. Flickr - Partage de photos ! Aimar ilustrado. Illustration Agency : children's books : advertising : editorial : design. Illustration Agency : children's books : advertising : editorial : design. Zakładka do książki, Oglądam, czytam i jeszcze raz wpatruję się w to małe wydawnictwo w niebiesko- kremowej okładce i stwierdzam, że niektóre książki się nie starzeją.

Zakładka do książki,

Zatem warto o nich wspomnieć pod koniec kolejnego, mijającego roku. Raquel echenique ilustraciones. Illustration. All photos courtesy S.


Morita Japan is a country full of amazing art. Some of it is housed within museums and galleries while others are right underneath our feet. I’m talking, of course, about Japan’s peculiar obsession with manhole covers. Just about anywhere in the country you can find stylized manhole covers, each more beautiful and intricate than the next. Watercolors by Grzegorz Wróbel. Tinymediaempire. Traders ready to changehange your trading.

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Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by `Hellobaby on deviantART. MAIN : Marion Bolognesi. Рисунки художника Sam Nielson (71 фото - 10,06.Mb. Envisioning Disney Characters in "Real Life" on the Behance Network. 眼技_来自櫻桃小丸子的图片分享. 国外手绘_来自麦霁子的图片分享. 日本插画师Yuji Hasegawa。好喜欢这种风格_来自咸蛋里没凹凸曼的图片分享. 【插画】村松诚笔下的猫,送给所有喜欢猫的人。_来自咸蛋里没凹凸曼的图片分享. 美国自由艺术家Cathy Johnson的手绘本,一个…_来自麦霁子的图片分享. 堆糖网 分类. 插画 色彩_堆糖图片专辑. 兔萌_堆糖图片专辑. DeviantART muro. Jellyvampire-1304892000.jpg (JPEG Image, 750×12291 pixels) - Scaled (10%)

Wallpaper1206472.jpg (JPEG Image, 1920×1080 pixels) December 2011. SHANE PRIGMORE. Andrew Zbihlyj (ZI – BEE – LEE) Ric stultz 2012. The Little Owl. Silly Rabbit Remember Florentijn Hofman‘s Fat Monkey sculpture made of 10,000 flip flops? Well, the Rotterdam-based artist is at it again with his newest large-scale sculpture: an adorable, 13 meter high yellow rabbit in Örebro, Sweden. Emotions_and_facial_expression_by_cedarseed-ds1wwv.jpg (JPEG Image, 3650×3033 pixels)